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Purse Snatchers- Be on the Lookout!!

Purse480 There's a guy/girl team of purse snatchers that have been scoring some loot around the eastside lately.  Here's their M.O.- You're grocery shopping at QFC, Safeway or Fred Meyer, perhaps, with your purse in your cart.  Just as you go to check out the new arrival of fresh strawberries you turn around to your cart and your purse is gone.  It happens that fast!

But of course, our PD is on the case.  They've teamed up with Bellevue and Bothell, where similar crimes were occurring, and have identified the culprits.  But they are not in custody yet!! Keep your eyes out for an old maroon Subaru station wagon (circa 1989) and if you spot it, call the police 425-587-3400 or 911.  These two should be in custody by the end of today.

I chatted with a woman name Dawn that was victimized at 2pm on Sunday at the Totem Lake Fred Meyer.  She just stopped in a for a few things and her purse got boosted in the produce section (which is also unfortunately conveniently located right next to the exit).  When she went to desk to report it, the FM employee replied, "Oh no, not AGAIN! "  Bummer their security guard was mysteriously missing at the time. Anyway, the sticky fingered thief quickly proceeded to  QFC, Bartels and other nearby spots to do a little charging of her own.  So, let's keep 'em on your shoulder ladies (and men with a man purse, I'm cool with that too)!! ~j

Nutrition Labeling Promises Svelte Bikini Bods this Summer

000000000000000000000042545275753 Just kidding-there's no promise. Darn.  You've got to do the work yourself, but it's helpful to know that local chain establishments are giving us the information we need to make healthy choices.   Let's face it, kids like to eat at places like McDonalds, for example (and listen to their Kidz Bop CD's- you moms know what I"m talkin' bout!).   So I end up sitting next to a plastic indoor slide snitching french fries from a 4 year old a little more often than I like to admit.  

As of Jan 1, King County requires chain food establishments with over $1M in rev, 15 or more locations, and standardized menus to post their calories/carb/fat/sodium content on their menu board or other clear and visible spot at the point of ordering.  In Kirkland, this means places like McDonalds, Wendy's, Starbucks, Subway, Domino's, Olive Garden, Tully's, Taco Del Mar and more.  This is quite the eye-opener.  Bring your glasses, cause the menu gets a bit crowded with all the numbers.  But the fact of the matter is,  that Southwest Salad with the corn and black beans that I always thought sounded like the healthiest one turns out to be the worst, so I'll be switching to the grilled chicken caesar next time we're at "Ole McDonald's."  If you have a typical 2000 calorie a day diet, you could be blowing more than half of that if you ordered a big milkshake. Yikes!  It's kinda fun taking the quiz on King County's Public Health site. Let me know how you do!  Armed with this kind of information, I think we should all be able to squeeze into our bathing suits this summer.   ~j 

Saving Kirkland's 4th of July Fireworks

Fireworks KA-BOOM!  I love that sound.  The deep rumblings, shrill screeches and explosive lights show that is Independence Day.  There's a big effort going on right now by Celebrate Kirkland to raise funding to save Kirkland's 4th of July fireworks.  This group is very high tech- they are on Facebook and Twitter (which I'm still trying to figure out in my non-existent spare time) and even have a blog. The theme this year is: 'Red, white, blue and GREEN all over- reduce, reuse and recycle'.  In past years, the parade and fireworks have always relied on contributions to supplement the community grant that funds this event, however, this year is more challenging than ever to pull together the donations needed to make it happen.  And the barge for the fireworks needs to be reserved by May 30th!!  So, if you love finishing off your evening  on 7/4 by kicking back in Marina Park with an amazing fireworks display, every bit helps, and you can contribute online here.  ~j

BTW- I have lots of things to catch you up on like the Kirkland Police Academy Class I finished recently (you should do this, what fun!) and our remodel completion (what the heck, you should do this too!).  But we just moved and I have boxes up to my ears.  Steve still hasn't set up my computer yet so hopefully by saying this publicly he will quickly get me connected again so I can get going on all of these posts that are swirling in my head without having to figure out his Mac...... ;-) 

Kirkland, Meet Working Girl

WorkingGirl Kirkland author, Karen Burns, has recently published her first book, "The Amazing Adventures of working girl." It's a fabulous, quick and entertaining read with many work situations we can all relate to and practical career advice.  Her matter-of-fact humor and short chapters make it an easy page turner with lots of lessons learned and laughs along the way.    I really enjoyed the "Boss from Hell" chapter and the brutal honesty of "Fake It till You Make It."  Many of the chapters have a quote at the end from somebody exemplifying when a particular lesson applied to their working life.  This book would make a GREAT gift- especially for a recent graduate or a friend ready to make a career change.  Park Place Books hosted Karen's book release party and sold out all of their copies! (that was a few weeks ago, I'm sure they've re-stocked by now)

I had the pleasure of meeting with Karen recently because I wanted to sit and learn a little more about these 59 jobs she's had over the past 40 years in 22 cities.  It took  4 1/2 years to make this book a reality (with a team of supporters, an agent, a patient husband) and it started just by chance.  She was at the Richard Hugo House in Capitol Hill which is a center for writers when she started writing about a few of her past jobs.  Then she became gripped to figure out how many jobs she had really had and her teacher encouraged her to turn her content into a book.  She's been a nanny, a doughnut girl, a ditch digger in Czechoslovakia, an editor and a 'corporate minion' just to name a few. 

KarenBurns We met at the Urban Coffee Lounge and I had to coerce her to come out from behind the counter before she got herself a job there too (photo left).  She's a go-getter!  So I knew that since there are so many people out of work right now that she'd have some thoughtful advice to share.  She says there are 2 things you need to do.  First....... DO LESS.  Stop job hunting for a day and go somewhere you've never been.  Take a walk, evaluate what you've been doing and think unfamiliar thoughts (Kinda like this fact-checker turned race car driver).  Ask yourself, "Is what I'm doing working?"  Then........DO MORE.  Do whatever it takes because it's a numbers game.  Have you really tapped into your network? Are you cold calling?  Start doing more of the right things that will yield you results.  And then she adds, "....and don't forget to be near people that make you feel good about yourself." :-)

Karen Burns will be giving a talk about "The Most Important Thing You Need to Know to Get and Keep a Job," this Thursday May 7th at 7pm at Third Place Books.  You should go grab a signed copy and get it into the hands of your closest job seeker.  Maybe it will save them the angst (or enjoyment?) of 59 jobs.  ~j