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Pace Race 2009- Sign up Now


Get out there and move it for your man!

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men and over 220,000 men in the US will be diagnosed this year.  Kirkland's PACE Race (PACE=Prostate Awareness & Cancer Education) will happen on October 25th at Marina Park.  There's an event for everyone with a 10K Run/Walk (9am, $35 early reg), 5K Run/Walk (9am, $25), 1 mile Family Fitness Walk (9:10am, $25)  and a 1/2 mile Kids Fun Run (10am, free $10 for tee) .  Same day registration starts at 7am but the fees go up by then, so register now
The post-party will include music, vendor booths, awards ceremony, survivor recognition and giveaways, plus a special post-race breakfast and beer garden at Wilde Rover. Nothing like a big beer after your run! Oh yeah! I have a friend that is a recent survivor of prostate cancer (thankfully detected early) so look for my butt out there walking with the whole family. Besides, that way if I'm walking I have my four year old as an excuse ;-). ~j

My Downtown Hour

I know we're all super busy and time is of the essence.  So- this week I decided to find an hour in my day and make MY hour YOUR hour.  I walked the streets of downtown Kirkland to catch myself (and therefore you) up on what's coming and going and changing.  I've received some feedback that people like the 'down and dirty' format of some recent posts, so we'll go with that again.  Or maybe you just like it when I say DIRTY?  Either way. You guys are always great at letting me know what I missed too, so go ahead and add your own in the comments.....


Zoka 002

Zoka Coffee- In the old Triple J spot at 129 Central Way, our newest coffee hot-spot is really hip.  Steve has always loved the one in Greenlake and after my visit I can see why.  Fabulous coffee, great open use of the space, good-looking desserts and sandwiches (but no time to try, this was all in an hour, you know!).  Love the giant wood table with little stools for the kiddos to gather around.  Sleek but comfy modern northwest feel.


ChaletCadeauChristmas 002

Chalet Cadeau Christmas- 116 Central Way- Apparently Christmas is ALWAYS just around the corner! The concept that people buy holiday things all year around always confuses me ( I start rushing around in early Dec) but I am assured it is true. They say tourists especially love to buy holiday gifts, and I have to say, there's a certain sparkle about Christmas that you feel when you're in there.  Wendy Marshall at Chalet Cadeau has so many Christmas gifties that she couldn't squeeze them all in her other store a few doors east.  Collectors seek out brands such as Peggy Karr plates, Lolita glasses, Byers Choice and Hearts & Ivy carolers.  Cards, decorations, ornaments, stockings----it's all there except for St. Nick himself. And Christmas music- that seemed strangely missing but maybe it would drive the employees batty. 

Viridis Green Salon- moved from the corner of Park Lane to 118 Central.

Blooming Home-702 Market Street is moving to the U-Village area. Total bummer. I loved this store.  Especially since they sold my dining set for me and got as much as I paid for it. Always fun finds, we'll miss ya. Tomorrow is their last day in Kirkland, then they open again on Oct 1st in Seattle. They said 'they just needed a change.'


(photo removed 12/16 per request)

The Minus Shop- 114 Lake St.- Kemi Awosika (left) is a pharmacist and the owner of our new health supplement store.  She's been open for 3 weeks now and has products that help take away (hence, MINUS)  your ailments.......migraines, scar treatments, hair loss, cellulite, vein treatments and even body odor eliminators.  Trust me, you can find something you've thought you might need in here.  Even if it's not the latter, haha.  It feels like a hometown GNC in there and Kemi is more than glad to help you find what you need.

Linda Lu's- 9 Lake Street- Consignment shops seem to love Kirkland!  And why not in this economy? One person's fat clothes are another's treasure. This shop came to town about 3 months ago and had a good handful of people in there when I stuck my head in.  I like that they are putting displays in front of their store by the sidewalk to draw people in- good thinkin'.



Chez Chic- 127 Lake Street South- There's just a sign up now, but I'm very curious!  Rumor says they are opening in a month or so.  I'm hoping it's like the old Manhattan Boutique.  I'm still mourning that place.


HerbanWellness 002

Herban Wellness- 103 Lake St.-Owner Katya Difani studied herbal medicine and nutrition at Bastyr before opening her new place.  This shop feels like you're in somebody's house- it's open with dark hardwoods and bags of Katya's homemade tea blends on the shelves such as "energizing tonic tea" and "Get Sleepy." There's a wall of herbs and a table of oils and aromatherapy that you can check out.  Also books, herbal capsules, vitamins, classes, and even free massages on the day I popped in. Woohoo! 



Calabrisella-Calabria's new owner has decided to re-name it Calabrisella.  It sounds a bit like a  step-sister or maybe Calabria hooked up with Bride-zilla to make a Calabrisella.  But as far as I know the menu and the experience is the same as before.  So all is still good. Doesn't look like their website has caught up with the news yet.


The Bank of America site- It'll be a while before Bank of America moves back into the bottom space of these new apartments.  They're busy digging now-check out the size of this corkscrew (photo left).

Not bad for an old mom of 3 in an hour, eh?  ;-) j

Kirkland Remembers 9/11

Sept11Flags 002 Sept11Flags 003 American flags line our downtown flower pots and medians to honor the memory of those lost in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. A day that will never be forgotten. This is the first year I had to explain this tragic event to our children (six and four yr olds), which was no easy task. Each oversimplified answer I gave beckoned 3 more questions.  I finally had to tell them that it just didn't make that much sense to me either. ~j

PS- I promise tomorrow's downtown display will be much more light-hearted. ;-)

ParkPlace Update

Flashcube Touchstone Development's ParkPlace project, which has stirred much controversy in the past, is now in front of the Design Review Board (next mtg 9/21, 7pm , City Hall). For some reason I can't get the old camera flash cubes out of my mind. Here are the proposed plans.  If you have some ideas or feedback and can't attend the next meeting, send an email to Angela Ruggeri. Check 'em out and comment away....now is your chance to be heard............j

So Many Things, So Little Time.......

Alright, you got me--I'm attempting to empty my email inbox in one big post here.   Here's everything you need to know for the moment- quick and dirty style.  If you are savvy enough to be reading this blog, you're smart enough to pick which links you like. :-)

-KOMO News starts local blogging- check out their Kirkland site (are you cheating on me? haha) .

-Kirkland's New "Feet First" Walking Maps both north and south are here.  Pick up a hard copy at your neighborhood meetings (when are my nhood meetings?).

-New Roadway Markings for Cyclists (my kids get very upset when they see you w/o your helmet, btw)

-Second Annual Harvest Supper and Grape Stomp Weds 9/16. Proceeds benefit the Weds Market.

-Eat wings, watch football and win a man cave at The Wing Dome this season.  Why didn't we think of that before we remodeled?

-Kirkland Transit Center Community Open House Tues Sept 8th  5-7pm.

-Proposed Utility Tax Increase Information-  (Q2, page 3).

-7th Annual Phil Smart Kirkland Concours D'Elegance Sept 13th 9-4.

-Kirkland Triathalon Sept 20th @ 7am  (kids tri on the 19th). Register early to get a spot!

-Youth Eastside Services new Forbes House @ Juanita Park Location Celebration Sept 25th 4-6.

-Eastside's Month of Concern for the Hungry Sept 26- Oct 24th.

-Grand Opening of Hopelink's new Kirkland Center: one stop shopping w/grocery style foodbank.

-Bartell's is launching their flu vaccination program- be brave and get your shot now.

-Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound needs mentors for Kirkland kids. See how you can help.

-Shoreline Master Program- still a hot topic to find a balance for everyone- stay informed on the latest.

-7th Annual KITH dinner on Oct 3rd with guest speaker, author Robert Fulgham.

-Lake WA School District is back in session! Yahooo! Don't forget to add $ to your kids lunch cards, check out vacation dates, etc.

What Happened? The Median Memorial on 98th

Collisionfatality Everyone is asking if it was a pedestrian/crosswalk fatality over by Juanita Village....but it was not.  It was also definitely not a memorial laying to rest the extreme dysfunction of our city council.  That controversy is clearly in full throttle.
Sadly, there was a single car collision late last week where a man drove into a telephone pole (there are no brake marks) and died from his injuries the next day.  The driver was the only person in the car.  It is possible, but still undetermined, if this was an alcohol-related incident.