SummerFest 2006
Wireless in the Park...I just don't get it!

Carillon Point Ques Up Outdoor Movies for the Summer

Carillon Outdoor movies seem to be all the rage.  We used to trek to Fremont or the Red Hook Brewery, but now we have our own right here in Kirkland.  This Saturday, July 15th, Carillon Properties will be hosting their first with a showing of "E.T" (can you believe Steve has NEVER seen this movie?!?!).  The Plaza at Carillon Point opens at 7, then the Beach Cafe's Beer Garden is ready for you at 8, and the movie starts at dusk around 9:30 or 10pm.  You should note that the Budweiser girls will be in attendance ;-)

Carillonmovies As you can see from the photo, this all takes part by the big 'bells' and the movie will be shown on a 12x7 screen- Rain or Shine!    Entry is free with a suggested $5 donation which goes to Hopelink.  The first 50 people to donate $10 get a $10 gift card to the Beach Cafe or Yarrow Bay Grill.  For parking, you can pay underneath or park for free in the lots at the 3000 and 5000 buildings.

Hopelink will also have vendors with popcorn and candy so you can get yourself a treat after eating at one of the nearby restaurants.  You can bring your own low-backed seating, or there will also be some chairs already arranged there in the back.  Future movie showings can be found here.  Details on other Kirkland outdoor movies (Juanita Beach and Peter Kirk Park) are here. Carillon Properties is hoping to start a new tradition in the community and plan to continue doing their outdoor movie events every summer.   ~Janis


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Anita Rowland

I couldn't get to the list of upcoming movies (looks like it was in your gmail account?) but there's another listing here:

Looks like fun!

Grover Dill

What a great event! It was great to watch E.T. as the sun set over Lake Washington (much better than watching it at home!) I'm really glad someone in Kirkland finally started doing outdoor movies and has taken advantage of the great northwest summer weather and scenery. And there was even a raffle for Mariners tickets against the Red Sox, with all the money going to a local charity! My family will definitely be back to watch more movies under the stars!

Andrea Hanefeld

If you want more information on these events you should check out Check out the Summer Events page. It lists all the info for these movies. Don't forget the Princess Bride August 12th!

puma speed cat

Great project, and it seems like it had great results.

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Oh man, how could you not have put down "Amelie"? I watch that over and over again for her hair...her clothes...and just the basic richness of the movie.

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Oh man, how could you not have put down "Amelie"? I watch that over and over again for her hair...her clothes...and just the basic richness of the movie. The premise sure sounds interesting...most movies today are about a load of nonsense...

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