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KPP Theater: Baby's Day at the Movies

Parkplacecinema Especially when the weather is rainy, it's easy to go stir crazy at home with your kids (let me tell ya!).  Kirkland Park Place Theater has a great program that runs every other Friday where you can bring your baby to the movies.  We used to do this all the time when our twins were infants and it was a great outing.   You get to choose which current movie you'd like to see for a nominal cost ($5.50). They turn the sound down a bit so sleeping babies can sleep and the lights are kept on dim so you can see if Phinnaneus and Hazel are spitting up on you or not.   Nobody cares if there are whimpering kids or snoring parents because we're all in the same boat. There are also changing stations in both restrooms so Dad has no excuse not to be on diaper duty if he's with you that day. 

Doors open at 9:15am and movies start at 9:45am.  Here are the dates for the rest of 2006:  June 9th, June 23, July 7, July 21, Aug 4, Aug 18, Sept 1, Sept 15, Sept 29, Oct 13, Oct 27, Nov 10, Dec 8.  Phone number for the theater is 425-827-9000. ~Janis


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Kathy Schwenk

Has anyone seen the exceptional Christmas lights display at Zo Salon 1418 Market St. ?
Gives the heart a lift!!!!

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Oh man, how could you not have put down "Amelie"? I watch that over and over again for her hair...her clothes...and just the basic richness of the movie.

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