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Kirkland Parks: Restroom Closures


Be sure your kids take their 'potty' break before heading out to the parks this season.  Due to budget cuts, ALL honeybuckets have been removed and the following neighborhood parks have closed their restrooms: North Kirkland Community Center (my kids call this the "Train Park"), Phyllis Needy Park (aka Houghton's Tot Lot), and South Rose Hill Park.

That's not all folks...no garbage cans in neighborhood parks either.  So be sure to keep our parks tidy and still pick up after yourselves. Or don't bring food or drink to the parks and then you won't have to clean up or go to the bathroom.  ~j

Restaurant Week

Don't forget Seattle's "Restaurant Week" runs through this Thursday the 29th. This means you can get 3 course dinners for $25, and sometimes even a 3 course lunch for $15.  What a deal!  Kirkland's participants include:  Anthony's Home Port, Beach Cafe, bin on the lake, Lynn's Bistro and Trellis. We did date night last week at Trellis and the food was fabulous....hmmmm....where to go this week???  See you out and about.  ~j

KPC Hosts Mother's Day Sing-A-Long

Come watch The Sound of Music on a GIGANTIC screen that covers the stage at the Kirkland Performance Center, and sing along to all your favorite songs (don't worry, there are subtitles!).  On Sunday May 9th the doors open at 6pm- admission is FREE but tickets are required. A $20+ donation per person at the door is appreciated. (This amount will pay for half a basin for a family in Lempira Honduras!)

This is a FUN event, but it's fun with a CAUSE. Currently, many mothers and daughters in the village of Lempira Honduras spend their days carrying water on their heads from the water source to their homes. Often girls don't go to school because of this responsibility.

Through the organization Water 1st, this village now has a pipeline and the structure to bring water to the village - but each household needs a connecting basin.  YOU can help make sure that each household has a water basin of their own, while having a LOT of fun at the same time!!

All proceeds from this event will go towards this project through Water 1st International. Donations accepted at the door by cash, check, Visa or MC. No-host bar, popcorn and snacks will be available.

For more info email Julie, the genius behind putting this whole plan together: julie@metteer.com.

The Kirkland Art Center Needs Your Vote!

Our Kirkland Arts Center needs your vote! American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation have announced that the KAC has been selected as one of 25 historic Puget Sound sites to participate in an online vote for preservation funding. We've only got 4% of the votes right now.  C'mon Kirkland.  Let's rally.

My kids just took an art class there and loved it, so I'm voting NOW! You can vote once a day every day at www.PartnersinPreservation.com through May 12, 2010.  You have to register but can 'uncheck' the box about getting emails. The site with the highest number of votes is guaranteed to receive funding.   There's $1M in preservation grant money to be dispersed as recommended by a special Advisory Committee. If the Kirkland Arts Center received some funding, it would go toward the rehabilitation of the landmark Peter Kirk Building.  It would also allow for increased efficiency in space and energy use, improve and expand programming, and keep this fantastic program alive in the community for years to come.  As of this writing, we are in 9th place! ACK! Go vote, forward to friends-go, go, hurry....

Here Come the Goats! Juanita Bay Park's Restoration is 4/24

I can't think of a better way to celebrate Earth Day than to remove invasive plant species with some friendly volunteers and a herd of hungry goats.  Come join in the action on Saturday April 24th from 9am-Noon at Juanita Bay Park (2201 Market St.).  You can sign up here at the EarthCorps website.  Drop-ins are welcome but registration is encouraged. Parking is tight and you are green, so walk or bike if you can.

Don't forget your sturdy shoes, work gloves, water bottle, layers of comfortable clothing and, of course, rain gear. You'll feel good that you did a little to help save the planet that day. 

Feel free to direct your questions to Project Manager, Lina Rose. ~j

Kirklanders: Put Your Cell Phones Down!

No more dinking around with these cell phones as a secondary offense. Nearly one out of every four traffic crashes, close to 1.6 million annually, involve someone talking on their phone or texting while driving.  Better 'hang it up' because after June 10, 2010, talking with a cell phone to your ear or texting while driving will become a primary offense.   That means a police officer can pull you over if he spots you doing either of these things-- to the tune of $124 (it doesn't go on your driving record). 

Governor Gregoire just passed this new law which we should start practicing now  to get out of our bad habits before it officially goes into effect in June. Have you ever been at a red light in downtown Kirkland and looked in the cars around you?  90% of them are people talking on their phone or texting.  But how will the police know if we're texting or just dialing? Because dialing is ok. Hmmm, very tricky.  But then I look at how far we've come........... from the days when I was 4 and sat in the back of my mom's Hornet station wagon indian-style with my coloring books while she barreled down the NJ highways. At least her hands were on the wheel. ~j