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Market Street Cafe -- Exclusive!

Market_st_cafe_005 The Market Street Cafe is almost open!   While we can't give you an exact date for the grand opening we can say it's a week or two away--keep your fingers crossed.  If you go to their website they are starting to take reservations on (starting with reservations on November 2, 2007).   The Market Street Cafe is located in the former location of the Vine Grotto on Market Street close to downtown Kirkland.   

Soon we will do a more detailed post about the Market Street Cafe and profile Chef Sasha!  For now we have the exclusive first look at their menus:

Janis and I took a tour of the restaurant recently which is looks amazing inside!  They have totally remodeled the the space and added more square footage.  We plan to be one of their first customers  so stay tuned to the blog for more on the Market Street Cafe (more pics, review, profile of Chef Sasha, etc.).    Steve 


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Bridgette Tuttle

You guys are doing a great job of keeping us informed! Thanks for your time!

Steve Lacey

First thoughts - good lord, that menu is huge! Six pages?

Anyhow, looking forward to trying it out...

Finn on the Hill

No prices on the menu?

So, if I have to ask, does that mean I can not afford?


I have to agree the menu has too many items. It is so difficult to keep fresh ingredients without high turnover.


We have visited it - the food is amazing! If you want to try really good Russian food as served in a real restaurant - not some ethnic eatery - try this place. The atmothphere isn't "ethnic" either, it's a classy European-style place.
The good things come with a price tag... but not out of ordinary for this type of place.


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