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Kirkland Yoga: Ashram Yoga

Ashram Yoga

by guest blogger Lacie Powell

12637 Northeast 85th Street
Kirkland, WA 98033-8046
(425) 828-9642am Yoga


Ashram Ashram 2 Ashram 3 

 I'm a little bit bias on this one because I've actually been going to Ashram for a couple of years now.  Despite that, it was great to step back and look at it from a newbie's perspective.  Ashram is in the Rose Hill area and offers predominantly hot yoga classes such as Power Vinyasa and Bikram with a few cooler options like Long Slow Flow and Cool Power.  They've recently introduced a couple of new classes including a barYoga class that combines ballet bar conditioning with yoga to tone, slim and improve posture as well as a Kid Yoga program on the weekends for 3 to 8 year olds.  First and foremost, this studio packs some amazing energy and can be very intense depending on the class you take and the instructor.  I have often overheard students remark that "as soon as you step in the room, you can tell that people are full of intent and ready to get down to business." Be sure you are very well-hydrated particularly for the hot classes as the room can get upwards of 105 degrees. Gary Olson, teacher and co-owner of Ashram adds these three tips as well; "stay calm and present in the room, think of nothing but breath and give 100% and practice on edge."  He also adds, "I teach two main things, first, how to take the yoga class and the other is how to find union."  Perhaps one of Ashram's most popular teachers, Gary has the experience and the passion to back up his following.  Having practiced yoga since childhood in addition to martial arts, it's easy to understand his presence. Strong, calming and complete.  More than anything, he wants new students to walk away from his class with a profound sense of the presence and relaxation.  His favorite pose? Standing Bow. He remarks on the postures beauty and how it works srength, stamina, focus and balance all at the same time. It also works the legs, back, opens up body and the heart chakra.  If you're interested in checking out the Ashram, don't let cost stop you.  They offer a two week special for new students for $35 or $17 for two sessions for new students!


Ample parking

Locker room and showers


Classes can fill quickly so you don't be late!

Larger classes that often don't allow for one on one or customization time unless you speak with the instructor after class

Kirkland Yoga: Soul Ease

Soul Ease

written by guest  blogger Lacie Powell

114 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033-6106
(425) 828-9770


Soulease3 Soulease2 Soulease1 

 The first studio I checked out was Soul Ease right in downtown Kirkland.  They offer several different types of classes including hatha, vinyasa flow, power vinyasa, pilates and pre-natal yoga in addition to several spa services.  Before beginning class, I took a few minutes to talk with the owner Michelle and my teacher for the night, Rachel, to find out a bit more about the studio. I quickly learned that the name of the studio says it all.  They share the belief that its as important to practice yoga with your mind as it is your body and are pleased that many of their clients have been able to lower their heart rates and blood pressure as well as put the stresses of work and life aside on a more regular basis.  Rachel, whose class I'd be taking, said she finds the most benefit in the still and gentle poses.  One of her favorite poses?  Child's pose!  She's been practicing yoga for seven years and teaching for two but she didn't need to talk herself up; a student standing nearby, Robert, was eager to do it for her.  "I love Rachel because she's professional and her style makes it simple to ease into class."  When I asked Robert to share one thing with people wanting to visit Soul Ease, he answered, "Its an opportunity for you to not only understand the physical aspects of yoga but also the philosphy behind it."  Michelle agreed.  "We really pride ourselves on having a small studio so we can customize each and every class based on the needs of the students."  I could certainly second that thought after taking the class.  While the studio can hold nine students, our class only had three so Rachel really had the ability to customize the class and share throughout our time together the theory behind why we were doing what we were doing.  About half our time was spent in flow and the other half in restorative postures.  It was very much focused on the mind and the spiritual benefits to be gained from the class.  Rachel's advice before starting yoga?  Know what Namaste means and don't wear your shoes in the yoga room!  If you're looking for a very relaxing and meditative class, then Soul Ease is for you! And new students get two classes for just $20!


Small, intimate setting

One-on-one time with the teacher and lots of customization

Can accomodate children in the class with advance notice


Parking is tough to find

No locker room


Kirkland Yoga Reviews

With a giant turkey, stuffing and casseroles rounding out our bellies followed by the stress of Black Friday holiday shopping sales, I figured this is the perfect time be thinking about yoga.  Some power stretching mind/body connection and inner peace are sounding pretty good. Even if you're feeling too lazy to get off the couch and go, reading about it is the first step!

I include myself in this group that should hop on the yoga wave.  There are many reasons yoga is good for you: it reduces anxiety, lowers fat, increases flexibility and boosts immunity to name a few. And of course, Kirkland has an array of offerings for every type of yogi.  Since I am not scared to admit that yoga is not my forte, I invited some fabulous guest bloggers to help me check out the following Kirkland yoga hotspots: Ashram, Soul Ease, Studio Be, Kirkland Hot Yoga, Dahn and Bala.  A super-sized thank you to Lacie Powell, Jana Koeberle, Amy Martin and Megan Barnes for loving yoga and taking their personal free time to check out these places and then thoughtfully writing their reviews to be shared with all of you. You ladies are awesome! 

We know there are other places to find yoga classes such as some the local gyms, so if you are in the market, don't forget to check those out too. But for our purposes, we kept these reviews to the places in Kirkland that focus more exclusively on yoga.  As always, we love your comments and feedback so feel free to chime in! They will start this Sunday and post every other day until we've done all six of them. ~j

Get Your Calendar Out....

.....because here are some events you need to pencil in for the next few weekends.

Sat 11/13, 9-12:00 @Juanita Bay Park, 2201 Market St.  Our mayor has declared Nov 13 as Arbor Day!  Come help plant over 100 native plants and trees (and remove some invasive species).  Plant in the morning and there is an Arbor Day ceremony at noon.  Earthcorps manages the event and would like you to sign up here. Parking is tough so if you *really* want to be green, try walking or riding your bike.  Don't forget a water bottle, sturdy shoes, rain gear and work gloves (can you balance that all on your bike?). Questions go to lina@earthcorps.org or 206-322-9296 x 225.

Sat 11/13 @ 7:30pm, Heathman Hotel
- Happy 3 year Anniversary to The Heathman Hotel in downtown Kirkland.  They are celebrating with a five course dinner created by executive chefs from multiple locations complimented by top wines from Efeste Winery. $120/per person.  There may be a few spots left? Call to see-425-284-5800 or click.

Thurs 11/11-Sat 11/13 @ My Home Furniture and Decor,11700 NE 118th St, from 10am-7pm. This holiday event is designed to bring together some of the best holiday brands and local merchants. There will be free family portraits and  horse drawn carriage rides with proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity and All About Hope (on Sat). There are over 100,000 square feet of holiday decorating ideas, inspiration and tips for entertaining, cooking demos, dog decorating, flower arranging and even a couch potato contest you can enter (Lucky for you, I will not call out any names here). Kudos to them for creating a community focused event that will also help give back. Details are here.

Blogdec 016 
Sat 11/20 8am-1pm-Volunteer to decorate downtown Kirkland for the holidays!
George's is providing breakfast and lunch.  This is a really fun community effort and free food makes it a no-brainer.  Email info@kirklanddowntown.org  if you'd like to help out.

Turkey Trot 
Sun 11/21, 10th Annual Turkey Trot 3 mile walk starts @1pm
(festivities at noon). You go from Marina Park to Carillonand back.  Registration is $15-25 depending on when you register and if it's you or you rally a whole team.  Proceeds benefit Hopelink which provides emergency services for low-income families in our community.  This winter is supposed to be Fuh-rigid! So let's be sure to support this great cause- register now!  And while we are on the subject of walking- check out this top 10 award for Kirkland. No excuses now.. 

Sat 11/27 4-8pm, Save the Date! Kirkland's holiday tree lighting ceremony will be at 6pm in downtown Kirkland by The Slip.  This was SO much fun last year with the streets closed off and plenty of carolers/choirs, vendors, reindeer, fires for warmth (and chestnuts!).  Not one to be missed.  Bring food donations to benefit KITH.  Send info@kirklanddowntown.org a note if you'd like to volunteer.


Kirkland is for Lovers!

You guys are like hawks out there on the streets of Kirkland.  I love it! I've received a handful of emails in the last few days with concerned citizens that saw a "Lovers Package" sign on Lake Street wondering if they were a soon-to-be occupying tenant of a very visible downtown Kirkland storefront.  A quick phone call to their marketing dept got a few chuckles out of them- they are staying put on 85th Ave.  They do some promotional events and cross marketing with Lake Street Bar & Grill  so the sign was just that.  Uproar averted. Whew! ~j