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Contortionist Guest Blogger Needed

Maybe not really a contortionist- but it made you read on, didn't it? As I pursue my workout tour of Kirkland, I've received lots of comments and emails from yoga and pilates fans.  Just trust me when I say I am not the right person to check these places out for you.  I don't know if it's my Type A personality that keeps my mind racing or my adversity to sweaty people being too close in proximity, but I just don't enjoy those classes.  I am sorry.  I wish I could.  I've tried. I know it's all the rage.  I know it's a great workout.  It's just not for me and I am woman enough to admit it. 

So- will you do it? Pleeeease?

I'd love to find a volunteer blogger or two to write reviews on the local Kirkland pilates and yoga studios.  I'd have editing rights, but you'd provide the content. If you are interested, please send me a note with a paragraph about where you'd like to go and why you think you'd be a fabulous guest blogger.  And for those of you feeling too shy to write, but want to make sure we include your favorite spot, go ahead and comment away! ~j

Quick Updates around Town

uBRDO- yep, they have left downtown.  I know that Scotty was hoping to move to another location in Kirkland but that hasn't happened (yet?).  There's a farewell on their website.

The Jaguar Shop- I heard the owner had some health issues so they have closed.  Total bummer. They were so close, honest and did good work.  Open to recommendations on other great auto places if you have them.

Island Market- This little convenience store on Central Way is packed up and closed. Secretly, I'm not sad to see all of those beer posters come down.

Steamers Seafood- There is a 'coming late spring' sign in the windows of the old Coyote Creek spot. I've never been to one- but looks like they have locations in Seattle and Tacoma.  Thoughts?

Hold on to your Doobey-it's a Juanita Drive Shootout!

Just when you thought you were safe in Kirkland......your neighbor grows medical marijuana, has pit bulls roaming the yard and gets in an early morning shootout with intruders.  This is not an episode of COPS, this really happened this morning right here in Kirkland (KIRO's updated story here).  And it gets a little personal when we used to live very, uh, dangerously, close to the house where the action went down.  Commuter traffic must have been a b*%ch on Juanita Drive this morning.

Sounds like four intruders entered the home (and licensed medical marijuana clinic) of Steve Sarich on Juanita Dr NE. Dangerous business. He shot and critically wounded a 19 year old that had entered and officials are still looking for others.  Another 19 year old was found hitch-hiking nearby and has been taken into custody.  Mr. Sarich was shot in the arm and is expected to recover.

Neighbors have been working with authorities recently regarding suspicious activities at this house. One neighbor said, "....it's just crazy that you can set up a marijuana operation in a neighborhood. In a place where there are kids."  Mr. Sarich has a history of controversy following him it seems (this is the second case of gunfire there this year).  Cars are coming and going at all hours of the night. And his advocacy group, CannaCare, is also run out of his home where seminars would often require more droves of cars to park on the front lawn. These marijuana growing classes must fill up fast! Maybe instead of squatting he should go rent some space in one of our many vacant storefronts. ~j

Kirkland Gyms: Go Ahead and Work Me Out!

I thought it would be fun to try out each of the gyms around town and report back to you. So tell me where you think I should go!  This idea came to me when I recently received a Facebook 'save the date' for my 20 year high school reunion. I've got until August to hope for a small 'turning back the hands of time' miracle or I can just assume they all still like me for the Jersey girl gone west coast convert that I am.  Hmmm, can't hurt to try for the miracle...

For those of you that know me, I'm a bit of a gym rat already, so at least there's a baseline to work with (ok, maybe that's NOT me in the photo, look at her head compared to her boobs). I'm most comfortable in a free weight room, but if you need a good laugh should come join me in any type of class that requires coordination (I avoid these like the plague). I'm kind of set in my ways- the ellipse, free weights and balance/coordination exercises.  I also have quirks- I like to work out in the morning and chew gum b/c it helps me focus. And I keep my iTouch on loud enough to drown out the sound of my heavy breathing and cracking joints. 

So, I'm willing to mix it up a little with a few trials around town.  This little experiment should help me with my 2010 waterski goals too if I do it right. And save you some time figuring out what's out there.   I'd likely summarize in one post when I'm done and tweet about it along the way.  Here's who is on my list right now: Columbia Athletic Club, XGym, 24 Hr Fitness, Gold's Gym, CrossFit, Curves, and maybe a bootcamp.  What did I miss? I have to keep the list manageable or it will be 2011 before I get the post up.  But go ahead and sign me up for some ass-kicking. I'm ready.  Let's do this. ~j  

Antique Mall:New Downtown Parking for You

AntiqueMallPkg 001
The owner of our beee-auuuuuuuutiful downtown Antique Mall (113 Third St.) has worked out a deal with the City of Kirkland Public Works Dept to make more parking available to the public.  More than 90 stalls will be added and available at $1/hr Mon-Sat 9am-9pm with two pay stations on site.  This "Park and Main lot" will be free on Sundays and beyond the stated paid hrs during the week.  The transformation (signs and striping) should be underway and ready for you this week. 

Great timing-this parking should also be handy Tuesday night, because 'A' is hosting the first of his Simplicity Home Series- complimentary classes designed to help you simplify your life and beautify your home.  March 2nd topic is "First Time & Repeat Homebuyer Tax Credit" from 6:30-8pm. Have fun~ j