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Chalet Cadeau moves to Kirkland

Cadeau_003 Chalet Cadeau Gifts has found its new home in Kirkland at 132 Central Way after being in Kenmore for nine years.  This place is jam-packed with lots of loot.  When I first stepped foot in the store, I thought that Santa's sleigh exploded here on it's way to my grandma's house.  Lots of catch phrase items like "Well bred" on a tee shirt Cadeau_010 with a horse, or pillows that say " I'm not a princess, but if the tiara Cadeau_005 fits..."  You get my drift.  This giant gift shop has a little of everything- if you can think of it, it's probably in there.  The space was previously occupied by the Leathers store and is enormous.  From books, cards, pillows, kids toys, clothes, pictures, lotions, windchimes, collectibles, jewelry, curtains/doileys (pic left), it's very overwhelming and if you can't find a gift in there you haven't opened your eyes yet.

Although this is entertaining shopping for an adult, I've got to advise you to NOT bring Cadeau_007 your little ones Wallbaby into Chalet Cadeau.  I had my two year old with me and I nearly had a heart attack about 4 times while trying to mosey through the store.  The staff was quietly (and ever so kindly) giving him the evil eye from behind the next aisle, and I can't really blame them.  It's a mine field of delicate dangers in there.  Sensory overload for him.  Heart stoppage for me.  I do not want to have to buy that ceramic doggie balancing on the ledge of a glass shelf.  Here's an idea for your little one while you shop(photo right).

Cadeau_004 Wendy Marshall (pictured left), the owner, is really excited about her new spot in Kirkland.  Sounds like she has quite a following from her previous location too.  You'll find easy parking right out front or in the lot across the street.  Have fun shopping (and be very careful!). ~J

More Parking Talk-Central/Lake

Paylotcentralandlake I know everyone loves to sit around and talk about the parking lot on Central and Lake.  Seriously, this is a sore subject for lots of people, and if you'd like your voice to be heard, you need to mosey on over to the back meeting room at Wilde Rover and grab yourself a beer (or two or three).  The Parking Advisory Board is holding the meeting THIS Thursday, March 22nd, from 3:00-6:00.  Looks like they left plenty of time for a nice juicy discussion.  All merchants and members of the community are welcome.  I also found this quick read doc on the city website that's pretty recent.

On that night I'm, uh, well, ummm- not going to be there.  So, let me know what happens.  And here are my thoughts:  I feel like I hit the lotto when I spy a free spot in that lot.  I don't mind paying the buck an hour for primetime, but sure wish I didn't have to schlep all 3 of my kids back to the car after paying to put that receipt on my dash.  And I oppose any skyscrapers they want to put there instead. ~Janis

Some new Kirkland links...

Random thoughts: cool website, St. Patty's day, whatever.

Kirkland 52 is a new photo blog started by Emily Stchur.   She is taking photos of Kirkland every week and posting them to her blog.   Take a look, her work is excellent.   Here is an example of one of her photos: 22807_1248pm


Special St. Patrick's Day is this Saturday and the Wilde Rover (our own Irish Pub) is hosting it's 1st Annual St. Patrick's Day Celebration in downtown Kirkland.   The Wilde Rover is constantly sponsoring community events around Kirkland and they have events planned for the entire day on March 17, 2007.     They have brunch and family activities planned during the day and festivities for the adults during the night.  Lot's of live music, good food and of course, beer.   Call 425-822-8940 for details.  Space is limited so make your reservations early!

1631 There is also a second annual Geoffrey Castle St .Patrick's Day Concert at the Kirkland Performance Center that sounds like fun. 

Anything else going on?   Let us know...Steve 

Car Detailing Done Right!

Detailingshop_002 It's been a few years since my 2000 BMW 323 got a good detailing.   So  a few weeks ago I decided to treat my sometimes reliable BMW to a full cleaning and wax job--inside and out.  The only problem is that I didn't know where to take my car and I (like many others) don't have a hard copy yellow pages sitting around any longer.  So I searched the web for car detailing in Kirkland.  The results were slim picking and hardly any car detailers actually have a website or web presence to speak of.  I finally remembered there was a car detailing place inside Carillon Point in the parking garage.  I actually found them on the web too! The place is called Autobahn Custom Detail and here is their website.  I took a look at their information and decided to call them up.  Tim Tuttle/Owner answered the phone, fielded all my questions and we scheduled an appointment for later in the week.  Detailingshop_003

Here is what I liked about Autobahn and why I would recommend them:

1/ Tim is both the owner and does all the work himself.  Who better to work on your car than the owner of the business?  Tim really cares about quality, repeat business, and works from referrals quite often.

2/ Tim has been at this for over 10 years and is a nice, friendly guy.   He has also taught lot's of other detailers around the area over the years. 

3/ My car came out looking brand new...well almost brand new.  I guess as new as a 2000 can look.

4/ Location.  Carillon Point is easy to get to and while my car was being detailed I worked from the Starbucks (although their wireless T-Mobile wasn't working) until she was ready for the road again.

Now it's been a while since I had my car detailed so I wasn't sure about the latest pricing.   Tim charged me $200 for the full treatment.  I remember paying less a few years back so I called around to three other detailers.  All were roughly about the same price.    Do you think this is high or about right given today's prices?  Please comment...