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by guest blogger Lacie Powell

12637 Northeast 85th Street
Kirkland, WA 98033-8046
(425) 828-9642am Yoga

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 I'm a little bit bias on this one because I've actually been going to Ashram for a couple of years now.  Despite that, it was great to step back and look at it from a newbie's perspective.  Ashram is in the Rose Hill area and offers predominantly hot yoga classes such as Power Vinyasa and Bikram with a few cooler options like Long Slow Flow and Cool Power.  They've recently introduced a couple of new classes including a barYoga class that combines ballet bar conditioning with yoga to tone, slim and improve posture as well as a Kid Yoga program on the weekends for 3 to 8 year olds.  First and foremost, this studio packs some amazing energy and can be very intense depending on the class you take and the instructor.  I have often overheard students remark that "as soon as you step in the room, you can tell that people are full of intent and ready to get down to business." Be sure you are very well-hydrated particularly for the hot classes as the room can get upwards of 105 degrees. Gary Olson, teacher and co-owner of Ashram adds these three tips as well; "stay calm and present in the room, think of nothing but breath and give 100% and practice on edge."  He also adds, "I teach two main things, first, how to take the yoga class and the other is how to find union."  Perhaps one of Ashram's most popular teachers, Gary has the experience and the passion to back up his following.  Having practiced yoga since childhood in addition to martial arts, it's easy to understand his presence. Strong, calming and complete.  More than anything, he wants new students to walk away from his class with a profound sense of the presence and relaxation.  His favorite pose? Standing Bow. He remarks on the postures beauty and how it works srength, stamina, focus and balance all at the same time. It also works the legs, back, opens up body and the heart chakra.  If you're interested in checking out the Ashram, don't let cost stop you.  They offer a two week special for new students for $35 or $17 for two sessions for new students!


Ample parking

Locker room and showers


Classes can fill quickly so you don't be late!

Larger classes that often don't allow for one on one or customization time unless you speak with the instructor after class


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