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Learn a little, Give a little

Skykingpedaltricycleclassictrikevin Red Tricycle ( www.red-tri.com ) is a fun local blog written for Seattle parents that want to stay in the know.  All the mommies are buzzing about this one.  Savvy moms and dads can sign up for a free subscription (2x/week) to learn more about  kid-friendly things to do, new stores, products and services.  It's all written in a tone that will lighten your mood and make you chuckle, so have fun with it.  Starting with their April 26th issue, they will also be covering the Eastside.  Check out the 'websites we love' section- I'm still cracking up at some of them.  Here is their write up in the Seattle PI.

280380043_fcc44acf9b1 Daily Candy (www.dailycandy.com ) is a cleverly written hyper-local website that sends you a free daily email of the latest scoop on what's hot, new and undiscovered in Seattle.  Yes, this is mainly for the ladies. From deals to travel to restaurants and tips on things to do-it's covered in such a way that reading about them is entertaining and informative.   They also cover 12 other major cities.  Sometimes my inbox gets a bit bombarded with these, but when I finally have time to read them, they can often be a gem.

Ricktblogpic Donate to HopeLink- (http://ricktakagi.smugmug.com/ ) Fellow Kirklander, Rick Tagaki, has a stash of amazing photos he's taken around Kirkland and the Northwest.  Some of his pics are going to be used in Seattle Magazine and 425 Magazine this summer.  Rick will be donating the profits of any photos you order on his site between now and the end of May to Hopelink. They're really good, check 'em out! 

Jill Issacson Memorial Fund- The downtown core, and the many friends of Lake Street Diamond (106 Lake St.) were deeply saddened by the recent passing of Jill Issacson during a family trip to Hawaii. She and her husband have had their downtown shop for over 20 years.  She was in her mid-forties.   A memorial will be held in Jill's honor on the 29th of April from 1-4pm at the Marina Pavilion. The KDA has set up a memorial fund at the Bank of America in Jill's name for those who would like to help her husband Vince,and son Aidan (10yrs), through this difficult time.  Fred Meyer gift cards are also appreciated.

Keep a Sharp Eye & Hold your Children Tight

Children1 Someone really creepy has been attempting to lure or abduct children in our area, so please be on the lookout!  The suspect is described as hispanic or 'medium' skin toned male, 50-60 years old, salt/pepper hair, 5'8"-5'10" heavy-set and may have a goat-tee.  This stuff creeps me out.  Apparently, he walks with a limp, which is going to be much worse if he happens to run into me or any of you.  Here is the flyer (Download KCSO-SA-07-07public.pdf) on the case.

King County Sheriff's Office confirmed for me that this guy has made multiple attempts spanning a Bellevue church and the Union Hill/Novelty Hill residential area on 3/25 and 3/28.  He is driving a late model Dodge Caravan in dark green or teal with a license plate similar to 978-RWIThe guy is hanging out near elementary schools and bus stops and is even trying to lure children with a puppy.

I am in complete mommy ass-kicking mode over this.  If you see this slime bucket or have any information about the case, please call 911 or King Co Sheriff's dept at 206-296-3311.  ~Janis

I hate when the obits section is full

But it is.  What's going on?  Lake Street is clearing out- farewell to TJ's, Hobie Cat, Ventana, and Private Collection.   

Bikinibeach_003 Steve and I had dinner at Cactus the other night (which is  always fun AND good food).  After dinner we weren't in the mood for coffee or more drinks, so we went to the only other place open at 9pm in downtown Kirkland- Bikini Beach!   And after chatting with owner, Jon Hesse (pictured left), he shared the secret to staying in business in downtown Kirkland- sounds basic, but here goes.........STAY OPEN LATER.

But I think he's on to something.  TJ's always seemed packed, but apparently it wasn't open very often.   Actually, a lot of the businesses down there close up at 5 or 6 which gets the owners/employees home for dinner, but misses the after work and dinner crowd that wants to shop.  After just happening upon Bikini Beach being open, we ended up buying 2 shirts and a sweatshirt.  And almost a bathing suit if I hadn't just eaten a giant butternut squash quesadilla for dinner ;-).   There were a few racks of Roxy clothes for 40% off and tons of great flip flops and summerware.  As we were leaving at around 9:30pm, a young girl wandered in and said, "wow, you're still open?"  Jon (who's typically open til 9) responded "Sure, take your time and let me know if I can help you find something." 

Do any of you find that the shops are closed during hours that you want to do your shopping?  WHAT IF- all the shops got together and picked a night to stay open late?  Just one night a week to start- maybe Thursdays so it could coordinate with the second Thursdays art walk and everyone stayed open til 10.  I know the Kirkland Downtown Association encourages staying open and there's always talk of experimenting- has it already happened?  Did I miss it? Especially with summer around the corner.  Put up some balloons and signs and an ad in the Courier so people would know.  You can't increase sales when your doors are shut and it's dark inside.  We're trying to avoid rampant Kirkland business obituaries- let us know you ideas! ~Janis