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2CH: They're Open. No, they're closed. Yes, they're Open!!!

2CHAGAIN 001 This place open and closes faster than I can read the signs.  But they are definitely open again because we had lunch there today.  And I've got to say, they have really good burgers.  The menu has been completely simplified and there's nothing over $4 (we had the avocado burger- click to enlarge the menu below).  A house burger is $2.75.  I can find that in change underneath my car seats if I dig long enough. 

When I questioned them about the abrupt 3 month hiatus, they said the big snow 2CHAGAIN 003 storms hit them hard.  Without steady traffic they had a lot of food to throw away (they used to offer wings, pastas, burgers,  and salads) and the waste was very costly so they couldn't afford to stay open.  Now they have re-grouped a bit and are determined to make it work.  Everything else is basically the same- it's kind of a quirky little place with friendly service, funny music and  offbeat decor but Brady was dancing in his seat and scarfed down his whole burger so it keeps the kids happy.  ~j

98034 Gets Their Amazon Fresh!

Bg-emailHeader-seattleSkyline Good job on the votes, Kirkland! Juanita will not starve after all.  Amazon just announced that they will start making their grocery delivery service available to 98034 starting on April 1st. Order before midnight and your groceries can still be at your doorstep by 6am.   Sounds strange to me, but if you wanted to order a book or DVD  or spatula along with your wine, steak and asparagus they'll bring that to your doorstep too.  And for those of you that expressed concern about buying locally (AMZ is a local company), I noticed they have a 'shop local items' button right on their home page.  ~j

I Have No Idea Where to Park

Parking They've done it again.  Just when we have figured out where all the free parking spots are and when/where we need to pay for them, they change their minds again.  I don't know who 'they' actually is.   Probably the parking advisory board or a city team of consultants or maybe even that unforgiving little lady with the go cart and her chalk on a stick.  Either way, sharpen your eyes on the new signs around town with the up-to-the-minute parking rules.  And I don't mean to be so snickery- this effort is well-intended to offer more free parking and allow people to shop in downtown Kirkland businesses more readily.  But does it have to be so confusing? There's a 'grace period' where they'll just be issuing warnings instead of a hurricane of parking tickets, but I think our meter may have already run out on that opportunity.
As much as I would like to, I can't even begin to explain these changes to you.  There's an entire trifold that has been created complete with maps and color coding so you can be an informed Kirkland parker. 
Here it is- study up.  Then I want you to answer this question: It's a lazy Sunday and you are taking the kids to an early dinner at Zeek's.  You find a great parking spot in the Lake Street lot and it's 5:30pm.  Kids need to be in bed by 8.  How much money do you need to put in the pay station?  ;-) j

Vovina nestles into Marina Park

Vovina 003 Marcus and Jamie, co-owners of Vovina (Vo=Vodka Vina=wine) at 15 Lake Street, are getting really excited for their quickly-approaching opening day.  And so are you!  I could tell because when I was in there chatting with them on Friday night (as they unpacked boxes of wine and booze)  people kept trying to open the door every ten minutes Vovina 009

It's inviting for sure-I think this cozy little wine and martini bar is a welcomed addition to downtown Kirkland.  It's nestled right at the bottom of the stairs by Wilde Rover on the parking level of Marina Park.  It has a good feeling with the dark painted open-beamed ceilings, sizzling fireplace, and lots of nook seating topped with pendant lights.  There are some super cool local aged-wood tables (and bar)- check out the pic below.  Expect to find some unique drinks such as absinthe(this is the only place serving this wormwood-derived creation on the east-side), 35 different wines by the glass, 4 beers on tap, martini flights and homegrown cocktails named after employee faves such as "My Mai Tai" and "The Franklin Mint."  Vovina 004

In case those drinks weren't tempting enough, you'll also discover some tasty bites from 3-9 Sun- Wed and 3-10 Thurs- Sat ranging from $7-15.  There's appetizers (ahi tacos, crostini plate..), soups (butternut squash, chicken curry..) and salads (caesar, bibb wedge...)  that can  hold you over or for pre-partying.  But don't be scared to stick around for something more substantial like the Dungeness Crab Risotto, Souvlaki Chicken Skewers or Caprese Pizza. The coolest part is that they just enclosed their patio seating so soon there will be tables and heaters outside.  That will be perfect for summertime, which I am hoping and *dreaming*is right around the corner.  May thru Nov they plan to serve brunch too.  So hustle on in there this weekend!  And tell some friends to check it out too- comment back and let us know what you think. ~j

Those Irish Know How to Party!

Leprechan The Wilde Rover Irish Pub & Restaurant has outdone themselves this year.  Instead of celebrating St. Patty's Day in one measly day, they are declaring it a 2-day event!  And of course you'd expect nothing less than live music and traditional Irish fare!

Monday March 16th you can check out some live Celtic music with Geoffrey Castle and Dan Connolly from 9pm to close while you are dining on some corned beef and cabbage or shepherd's pie.  After 9pm, you'd better be 21 and over.  When your hangover clears by 2:00 the next day (3/17), you can head on back for more celebrating. Music starts at 3pm and your $10 cover charge gets you in to check out the Kennedy Brothers (3-6pm), Geoffrey Castle (6-9pm) and Author Unknown (9-close) in the main room and Big Luv (8-close) in the back room.  The food menu will be limited and a portion of the proceeds will go to Hopelink

Enjoy this extended holiday.  I'm hopeful that Christmas is 2 days this year too. :-)  ~j


Amazon Fresh Expands: Vote for Kirkland!!

Veg For those of you that don't know about Amazon Fresh, it's a great online grocery service.  Everything is fast and fresh and delivered to your door.  They have all sorts of organic and local items too.  You can order online until 10pm and have your groceries waiting on your porch pre-dawn.  Delivery is FREE if you order over $40 (which isn't difficult to do). 
Ugh, I sound like a commercial.  I'm not gushing only b/c I'm biased (Steve works at AMZ) but b/c I used to use this service at least once a week when we lived in 98033 and it's a lifesaver.  Then we moved out of our house while it undergoes some major renovations, and we're now in a rental house in 98034.  The landlord conveniently forgot to mention that Amazon Fresh does not deliver here!!!
So- here's what you need to do- VOTE!  Amazon is asking for voters to tell them where their next delivery zip code should be.  The people of Juanita are starving out here!  Let's help them out!!!
VOTE for 98034 here.

Kirkland's Dream Date, Jason Mesnick, Turns into a Nightmare

Mesnickcry I've been festering over this whole thing since I watched "The Bachelor" finale and more importantly the 'after the rose' ceremony last night.   There's Jason crying (photo left)- BOOHOOO!  I didn't want to be hasty and write a nasty-gram blog post right when I got home because my outrage was still fresh.  So, after about 14 conversations, 25 text messages, and a gazillion emails later(you guys crack me up, btw),  I'll write you my I-can't-even-believe-it post now instead.  Because my feelings haven't changed even with time to stew over it.  And I know there are a lot of seething women out there-many with a renewed appreciation for our normal and stable husbands.

Our hometown sweetheart that convincingly charmed America with his nice guy persona has quickly delivered a swift but deadly stab to our hearts.   There's no turning back now, Jason.  We were so disappointed to learn that you're THAT guy.  We've all known one of THOSE and now you're the poster boy.  Branded for life- I hope Molly keeps you around b/c every other woman with a TV knows to run in the other direction.  

My problem isn't with that fact that it didn't work out with Melissa- that's ok- things happen, things change.  But to dump Melissa publicly and then be swooning over Molly 5 minutes later was just in poor taste.  I realize you have to live this saga out in the public eye, but you can still have some decency and consideration for others.  Couldn't you have broken up with Melissa privately and then updated us on the show?  I can't believe the network could force you to do that.  It was like a Jerry Springer episode.    I'm suspecting that the threesome knew this was happening ahead of time which doesn't make it any better.  That would make you just actors reaching for ratings in a publicity stunt that happens to be your twisted real life.

I couldn't stay awake for the Jimmy Kimmel episode w/Jason that followed the show, but you can find it here on you tube.  Kimmel is a crack-up poking fun at Jason who's clearly spent some time prepping with PR.  I was listening to the radio this morning and there was a guy that called in to thank Jason for lowering the bar for the rest of the men.  Friends of Jason's seem to be surprised and confused and hopeful that there is more to the circumstance that what we all saw last night.  Everyone who knows him insists he 'really is' a great guy.  Well then, he's got some serious explaining to do. And for her sake, I hope Jillian has changed her phone number.  ~j