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Kirkland's Metropolitan Market- A Sneak Peek

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You guys are in for a treat! Literally. And you won't have to wait too much longer. I had the opportunity to preview the new Metropolitan Market in Houghton the other day and it looks deliciously fantastic. I've got to say, Kirkland, we deserve this. :-)

MetropolitanMarket 003
The old Houghton Market has been remodeled and whipped into 2010 Metropolitan Market shape. When you step into the new 27,500 square foot space you'll first see a kiosk where their culinary artist team will be giving cooking tips, food classes and meal suggestions while featuring seasonal items.  From the coffee shop to the seafood to the charcuterie counter (dedicated to salumi salami and artisan cheeses, yum, photo left) and produce, everything at Metropolitan Market has a focus on taste and excellence.  There is a mix of organic and conventional, local and international findings, all with one main goal: What TASTES the best? Take for example,  their "Peacharama" event at the end of July/early August where they seek out the sweetest tree-ripened hand-picked peaches they can find, some with a brix count up to 22. I need to write that on my calendar. Or the eggs that have been laid just two days ago. Or their exclusive rights on an award-winning New Zealand cheese, custom butcher cuts of beef and even non-homogenized milk in glass jars.  There are 1500 wines to choose from, including some Metropolitan Market labeled vinos for around $10.

Concierge service abounds with plenty of staff to help you make culinary decisions in the aisles.  There are quick check stands and car-side service (and yes, some parking lot improvements!).  And if there's a product you'd like them to bring in that they don't have- no problem, just ask! You can grab one of their famous prime-rib sandwiches and sit at the outdoor patio for your lunch.  Or sign-up to use the free community room downstairs and take advantage of the wi-fi.  There's even a kitchen shop downstairs. 

MetropolitanMarket 004
The Metropolitan Market will be open 24 hours every day.  It was really fun meeting some of their leadership team (photo: Mark Takagi/Specialty Sales Director, Darrell Vannoy/VP Sales & Merchandising, Brad Halverson/VP Marketing) .  Every person I met was overflowing with smiles and enthusiasm about opening this store in our community.  I've honestly never seen people so excited about groceries before.  But then I realized, this is clearly not just about groceries, it's a culinary experience. 

The inaugural ribbon and cake cutting is June 3rd @ 9am.  Then the grand opening parties and events keep on coming: Thurs June 3rd 4-8pm, Fridays June 4,11,18 4-8pm, Saturday June 5,12, 19 11-2 and 4-8.  RSVP for the festivities here.  If you've been to one of the other 5 Seattle area locations, let us know what you think! And, of course, comment away after the opening too.  See you there! ~j


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Kirkland Resident

This is so cool - but I wonder about parking. Are there any plans to somehow expand the parking lot?

foo bar

Couldn't help notice that the charcuterie station spells prosciutto (the delicious italian ham) "proscuitto" instead... not cool :-)

Metropolitan Market

Good question and we agree the parking lot was very challenging. While we were not able to expand the lot, we did recently reconfigure the parking stalls so they are wider and will be more pedestrian-friendly travel to and from your car.

Metropolitan Market

Good eye on the wall lettering. Being we're in construction mode, there are hundreds of little changes and updates that are planned to be made before opening day, including this one. Come on in for a taste of our real "prosciutto" on June 3rd!

Kirkland Resident

I love that someone at Metropolitan Market not only read this blog, but responded to the comments! I'll definitely be shopping there!! :)


I used to work at Houghton Market back when I was 15/16 (whatever the employment age was), so it was somewhat of a downer when I saw it being torn down! Then I read the article and saw salumi salami. Anyone that offers salumi is doing right by me!

One question though... Are any of the old staff from the Houghton days going to be employed at the new market?


This is a beautiful store. Great service. Love that it is within walking distance. If I can get them to stock a few more items that are staples in our house, we won't need to go anywhere else. Might need a raise though! ;-)

Vibram Five Fingers

I could not have said it any better man!!! keep up the awesome work my friend. You are very talented & I pray that I can write as good as you someday…

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