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The Best $25 I've Spent...

GoldenTouch 005 After a fun evening of cocktails, happy hour and appetizers with friends we suddenly noticed the new Golden Touch herbal foot massage shop was open right next to VoVina ( 15 Lake St. Mall Ste 104).  Perfect timing!  I could use a $25 one hour massage any day.  As Steve says, "that's only four lattes!"

Even though we arrived at 10pm which is their closing time, they still welcomed us to four open massage chairs. Your clothes stay on and you're in an open space with other clients. It's dimly lit with relaxing music and after your menu selection, they bring out a giant vat of hot tea/herbs for your feet to soak in (which is why the place smells like tea, I presume).  This may be marketed as a foot massage, but you actually get much more than that.  My guy started with my Nastyfeet forehead, temples and eventually covered all of my limbs and back/shoulders, and lots of time on my feet.  He even did some stretching for me which my old bones appreciated.  Because we were there after hours, eventually, the loud thumping of the DJ from the bar above was a bit distracting but it helped keep me from snoring aloud.  The massage is a great overall relaxing rub (not deep-tissue, fyi) and it seems even longer than an hour because they cover so many areas. And anybody that is willing to touch my husband's feet (left) deserves some praise!

As we left with our friends we were all just delighted with this unexpected find of the evening.  OK,  there were also a few jokes about the skin-slapping noises that are inevitable. But that's the best $25 I've spent this week for sure.  This must be the new craze, as there's also one at Kirkland Park Place that seems to generate quite a bit of traffic.  I'm all for it. You can bet we'll be back.  Here's their number: 425-889-0100 ~j


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I've been wanting to try this place for the longest time! Sounds like a terrific deal!

Jeff Barr

Are those Steve's toenails?


it's a miracle he gets his shoes on, eh?


Hey Janis - Jeff and I have tried the other one -Beijing Herbal Foot Massage- and loved it. A glass of wine at Purple first then an hour foot rub? Glorious! :) I'll have to check this one out too! Thnx for the review...

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