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Third Floor Fish Cafe: A Longstanding Kirkland Fave

FishCafe 001 Lately we've been watching many restaurants come and go in downtown Kirkland, but you should be sure to remember one of our favorite deliciously-reliable local spots,  The Third Floor Fish Cafe on Lake Street.  Always a solid choice.  With sweeping views, fabulous food and impeccable service, there's a reason they have been there so long.  Steve and I have always been fans of their happy hour (4-6 and 9-close) where you can score half price drinks and food, but recently experienced their NEW menu in the dining room where we had a refreshing reminder of what a dining gem we have right in downtown.

There are some cornerstones of the menu that we'll always find like the seared Alaskan sea scallops (which are to die for! ) and the grilled heart of romaine salad (an all-time favorite for me).  But we also got to taste some new things such as the Oregon shrimp tostada that was a tasty new discovery that I would highly recommend. It's on the 'little bites' menu which is all under $5. 

FishCafe 004 Here's another one you need to try- the carrot soup ($7).  I know it sounds kind of crazy, because it's not something I'd typically order either, but it was DELICIOUS.  Fresh and flavorful and really smooth with the side benefit of improving my eyesight.  Is that true? The roasted beets with brown butter are definitely not the canned beets my mom used to make me eat.  They were earthy and sweet. We both really enjoy the ahi tuna as well.  And I know it sometimes seems like sacrilege to order meat in a seafood restaurant, but if you're going to swing that way- do it at Third Floor and go for the Beef Tenderloin.  It was perfectly prepared and tender with a fabulous port wine butter.  Although I haven't tried it yet, I've also heard everyone raving about the "Joshinator" burger which is a famous staple of the happy hour menu and was inspired by Executive Chef Greg Campbell's son, Josh (photo left of the duo).  

When we were there on a Thursday night with a hot pink sunset, it wasn't over-crowded and had a nice constant hum of guests.    I think these are the people that realize sometimes you just have to 'go with what you know.'  And you know you'll always find a great experience at Third Floor. ~j


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I LOVE this place. I'm a vegetarian and it's hard to find a nice place that accomodates both meat eaters and veggies alike- I go to Fish Cafe whenever possible and recommend it to all of my friends. Thanks for reminding everyone of this gem in Kirkland!


Tried it once for happy hour and it was very ordinary. Maybe they were having an off day. Haven't been back since. For reference, we used to live and dine in downtown Chicago where there is a new restaurant or bar opening up every week so we were able to experience a lot of different places.

Waterfront Restaurant

Hmmm carrot soup. Sounds simple but will definitely try it out when I eat there. :)

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