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"The Bachelor" Finale Party at Third Floor Fish Cafe

Don't even pretend you don't watch the show!!  I know you do.  And in honor of all of us that do, Brian McCarty, the General Manager of The Third Floor Fish Cafe, has decided to invite us to his bar to watch Jason Mesnick give out the final rose on Monday, March 2nd. Will it be Molly or Melissa?  I don't know, but I do know that bottles of wine will be 1/2 off (up to $100) and happy hour is starting early at 8pm.  Let's celebrate. This is a favorite happy hour spot for us anyway- love the fish tacos, romaine salad and ahi tuna.

What did you guys think of the girls tell-all episode last night? Natalie got raked over the coals (yet again).  And how about the cliffhanger for the secret, high drama, emotional, no audience allowed episode that follows the finale?  I hope that this theory is not true.  For Jason's sake.  And Kirkland's. 

See you at Third Floor Monday?? ~j

Say Goodbye to Calabria

Calabria 001  Calabria 003 Unfortunately, this is not unfamiliar territory these days.  As we kicked back with some live music at Calabria in downtown Kirkland we started to hear the buzz that Feb 28th will be their last day.  Lease is up and that's all she wrote, although they do have another location in Mill Creek.  So, be sure to go in and say goodbye, enjoy the happy hour ( til 7 pm) where we enjoyed an appetizer, salad, dinner, wine and lots of cougars for $40.  The lasagna was great- really!  Thursdays nights you could always count on hearing Joe and his band-  (photo left)- he strikes an eerily similar image to Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump I know it's amazing.  DJ Mike will be there on the restaurant's last night.  He's from my NJ 'hood so he must be ok (photo rt). ~j

On an aside-thanks to all of you who have mentioned you are missing my posts.  I've still be writing them, but our subscriber list had some technical difficulties (feedburner was bought by google, not an auto update, blah blah blah) but it should be straightened out now.  I've missed you too.  Welcome back. So sorry. My smart-assed self is now back in your face. xoxoxox ~j

The Bachelor: My Jason Predictions

Jillian is on her way out tomorrow night and Melissa is just one step closer to winning herself a Kirkland man.  There.  I said it. 

I don't believe all the other over-edited crap.  So maybe DeAnna will come back, but she won't be begging for forgiveness, she'll be doling out some advice.   Jason doesn't need it- he's making good choices.  Especially since he unleashed the crazies (Megan, Shannon) and uncovered a few more- like Naomi's parents.  Sweet Jesus.  Literally- that dad was over the top with the religious messages on our poor little shell-shocked Jewish boy.  And I'm not sure about that crying scene, but I think the only thing that would make him sob like a baby on national TV (aside from happiness) would be Ty.  Maybe he misses him, maybe Ty broke an arm or wants to go home, I dunno, but you get my drift.

What are your predictions? 

And would you be up for a finale party at a local Kirkland restaurant if we could pull it together?

Time to Make the Donuts

DonutFactory 003 I attended my first Citizens Academy Class last night at the Kirkland Police Dept and had a great time.  So, I'm going to start by dedicating this post to all of the fine officers in this city that SWEAR to us that they do not really eat donuts.  It's just a myth they say, of course! They're very sensitive about it and it's so darn cute I wanted to let you and them know that I have recently discovered where you can find the best donuts in town.  Just in case there is ever an emergency that requires one. 

When Steve and I first moved here from Atlanta we noticed that the Seattle area was obviously lacking in the donut department.  Krispy Kremes are on every corner out there (look! the light is on for hot ones!).  So we were glad to hear the news when Issaquah got their own, but that's too far to drive for some dough.  And growing up in NJ, Dunkin Donuts were just part of life.  I still have my Dad bring me a box of munchkins every time he visits (chocolate, glazed and jelly only please).  This post is shaping up to sound rather weird- I promise I am not a donut fanatic, but every once in a while you've gotta just surrender and have one.  Enough of my donut history lesson, here's the scoop.

DonutFactory 002 Head to Kingsgate to Factory Donuts at 12505 NE 144th Street.  It's nothing fancy, they are just focused on the donuts. And you know when you walk in the place and see the 50 pound bags of pure sugar cane stacked higher than your head that this is not going to be healthy for you.  But there are some serious donuts in there.  The apple fritter is my favorite and Steve likes the sourdough the best.  There are even some Krispy Kreme look-a-likes that I haven't tried yet.  The owner behind the counter barks at you, "Whatchoo want sweetie?!" and it's not easy to decide.  As I carry my box of a dozen away from the counter, my bicep muscles quiver with fatigue.  When your first bite arrives, you instantly salivate b/c your body has never encountered such pure sinful indulgence and the sugar headache is not far behind. 

So, if you happen to see a Kirkland Police Officer at Factory Donuts next week, you can just give him or her a wink and make it your little secret.  To hell with the myths. ~j