Where are the Holiday Lights?
It feels SO good to be WARM again!

Kirkland has Reasons To Believe

Reasonstobelieve_006 There's no better place to visit at Christmas-time in Kirkland than our only Christmas store in town (after Ruth Ann Young closed her 'Spirit of Christmas' last year), Reasons To Believe.  It's a snowy, magically sparkly wonderland of fun-to-look-at-things that is located at 92 Kirkland Ave, right near The Slip, where they have resided for 12 years.  You can even find their hand-crafted Santas in big name homes such as The White House, Bill Gates and SeaHawks players

Reasonstobelieve_001 Reasonstobelieve_003 You'll see co-owners Dennis Brown (left) and Scott Schultz (right) in the shop working diligently this holiday season.  When I arrived to say hello, St. Nick, uh- I mean, Dennis was at the seat in the front window focused intently on painting a recent creation.  Then Scott was buzzing around moving one of the thirty boxes they ship a day from their internet sales and I SWEAR he was dressed like an elf with a green vest and a skip in his step.  I couldn't see if the tips of his shoes were turned up or not.  But I'm certain I heard hooves on the roof.

Reasonstobelieve_005 Reasonstobelieve_002 About 75% of the items in the store are handmade (some are made for them).  Gifts range from $10-10,000 so there's something for everyone's budget.  There's a cool little 'Kirkland' ornament that would be a great keepsake (pictured right, click to enlarge).  Reasons to Believe will be open every day until Christmas from 9am-10pm and their contact number is 425-893-8159.   Tell 'em I sent ya.  And let me know about those elf boots if you catch a glimpse.   ~Janis


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You know, I've been called a lot of things in my 41 some odd years, but an 'elf', even in a prior stupor, just doesn't ring a bell. Nope, not even a Polar Express remote 'silver bell'. Though my patented pointed-toed Timberland Reindeer maure kickers my have given me away....

Yet with 'Reasons to Believe' and in the spirit of giving, and all things 'Christmas' I'll be the first to take a shot on my elfin-chin, with a smile no less.

Merry Christmas to all, and keep up the good work. Jolly-ol' 6'2" elf.

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