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Amazon has released a new website called Unspun (http://unspun.amazon.com).   It's a cool new site that lets communities voice their opinion on such things as the "best actor of all time" , "top albums of all time", "dumbest celebrities", or even "least clutch athlete of all time".   Still with me?  Wondering what this has to do with Kirkland? 

Well the cool part about the site is that anyone can create a new list, populate the list, and see what others think as well (anyone can vote on the lists or add to them once they are created).

I started a few lists about Kirkland, that include:

Best Happy Hour in Kirkland, WA

Best Parks in Kirkland, WA

Best Restaurant in Kirkland, WA   

Best Website about Kirkland, WA (please vote for us!)

Check these Kirkland lists out and create more of them for our city.  Best builders?  Worst politicians ever? Worst restaurants?  Best Realtors?  Best coffee shop?  I just added Best bars in Kirkland, WA and Best art galleries in Kirkland, WA.   It's a fun site!  Check it out and help build up the lists for Kirkland, WA....Steve 


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Where in the Kirkland/Juanita/Houghton area would I find the best (recommended) outdoor Christmas light decorations? Who's house/yard is the most creatively lit? Any neighborhood come to mind in particular?

I am taking a group of seniors out Wednesday night to tour the town and see the lights.

Thanks! Vince


I started a "Best Restaurants for People with Kids in Kirkland, WA" list as well, hoping for some help in fleshing it out...

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