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Kirkland Blogs Get Some Print (and Jason gets another rose)

Logo_kirkland Kendall Watson of the Kirkland Reporter did an article in this week's paper about the growing popularity of blogs and online forums that focus on local content and discussions. He invited our whole family down for a chat and photos, which I agreed to so long as they had a slimming lense and could airbrush the dark circles under our eyes (we had just moved the day before). :-)
Seriously, I think it is cool that a printed medium is supportive and promoting local online resources for the community. I'm also pretty sure I said about six intelligent sentences prior to the 'fork in the eye' comment, but it's possible I didn't. My point was that we love writing about things in Kirkland that we find interesting, funny and sometimes thought-provoking (or pot-stirring??). As long as you guys are enjoying it, we will keep on writing!
And since Kendall mentioned Jason, our Kirkland " Bachelorette" guy, I should also let you know that we ran into him again. He's so darn cute I keep forgetting to snap a picture for you. He was just enjoying a sunny day at Marina Park with his son. When I said 'hello' poor little Ty was instantly peeved, which is understandable when you're 3 and suddenly every adult in town stops to chat up your dad. Did you watch Monday night? I thing our Kirkland boy might win the girl! We were caught off guard when DeAnna gave Jessie a rose. Then she had to choose between Jason and Jeremy and my heart was breaking for Jason as his lip quivered and we all thought he might be toast (she's had the hots for Jeremy since the beginning). Now it's down to the Final 2, so Jason (woohoo!) and Jessie the snowboarder dude (booooo!) get to join her in her hometown. Don't miss the finale on Monday at 8pm on ABC. Go Jason Go! ~Janis

ps- don't forget to hit the NASA themed 4th of July parade on Friday at 11:30 downtown. See you there! j


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I found your blog by searching Jason, I promise I am not phsycho! He is amazing! I would love for the opportunity to meet him and fall deeply in love with him and Ty and for him to love my daughter and I the way he loved Deanna. I cried with him tonight, but couldn't help but feel that there is a chance for me now! LOL! Seriously, I am not crazy!

Your blog is awesome. You have done a wonderful job with it. I have a blog with a different host and this ones seems more user friendly. I may have to switch!

Thanks for allowing me to leave my crazy post!!!!!



ACK! I was just getting ready to sit down and watch the finale and you blew the ending for me!!! You must be dialed in east coast time. Poor Jason....poor me, now I"m going to feel sad for him through the whole 2 hours!! j

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