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Oh no, Jason !! Kirkland Still Loves You......

Images4 I am drained from watching 3 hours of "Bachelorette" stuff tonight (seriously, can they net this stuff out a bit more?).  I was going to wait til tomorrow to write a post, but when I checked my computer we have over 1000 hits (half of which are from the last 2 hours) and a gazillion notes piling in from empathetic and looking-for-love women all over the U.S. So I wanted to get my thoughts in while they are fresh in my mind, and give you all a space to weigh in with yours. 

My stomach was in knots for Jason, whom we all thought was the clear winner but in true reality TV style, they tricked us again.  A friend sent me a note yesterday blaming me for getting her hooked on the show and rooting for our hometown guy.  Her comment was "he seems like the natural winner...which is why I'm guessing he probably loses. This will break my heart." 

It appears his heart was broken too.  I welled up as I watched him bite his bottom lip to keep from crying.  Loved the way he had the guts to ask her some tough questions in the post-show interview and even called DeAnna out by saying how she 'didn't look at him that way.'  Which I noticed too.  Early on, darn it, I was hoping they just edited it out.  But, Jesse?  REALLY?  Seriously?  Jason seemed to have all the right stuff- a mature, handsome, fun, handsome,  good head on his shoulders handsome guy.  He even took his rejection with class and dignity- a stand-up man without his body armor.  Jesse must have slipped DeAnna a roofie b/c the snowboarder dude just wasn't doing anything for me.  My mom was squawking and bellowing "Oh no!  You've got to be kidding?!?" and from looking at Jesse's expressions it appears he can hardly believe his own good fortune. 

Jason's heart will heal.  And there is one thing I am sure of:  This Kirkland man will not be hurting for a date anytime soon.  Actually, given the responses we have received for him, I hope that ABC equips him with some sort of security detail or a taser at the very least.  Should Jason be the next "Bachelor?"  I dunno- I think it should be Jeremy so that Jason can pick up the pieces, spend some quality time with Ty,  and weed through the resumes that are showing up at his front door.   To Jason, thanks for being such a positive representation of a Kirklander and opening up our hearts.  We're glad you're here and hope you find love again! ~j

ps- I'm hoping to have the chance to interview Jason once ABC PR clears it.  If you have specific questions you'd like answers to (that are not self-serving) please send to kirklandweblog@gmail.com . As for comments, put 'em here- I'll make sure he reads :-)


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April Ayers

I just want to wish Jason and of course Ty the best. He put himself out there one hundred percent and I too along with alot of other viewers were shocked last night. His feelings were genuine and what he has to offer is amazing. She is just a complete fool and she will come to realize (if she hasn't already) that she made the wrong decision. I like Jesse, he is a good guy but for what DeAnna said she was looking for and the way ABC and DeAnna led us on to believe, it sure the heck wasn't Jesse (but boy am I thrilled it wasn't Jeremy).

Jason, YOU ARE THE ONE IN A MILLION, not DeAnna. Any woman would be lucky to be with you. And with that said, I wish you the best and if you are ever in Indiana please email me and we can meet for lunch sometime. You and Ty are in my thoughts :)


Jeremy said in an interview (after he was booted) that we were getting an honest edit of Jesse but not of MeAnna. I knew right then that she had chosen Jesse. The two guys she likes - Jesse and Graham - are both "bad boys" and she let the "good guy" get away. I also think MeAnna is more into Jesse than he is into her. I could be wrong, and I hope I am, but that's how it appears to me.

Personally I think Jason dodged a bullet.


I met Jason at Starbucks a month ago and he was such a nice guy. We went over and said hi and got him to sign a pound of coffee for charity.
Anyway, he was a great sport and really friendly. He will have not problem finding a "new wife".
Maybe we should do our own Bachelor show in Kirkland?

Amy Henderson

Ok, I don't know if this really gets passed on to Jason or not, but I'll take a crazy chance.

Jason, if you are really what you appeared to be on the show, you are an amazing man. You seem fun, honest, and have integrity and your priorities in the right place. If you're into a trip to Northern California, there's a woman here who'd love to meet you.

Aubrey Khachikian

Jason is an amazing man. Jason, if you are reading this, I wish you all the happiness in the world. DeAnna let the PERFECT man slip away...which means 1 thing for you...there is a perfect woman for you!!! I wish you were in Illinois of I were in Seattle. I would love to meet you. If you are exactly as you were on the show, then you are what I've been waiting for for 28 years. Best of luck. You and your Beautiful Boy are in my thoughts.

Jason (but not that one)

While we all wanted Jason to win, is DeAnna such a great prize? She seems nice but very young emotionally. Says the right things but anyone can fake it for a bit.

PS - Amazing, isn't it, how often the bachelor/ette says they want to settle down and start a family, and then they pick the person who's "fun to be with?" I give DeAnna and Jesse 6 months, tops........


If you're reading this Jason,from what I've seen on TV, I think you are a wonderful man! Ty is very blessed to have a caring, loving, and responsible father like you. You will find the perfect woman for you. I know you will and she will be the luckiest girl. Allow yourself to heal from this experience and continue focusing in raising your wonderful son. When you least expect it, you will meet the woman of your dreams. I PROMISE!!! When you least expect it, you will fall in love again. I wish you and Ty the best in life.

Turn off the TV

Who the f*** cares about this? IT'S A TV SHOW, PEOPLE. If you wanted to write about some real tragedies, you could have visited some of the folks who were recently in town for TENT CITY, and asked them to relate their life stories.


Whoa, grouchy guy! Where's your support for a local? I'm sure people care about many more pressing issues too, but sometimes it just feels good to turn your brain off for a minute. We'd love for you to write a guest post about Tent City. Send it to kirklandweblog@gmail.com . I can hardly wait! j

Turn off the TV

I support locals who do something meaningful, which doesn't include appearing on reality TV shows. Let's hear about some local scientistis, doctors, artists, artisans, community organizers, charity organizers, etc.

Molly B

Jason, I hope you do read this. I am another Atlanta girl, but one who would not break your heart!!! You are everything a woman looks for in a man, and I hope that if you ever find yourself near Atlanta, please, please, please find me! I wish you and Ty all the best!!!

Jessi Thompson

I am Steve and Janis' babysitter and it sounds like a certain Bachlor in Kirkland is going to need a sitter for all these dates...


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