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Urban Coffee Lounge Celebrates the Kirkland PD

May 9-15th is "National Police Week" so Urban Coffee Lounge in Juanita Village is rallying local businesses to donate towards an account that would enable the Kirkland Police to have their coffee and food 'on the house' for the whole week. UCL has GREAT coffee, competitive baristas, and it is also part of their mission to be an integral part of the community.  And we all know the cops love coffee and donuts (I had to slip that in there).

Seriously, there have been some tragic times this year for WA law enforcement, so I think we're all feeling especially thankful and proud. If you would like to donate, just tell your UCL barista that you would like to contribute to the 'police account' and be sure to leave a business card.  If you are already in the UCL loyalty program, you can transfer free coffees to the police account that way too. 

Ursino 001
While we're giving out compliments, let's give a shoutout to one of our newest additions- Officer Holland- in the photo above (they even let him drive one of the Chargers!). Congratulations to Officer O'Neill for making Detective and to Lt. Ursino who just got promoted to Captain. He doesn't look a day older than he did in his graduating class photo (left. or is that Ponch? No, it's Ursino).  Luckily these guys have a good sense of humor. :-)

Thank you, Kirkland Police for keeping us safe and also to Urban Coffee Lounge for helping to recognize all of the hard work these guys and gals put in.  ~j


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Nursing cover

oh cool! i'm happy for you guys! good job! congratulations and good luck, wish you all the best! :D

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