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Meet the ladies of Bead Hut

Beadhutgals_004 I know what you're thinking.  Sushi and beads- sure are lots of both opening up in Kirkland.  Is there room for another?  But these gals are so much fun with a really special warmth that you need to meet them and help support their business too.   Sarah Ladiges and Laura Sabegh (pictured left) are the mother/daughter team that own the Bead Hut and have been beading for 17 years. 

When you first walk in, chances are Laura (a gorgeous Liza Minneli look-alike) and Sarah (her lovely likeness) will be sitting at the 'hut', a glass table with a straw umbrella working on some creative jewelry.  They are so kind and welcoming you can't help but pull up a chair and chat along.  Sarah's dad, Maurice, shares his retail space at Lakewood Jewelers in Kirkland Square (213 3rd St) with his wife and daughter and happily offers tea to the browsers.  Bead Hut opened their doors on April 1st and the ladies both rave about how many new friendships they have made since they opened their store.  Laura said that when Jim Lauinger, our mayor, came for their opening he praised their 'family shop feel.' 

Beadhutgals_005 Interestingly enough, Sarah worked for Beadworld downtown for 12 years (5 yrs as a manager).  Laura worked there as well.  It is just a coincidence that both bead shops ended up opening in Kirkland.  A couple things that make Bead Hut different are their interesting/unique pieces such as African trade beads and other ethnic collectibles.  Many of their beads are imported directly from India or China.   There is also a little play area for toddlers so your kids aren't choking on beads while you shop- excellent!  Sarah said customers that are new to beading like buying their kits, which includes all of the wires/beads you need to make a certain piece of jewelry, you just put it all together.  Of course, Sarah or Laura would be more that glad to sit down and help you too.

Here's a cool idea- they also host beading parties.  What a fun concept for a gaggle of friends or a birthday party.   It's just $15/per person plus 20% off your purchase.  Through the month of June they are offering half price off their per person cost of parties (you just need to set your date by June).  Found another coupon here too. Their hours are Mon-Sat 10:30-6:30 and Sun 12-4.  Parties are scheduled for after hours.  Phone number 425-827-6286.            ~Janis


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hi sarah long time no see
hopefully in a couple of weeks i'll have my web page up and running it will be under love beads inc hope to see you both soon

love chris

alicia ladiges

hey sis..its funny seein ur pic on the web..but i luv ur store..so for my end of the yr. party im going to bring everyone from my skool to ur store..parta


my daughter ashley led me into the bead hut on her birthday. some magical moments watching her and sarah plan the jewelry pieces, select the beads then create fashion! we'll be back!

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So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

Melissa Dodgen

Hello Ladies. I am curious, is the Bead Hut closed? The windows were boarded up and there is tape around the area. My mother and I go in there periodically and we were looking for another beading lesson.

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