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March 21, 2006


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Michelle Crissman

Could't agree more with the T-Mobile Boycott idea... they have always been a dishonest company in doing business, now we see they are a bad neighbor too !

C. Bronson

"I came away thinking the City isn't very pro business." Well NO SHIP! While T-Mobile may not be the best neighbor, they are behaving as you should expect a business to behave. Who isn't, IS the mayor.

"I came away thinking the City isn't very pro business." Just look at how many businesses come and go on the 'downtown' streets. Some turnover is normal, but in a community who's per-capita is so high, the 'planners' are simply failing to invite (and I mean that literally) beneficial businesses into the area. It is NOT abnormal for the city to contact a business that would not only succeed but bring more/new shoppers in by offering them 'expressed permits/licenses/perks.'

Rick T.

I agree about the TMO tower. I noticed a few days ago that another one was going up next to it?

Jason Sanchez

I went to a similar Norkirk meeting a few months ago and heard many of the same complaints re: the Luxification of Kirkland. And yes, they referred to Lux by name then, too.

I don't like what Lux is doing and I think their homes are a terrible value. For $1 million+ you should get a lot more than they offer and at a better build quality.

That being said, its not their fault it's the city's. If we don't like the building codes we need to elect people that will change them. (Lux and the others are simply building to what the codes allow) If we don't like the mayor and council members that aren't pro-business we need to elect better ones. Much easier said than done, I know, but there it is.

I'm definitely annoyed with the Kirkland two-step that businesses do downtown: here today gone tomorrow. We need to find a way to attract a set of businesses that both offer things we want (here's a hint, it ain't more art galleries and furniture stores) and that can survive for more than 6 months.

Something I think we should look into is creating a community meeting spot type area like Crossroads or Redmond Town Center. There was an article in the Seattle Times (http://archives.seattletimes.nwsource.com/cgi-bin/texis.cgi/web/vortex/display?slug=sher04e&date=20060304&query=bellevue+crossroads) the other week about the developer of Crossroads and his philosophy of building mixed use areas that draw people together and encourage them to meet and mingle. A modern day town square.

I know they were considering building a lid over the current parking area close to the water and putting shops and a park on top. Don't know where this stands or if it's even still being considered. But they could re-do that area to include restaurants and shops and meeting areas in a way that would give some kind of core and anchor to downtown that the rest of the area could feed off of.

My hope is that there will be an area that my family can walk to (or drive down to the library and park and walk) on a Saturday morning for breakfast or in the evening for dinner. There would be an area for the parents to sit and read the paper/socialize while the kids play and run about. In the evenings there could be concerts or other gatherings. We aren't far away from such a setup now but the area needs major tweaking to make it right.

What do yo guys think?

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