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Mother's Day: It's Not too Late

It's the eleventh hour and you just realized that Mother's Day is this weekend.  First let me say that if your name is Steve Rabuchin, you are in BIG trouble.  But if you are anybody else with a special mom that you want to spend some time with in Kirkland this weekend, I've got you covered. 

Bad news first: Anthony's Home Port and The Woodmark are already pretty much booked for brunch.  Good news: There are a few places that can still take you or just get creative yourself.  Anthony's can take brunch reservations for parties of 2 people or there are some openings for dinner.  Marina Park Grill is now open for brunch on weekends and they still have a small handful of spaces left (as of this writing).   Hector's has  some limited brunch availability as well.  I'm sure Pancake House would have a hefty line, unless she is a super early bird. Or-you can always hit Trader Joe's and buy some quiche, fruit, oj/champagne and do it yourself. 

I'm going to clue you in on a little something too.  Here is what the mama's care about most-just be thoughtful.  Buy a card and don't just sign your name, fill it up with sweet thoughts in your nicest handwriting.   Let her sleep in- there's a treat no mom would turn down!  Tulips are in every grocery store right now- QFC has them 3 bunches for $10.  Go crazy- spend the $20 and get six bunches.  Don't just hand them to her in the cellophane, put all of them in a big vase together with some water.  You don't need a brain to arrange tulips. 

Then you can go hit the Kirkland Artist Studio Tour that's going on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-6pm.   She'll be really surprised that you picked something so cultured to do.  There are over 30 local artists participating that are opening up their home studios for you to get a glimpse of how and where they create their masterpieces.  It's free and you can stop by as many or as few as you'd like on this self-guided tour.  Buy the special mother in your life a piece of art that she fancies- there will probably be some good deals as you'll avoid the gallery's cut.  And if you've got the kids in tow, they'd probably be entertained by some of the glass bead blowing or ceramic demonstrations.

OK- now hurry and get planning.  Don't waste another minute.  Let us know how it goes. ~Janis


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