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Jennifer Winter Photography Joins Us in Downtown Kirkland

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Nestled off the beaten path at 133 Lake Street, Jennifer Winter just opened her own photography studio. But it's not the stodgy carpeted blocks and stuffed animal kind of place my mom always dragged me to.  The open beamed ceiling, gray cement floors and crisp white walls give it a modern feel, but it's the photography on the walls that pops you in the face and you can't take your eyes off of them. "I didn't really get the studio so I could shoot here, my intent was to have a place to show my work and review proofs with clients," said Jennifer, who has been photographing professionally for the past five years. There is a big projection of photos rotating on the wall, which she uses to review and re-size with clients. Most of her work happens on off-site locations such as downtown Kirkland, the Arboretum, Pike's Market, the Seattle Central Library or client's homes.  

Jennifer specializes in babies, children and families.  She has an eye for capturing the moment and turning it into artistry- that expressive laugh, the pouting eyes, or jesting with a sibling. She takes a variety of shots in each session that are playful and always moving.  With three young children of her own, she knows how to connect with kids and can anticipate their next move.

JenniferWinterPhotography 004
As I walked around taking in the photos, albums and holiday cards she has done, it's easy to see that Jennifer is dedicated to delivering a flawless finished product and she isn't scared to use her own creativity and design-sense along the way.  She can give guidance on clothing selections (bright solids look so vibrant!) and takes the time to understand what you want to do with your photos so  there is a goal in mind.  "I like to help people come up with a way to enjoy their photos," Jennifer says.  She even custom-designs holiday cards ($3-6/ea) and has lots of samples in the studio. Session fees range from $125-250.

Right now she is open by appointment only, however, she plans to be in the studio during this week's Wednesday Market from 2-7.  So, after you've picked up your veggies and flowers, walk on over to the studio. Otherwise, you can find her on Thursdays thru June from 3-6pm.  If you're due for some family photos you definitely should check her out.  You will not be disappointed.  It is just behind/below Via Lago, (but you can cut through the parking lot by 'Olive You', the old Marina Park Grill). There are lots of great shots on her website and you can always email with questions too.



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It's called Pike Place Market.

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There is a big projection of photos rotating on the wall, which she uses to review and re-size with clients.

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Yes you are right, Jennifer is very talented photographer. Actually I am interested in photography since I was in high school. Now I am learning family and baby photography. I think I must learn a lot from her.


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