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Dog Days in Kirkland: June 3rd & 4th

Chateauchiendog Here we go, Kirkland dog lovers, this weekend is all about you.   Seems there's a  bad rap when it comes to dogs in this town b/c all of our parks require them to be leashed.  There's still no local dog park (sorry, head to Marymoor for that), however, Kirkland has decided to treat our local pooches to a weekend of fun. 

Saturday June 3rd from 10-7 and Sunday June 4th 10-5 will be the Puget Sound Dock Dogs Big Air Challenge at Carillon Point.  If your dog loves the water and wants show off some jumps, sign up for one of the Big Air waves ($20/wave).  Register and get all the details here. There's also some open air time ($5/dog) on Sunday 6/4 from 12-3:30.  This could be some serious stuff, handlers from around the northwest are hoping to win some cash, but I'm sure this would be entertaining. 

Then on Sunday from 12-5 you can scoop up Fluffy and bring him down to the Kirkland Mutt Strut for a 2.5 mile walk from Marina Park to Carillon Point and back.   This is also where you can find anything and everything for your beloved pet: water safety instruction, adoptions, sports, games, supplies and accessories.    From 1-3 you can enter your dog into a category such as 'best dressed' or 'most talented' but don't forget to pre-register online or by calling 425-587-3330.

Dooleysmartichuckluna We thought you should also know about some of the other doggie hotspots in Kirkland.  Dooley's Doghouse at 1421 Market St. (889-2200) is locally owned and operated by Chuck and Marti Bartlett (pictured at left with Luna the cat).  They are only going to let me use the "I don't have any pets, I have 3 children" excuse for so long before I give in to temptation. It's a great friendly little health food store for dogs that has supplies and also helps run adoption events to find homes for older pets. Hours are M-f 10-7, Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5.   Pasado Safehaven brings in dogs for adoption every third Sat from 12-4 and Purrfect Pals has cats on the second Saturdays.  There may be rabbit adoptions soon too! Stop in with your pet to say hello- also keep your eyes peeled for these guys at the Fourth of July Parade-lots of laughs!

There's also a new doggie daycare in Kirkland.  Check out Diana Dorfman's Chateauchiendiana Chateau Chien (827-6018) in Totem Lake (11516 124th Ave NE).  That's Diana and a client pictured right. She just opened in January and has a great place where your dog can frolic and have fun while you are working.  There are NO cages, just open space for your dog to play and, of course, a special room for nap-time.  I wish I had a nap room at my house-sigh-.  A couple extra bucks and your furry friend can get shampooed too.  The rates are really reasonable: $25/full day, $15/half day, $110/weekly package.  This is daycare, not boarding, so you can't leave 'em overnight, but you will be happy going off to work knowing that your dog is playing hard and getting lots of love while you're gone.  Diana is TOTALLY into these dogs- I've never seen anything like it.  She says she just loves the dogs, their spit and slobber, the dog-hair, all of it!  Her customer Christine Lukasik says, "We've been taking our pooch there and it's the best place!" I had my sister take her Dobie, Shaymus (aka Shay), to try it out and he gave it a big thumbs up.  And, by the way, it's not too easy to find- hidden around the back of the Jack-In-The-Box shopping center on the corner of 116th/124th (it's not visible from the front). 

Scrufftofluff From Scruff to Fluff is the new groomer in town (formerly Heads & Tails) at 222 Central Way since December.   They use organic shampoos and give your dog or cat the individualized attention he deserves.  Jamie Sparlin is one of the groomers that enlightened me that you can also get your pet's nails painted!  That's pretty stylin'.  Who knew?  Grooms range from $35- $90 depending on the size and breed of your animal.  There's free parking out front or in the lot behind the building.  $5 off for new customers- you can schedule on appt online or call 425-827-3144.  They are open Mon-Sat from 9-4. ~Janis


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