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0110 When I ran into Jason at Rikki Rikki on Saturday night I was trying to remember where I know him from.  College?  Nah.  The gym.  Nah. Preschool dad?  Nope.  His face was so familiar because he's currently still a contender on "The Bachelorette" on ABC Monday nights at 8pm.   I have to admit, I don't typically watch this show (instead I stare at my computer screen writing blog posts), but when I saw a Kirkland resident on prime-time, it peaked my interest. 

I should have known he wasn't someone hangin' around here recently by his tan healthy glow (Will someone please turn the lights on in this town-I can't take it anymore!!??).  For all the single ladies out there, if you think he's cute on TV, he's even better looking in person.  He was also super nice and now he's a blog fan too.  And if you want his phone number it is ..................PSYCH! 

332 No scoop on results of the show- ABC owns him now and he's a good little puppet.  He was with a male friend who seemed to be getting used to taking the backseat to Jason's new celebrity status around town- hands in pockets, eyes rolling.  Better get used to it, buddy.  I googled Jason/Bachelorette and found a couple of Craigslist postings from local girls that are trying to find him because they think they're a perfect match.  Whoa. 

So, now I'm on 'the list' to get more info when they un-duct tape his mouth so I'll keep you posted when there's more.  July 7th is the finale. In the meantime, let's cheer on Jason every Monday to see if he gets the girl (DeAnna)!  Go Jason!


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More likely your interest was piqued not peaked.


You mean "piqued" your interest. Not "peaked."


I saw the article on Jason from the Bachelorette. I am totally feeling his pain. He is, without a doubt, the real deal. Most women look for, or think that they want the "bad boy" type, but if you are mature enough and have had those experiences, one would know that those people aren't the right ones in the end.

Jason has shown himself to be so caring and genuine, sweet, kind, intelligent, nurturing, and he truly has his act together. Any woman would be so lucky to have both him and his beautiful son in her life.

I wish there was a way to contact him. I am sure many woman who have viewed the show feel the same, but I figured it would be worth the chance to try for someone who is worth it...someone whom America has grown to know. I am a school teacher with qualities very similiar to Deanna. If someone out there receives this, or even if by the "off chance" that Jason receives this somehow, I hope there could be some type of communication. :)

Thank you!!!!!


Don't give up on love Jason. America fell in love with you over the few short weeks we had the pleasure of watching you on TV. I hope that if you were offered the chance that you would be the next Bachelor. All of us single girls out there would be lucky to have an honest, caring and loving guy!! Keep the faith.


I bet he will be the next Bachelor!!! he has so many great qualities and such a shame DeAnna didn't choose him. things happen for a reason. and hopefully he comes to NY and meets me and we can live happily ever after! hahaha!!!


I wanted to find Jason's email but I guess they don't give that sort of information out over the internet. I figured that maybe he might find this and read it.
Jason you are an amazing guy. You are sweet, caring and you deserve a woman who truly is your soulmate. I have no doubt that some one as great and deserving as you will find that person eventually. Don't give up hope Jason. You will find love.
On a side note my sister is offering a shoulder to cry on.


I really thought Deanna was totally into you. I thought you had her heart. At least the experience was great and you know you can love again so don't give up on Love! I am just around the corner from you in Bothell. Hang in there, you're an awesome catch


Jason you are a quality guy that any girl would be lucky to spend the rest of there life with. I'm not sure what DeAnna saw in that snowboarding guy, boy what a shocker when she picked him over you!! But hey that leaves a chance for a great girl like me that can appreciate a great guy like you and being that we are on a simular journey in life it would be great to chat & meet and see where it could take us from there.....:} I will happily e-mail you photo's if you write ssfisher1@gmail. I hope to hear form you Jason :] Take good care of yourself.


What the heck was she thinking? I was totally floored when I saw Jason get out of the limo first.... I think there will be a time when she regrets this decision. Although Jesse is sweet, he doesnt seem to have matured fully yet and how about how "bent over" he was before walking in to pick out the ring? Jason, on the other hand, walked in with confidence...I hope Jason finds someone who fully appreciates him. He's fabulous !!


Hi Jason, Always know in your heart that you are far bigger than anything that can happen to you. I wish you the best.


Sad ending, but for those of you wanting to try to get in touch with him...go to and enter Jason Mesnick Kirkland. It gives you the option to email him...not sure if he still uses the email or not, but it's worth a shot. Good luck to all you single ladies and most of all Jason - you deserve a special woman!


Hi Jason. I am 10 years old and my family and I really loved watching you on the Bachelorette. My mom says your a keeper!!! I have an Auntie named Heather that is 25 years old, caring, pretty, loving, great with children, works with children with Social work and has her masters degree, and she is perfect for you! Although DeAnna had these qualities also, my Aunt Heather has everything she had and more. My Auntie is a wonderful person and is looking for love. You would be a perfect match for her and she would except Ty into her life also. Like I said, she is perfect, so think about it!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot and I hope you consider my Auntie and remember, she is perfect, in so many ways!!!! Thank you again.


A.K.A. A fan


Hey Jason,
I have written before but looked back and thought, I didn't give my e-mail. Since I never gave my e-mail I knew that you couldn't respond to me for my auntie. I called her and she was so happy that I was trying to match her up with someone like you, and she is a fan of you, for sure!!!! So anyway, here is my e-mail....
Please I would only like ot have Jason respond, not anyone else who reads this. I just reallythink my Auntie deserves a great guy like you, so I will do anything. Thanks for your time!!!


P.S. If Jason e-mails back I will send you a pic of her, if you think about considering my Auntie.!!! Thanks!!!



I forgot to add one thing, please respond!!!! Thanks!!


Uh, This comment is for Kansas City Girl. Like I think my Auntie would be just perfect for Jason, and I read your blog about his e-mail on . Well I tried to go on for my auntie but since I don't have an account it won't let me find him. So if you could give me his e-mail that would be just wonderful!! Thank you for your time.



Hi Jason..... Think this could be the craziest thing I have ever done....however, you and I would be a perfect match....I am 34 yrs old and live in Jacksonville,Fl....You and I have soo much in common....Everyone tells me that I am a deadringer for Tiffany Amber Theissen and Sara Evans...I would love to chat with you sometime....Thanks, Tracy


Hey's Tracy again...sorry that I completely forgot to leave you my email, sincerely hope that you do reach out to me!!!!

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