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I did it!

Start the New Year off with a splash!

There is still time for you to join your fellow Kirklanders at Marina Park tomorrow  (January 1, 2007)at high noon.  Why?  Well, to go jump in the lake of course.  It's the annual Kirkland Polar Bear Plunge.  These events are happening across the country.  Click here to see some images from other Polar Bear Plunge events. 

Here is the information about the event (also found on the City of Kirkland website):

January 1, 2007 High Noon Marina Park Kirkland, WA

"Why is it the dry people all seem to “Know what it feels like”?. Stay Dry! – Chris and Karen

“Another year gone – Another year older – so go jump in the lake – get a little bit colder” - anonymous

"Your poor heart. There's not enough room in your body for it when you hit the water." – Bob Brauer

Donations to the Kirkland Food Bank will be accepted.

10 Helpful Hints For Swimmers!

#10 Protective footwear Wear something on your feet, i.e., old tennis shoes or "aqua socks," etc. to prevent cuts on your feet from the ice and to prevent your feet from sticking to the snow and ice on shore.

#9 Warm boots after swim Have warm/dry boots or shoes to put on once you get out of the lake. This is an important point — once your feet get cold, your entire body will want to go on strike. Not good for the walk back to your car.

#8 Blanket to sit on Bring an old blanket or towel to put down on the icy shoreline to sit down on and change before/after the swim. I learned this the hard way after my swimming suit froze to the ground with me in it!

#7 Do you wear glasses? If you wear glasses, we suggest you obtain an "athletic strap" or something similar to hold them to your face, or not wear them at all! It is quite difficult to find glasses that have been dropped in the water on a sandy and icy beach, and it you find them, you may not want them after all!

#6 The swim is at noon but arrive early

The swim itself is exactly at noon – but get there by 11:45AM for food, drinks (non-alcoholic drinks recommended – real polar bears can do this sober) and to get a decent parking place – you'll be glad afterwards when the walk back to your car is 1 block instead of 5 or 6!

#5 Set up camp Once you get to the park, make your way to the shore and find a place for your blanket and stuff in the "swimmers only" area marked by two 6-foot polar bears holding a "KPCS" banner. This will save you mass confusion at the last minute and give you a fun photo opportunity.

#4 The Countdown Several minutes before noon, get to your blanket/changing area to begin to disrobe. At 10 seconds before noon, the countdown will be on – when it gets to "ZERO!" we'll hit the water with an enthusiastic yell.

#3 Savor the moment Finally, the swim will be over before your Goosebumps know what hit them, so savor the moment out in the lake with your fellow Polar Bears – "High Fives" and "Happy New Year" greetings never feel so good and you've got 365 days* until next time! Immortalize your thoughts and comments on the “Freezin for a Reason” board.

#2 Share the moment Non perishable food items will be accepted with all donations going to the Kirkland Food Bank.

And MOST IMPORTANT * The Number 1 Tip * The Wilde Rover is sponsoring the 2007 Polar Bear Plunge! Invite your friends and family- hang out with all the brave polar bears immediately following the plunge. All Polar Bear Participants will receive a complementary bowl of hearty soup at the Wilde Rover “Irish Pub and Restaurant”.


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