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Kirkland's Tricks and Treats 2010

Trick-or-treat2 Halloween ad

Treats for the munchkins and deals for the parents-isn't that what Halloween is all about? It is in Kirkland! Get ready for a fun-filled afternoon downtown this Sunday 10/31.  Trick-or-treat (and shop!) the downtown stores from 2-4 and the ParkPlace shops and businesses from 12-4.  You can spot participating places by looking for the bright orange poster in their window. It's a growing number of over 36 downtown businesses and 28 in KPP that are gearing up for an extra spookalicious day. Click on the pic above to see the list.

While we are on the subject of tricks and treats- I'm going to share one of my tricks.  Give away treats on Halloween that you can live with eating the leftovers and not hating yourself.  Although there is a very special place in my heart for Sour Patch Kids, this year I bought packs of sugar-free gum.  It's non-fat, my kids get super excited about it and whatever we don't give out that night I'll gladly be chewing for the next 6 months without having to count my chins each night. I may have to visit the 11 Kirkland gyms in succession again after I sneak my kids' candy though, but one step at a time, right? ;-) 

BabycandyKing County also has lots of healthful tips/tricksto offer up this Hween- including eating a healthy meal before trick-or-treating, avoiding sugary drinks (hello pediatric dentist!) and coming up with other healthy treats that kids -and adults- can still get excited about. Be safe, and healthy this Halloween!~j

What is this?

Cavegirl bra 
I am no art or sculpture/water feature expert.  But I can't help but think that a cave girl dropped the top of her swimsuit in front of the new building on Lake St and Kirkland Ave.  Maybe they are still putting it together. Maybe she will realize she is walking around topless and come back for it.   I sure hope so or I may have just tainted everyone's view of this very fine corner forever....

Here's a quickie for ya....

As much as I love you guys, I don't have time for a great big write up at the moment.  But I do have some little gems to share and I figured you'd rather enjoy a brief synopsis than nothing at all. :-)

-Fly Fitness is opening at Carillon Point.  Of course I will try it out and let you know since I am now a gym sampling specialist. Official open not til Dec/Jan but you can catch some of their bootcamps NOW.

-Jalisco'sis closed.  Same owners are giving those place a MUCH NEEDED revamp.  Did I say that outloud? And rename: Mi Mexico.  Expect to see something fresher opening in 4-5 weeks.

-Pho Tai opening at the end of Park Lane.  Looks like they have other locations around the area. We love pho (vietnamese, pronounced 'fuh') so excited for this one.

-Sports Clips opened next to Metropolitan Market in Houghton.  Sports themed hotspot for guys to get a quick inexpensive cut and the game too.  Expecting a write up from Steve on this- he and Brady just went in last week.  yes, that's right, Steve may be coming out of his blogging retirement. Found a free first haircut coupon here.

-Kathy Evans Beauty Studio- opened on Central Way.  I've heard she's an amazing make-up artist (formerly of GEM Salon) and also do hair.  Sounds like a good spot for a wedding party.  need to investigate!

-Remedies Pharmacy- opening on Central Way.  I just saw the sign.  I know you can read too but in case you didn't see it..

OK- you guys take it from here.  Little chatter please..

Who YOU calling "Eye Candy" ??!!

My eyes were opened to a whole new world when I went to check out Eye Candy on Central Way. I had no idea that synthetic lashes were the next big thing! Some days it's all I can do to brush my hair and teeth so this is amazing to me. :-)  I should have known after Brooke Shields was doing those Latisse commercials that she'd be onto something. And so now right here in Kirkland you can get your own lash extensions. 

EyeCandyJaymie Both have killer lashes. Which one are extensions??Summertime 004

It's a cute little shop with three private rooms where they use synthetic lashes that lay on top of your natural lash.  Whether it be your everyday look, a special event, or a little fun for Halloween, you should see what this is all about.  Jaymie Larsen (photo) and Athena Nazarian opened this business together in August and already have a steady flow of clients.  Application takes about an hour and a half ($150) and stays on for 2 1/2 -3 weeks at which time you can get them 'filled'  for $65 and about an hour of time.  You can still wear mascara and do everything else as normal with your new flashy lashy-ies. Eye Candy also offers waxing, peels and make-up.  And they are the only location in WA carrying the Lola line of cosmetics. 

Here's the deal: Mention the Kirkland Weblog before 11/1/10 and receive $50 off a full set or $15 off a fill.

Hours are Tues-Sat 10am-8pm.  Closed Mondays. Sun by appt. 425-587-1133. ~j