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Top Notch Service at The Bath Bar

Bathbarsarahsfavorites I know I've raved about this adorable shop before, but Sarah Fox at The Bath Bar saved my butt again so I just have to tell you about it.  This is the kind of small town service that I love.  Rewind a couple months when it was 5 days before my twin's 5th birthday party and I came down with pneumonia.  As if that wasn't miserable enough, I am that mom that loves coming up with clever themes and prepares ahead of time for events so I was tortured by being bound to my bed.  I called Sarah in desperation- please, could she put together a cute little something for the favors?  I gave her a budget and she quickly put together some colorful bath confettis topped with animal shaped bath beads all wrapped in cellophane with pretty ribbons.  Her mom, Ami, even ran to the store to get lollipops to tie to the tops of each one.  When I gathered the 12 seconds of energy that I had left in my body to pull onto Park Lane, Sarah ran out to my car to hand off the favors so I didn't have to walk/find a parking spot.   I love this girl!  Maybe Kirkland wouldn't have a parking problem if all the shops had curb-side service ;-).

Bathbarjanisgift1 This week when I again called Sarah in a panic, I also apologized for allowing her to be my personal gifting assistant, but she doesn't seem to mind!  I'm co-hosting my sister's baby shower this weekend and we're moving on Thursday, so I can barely find my toothpaste right now let alone favors.  Sarah to the rescue again!  I dropped off some ribbon, gave her some thoughts, and they were magically finished and beautiful when I picked them up the next day.  This shop has fabulous delicious smelling things but what really sets them apart is the service that they provide.  And their summer hours should be kicking in soon when they stay open til 8pm.  Make a point to say hi to Sarah and visit The Bath Bar (they're also online now: ,425-822-9787) - you never know who might be getting you out of your next jam................... ~j


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The Bath Bar is an asset to Kirkland, full of great gift ideas and wonderful daily luxuries. They make it a little easier to be green, also, by refilling jars and bottles.

The Bath Bar is the bomb!

Wow- where do I start about Sarah Fox and The Bath Bar? I have continued to recommend The Bath Bar to everyone I know! The level of customer service is phenomenal! You don’t just get amazing product, but when you walk in your feel like you are the “the favorite customer”. I believe that Sarah has a gift with business and with people. The amazing story of how this dream became a reality is incredible! Anyone would benefit for visit and trying this product and in the midst of all of this you get to know the Fox Family- your might event get to meet her amazing supportive Mother! Go Visit and experience the luxury of bubbles and more – but more importantly, supporting a local dream becoming a reality!
Cheering you on - Connie J

Wanda Rademacher

I was so happy to read this wonderful testimony to The Bath Bar. I am one of those people who thinks of their bath time as MY TIME. I love things that smell good and feel good while I relax and read. Sarah always seems to know what I like. THe personal attention is so special here. She and her mom, Ami, have even put together teacher appreciation presents for me. They were lovely and as easy as a phone call to the shop. GO THERE and KNOW YOU ARE APPRECIATED.


My skin is in debt to the Bath Bar! I love all their products especially the fizzers. The one "california sunrise" is on my top five. Their lotions are unique in that they are extremely moisturizing. Im not a huge fan of the thick greasy lotions and Bath Bar's line of moisturizers cater to that! The customer service is one of a kind. Sarah's and Ami's genuine excitement and love for their products is apparent and makes purchasing gifts and personal treats easy! There's so many prouducts and I'm certainly working towards trying them all!


What can I say but wonderful things about the Bath Bar in Kirkland! I've been a customer for over 2 years now and just love everything about this little gem of a place from the creative fun products in the store to the always helpful and friendly advice Sarah and the crew are ready and willing to give. I love the fact that whenever I go to refill the usual product she's always got something new and fun to try out. What a great place!

Rona Allen

This store is so unique and customer friendly...besides going there when I want to buy something specific, like cocoa/shea butter lotion for my pregnant belly, I love to pop in and just look around since everything always smells so good and is inviting to the eyes! sarah and her staff have always been so helpful and welcoming, and are very knowledgable about all the products and what would work best for my needs.

Wardlyn Bassler

Sarah and Ami are without a doubt two of the dearest people I know. I have to sing their praises all the way from Marietta, Georgia. I wish I was in Kirkland so I could just buzz in the store for TLC but I have to get my "love and products" over the internet! When I need a special gift, I email Sarah and she takes care of putting some wonderful bath goodies together that are within my budget complete with my message. She then takes care of shipping the package to arrive on just the day I need for it to. You could not ask for easier gift giving and better personal service. I am just thankful that Sarah and Ami have found such a beautiful and helpful way to channel their love and creativity and that they are in my life!!


Three years ago, I found a little piece of Heaven in Kirkland called, "The Bath Bar". The moment I walked in the store I was overwhelmed by the wonderful smells of the products and greated with a warm smile from Sarah and Amy. The service is excellent and the products are out of this world. If you have not tried the Bath Whip or the Salt Scrub you are missing out! I highly recommend the Bath Bar to pamper yourself, your family and your friends!

Kirsten L.

The Bath Bar is one of the best specialty boutiques I have visited, not only in Kirkland, but nationally. There are always innovative products (that work, imagine that!) and incredible, personalized customer service. I hope that The Bath Bar franchises so that I can visit this phenomenal store wherever I travel!


I AGREE! The Bath Bar is a fabulous shop in downtown Kirkland with the best service anywhere! Sarah and Ami make everyone feel like friends and always have something new to tell you about. When in Kirkland it is a must stop and shop! :) One of my most favorite places to shop of all times!

Elizabeth O'Connor

Excited to hear about The Bath Bar! I've walked by many times but never stopped in. I sure will next time! Great knowing that Kirkland is home to a jewel like TBB.

Bella Link

It was just a few years ago that I was strolling the shops in Kirkland on a visit from Minneapolis. As I passed by the Bath Bar, bubbles floated around my head. I opened the door to the most soothing aromas...the stress in the back of my neck from my travels seemed to melt away. I was greeted by Sarah & Ami-they took their time with me so that I selected the products that were just right for me. I was a long time Aveda girl but the product line at the Bath Bar made me a believer that you can have excellent quality without blowing your budget. So whenever my husband and I fly to Seatle, before checking in at the Woodmark we stop at the Bath Bar where Ami & Sarah make us feel like family!

Elaina Herber

The Bath Bar is amazing! I am so happy you decided to feature this wonderful asset to Kirkland! Sarah & Ami are fabulous; I've enlisted their help several times for gift ideas and they never ceases to amaze me with their creativity. The Bath Bar is a small boutique that packs a large punch for both service and quality. Bath & Body Works better watch out, here comes The Bath Bar!

Sarah Fox

THANK YOU so much to everyone for all of your kind words about our store :) I am beyond thrilled to know how much you all enjoy the experience of visiting The Bath Bar and more importantly, how our holistic products truly benefit you and your well-being!

When we opened our doors in April 2005, our intention was to create a place that would be unique, therapeutic and fun. In offering the "affordable luxury" of a relaxing bath soak, stress relieving aromatherapy or skin pampering body lotions, our focus is to educate our customers on the importance & benefits of taking time every day to give back to themselves (without breaking the bank!)

I never imagined we would also build SO many wonderful, lasting friendships as well! Thank you Kirkland, we love you and hope to be here for a long, long time!

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