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With a giant turkey, stuffing and casseroles rounding out our bellies followed by the stress of Black Friday holiday shopping sales, I figured this is the perfect time be thinking about yoga.  Some power stretching mind/body connection and inner peace are sounding pretty good. Even if you're feeling too lazy to get off the couch and go, reading about it is the first step!

I include myself in this group that should hop on the yoga wave.  There are many reasons yoga is good for you: it reduces anxiety, lowers fat, increases flexibility and boosts immunity to name a few. And of course, Kirkland has an array of offerings for every type of yogi.  Since I am not scared to admit that yoga is not my forte, I invited some fabulous guest bloggers to help me check out the following Kirkland yoga hotspots: Ashram, Soul Ease, Studio Be, Kirkland Hot Yoga, Dahn and Bala.  A super-sized thank you to Lacie Powell, Jana Koeberle, Amy Martin and Megan Barnes for loving yoga and taking their personal free time to check out these places and then thoughtfully writing their reviews to be shared with all of you. You ladies are awesome! 

We know there are other places to find yoga classes such as some the local gyms, so if you are in the market, don't forget to check those out too. But for our purposes, we kept these reviews to the places in Kirkland that focus more exclusively on yoga.  As always, we love your comments and feedback so feel free to chime in! They will start this Sunday and post every other day until we've done all six of them. ~j


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Bob Yoder

Hi Kirkland weblog

Yoga is great for stretching and helps keep an impatient mind relaxed :)

Don't forget "Small Business Saturday"! One last tidbid: Superintendent Chip Kimball is now on the Redmond Chamber of Commerce Board. Is he on Kirkland's yet?

Kris Rooke

Hi there, I take classes at The Ashram, after trying many of the other places you are reviewing, and I have great respect for the Ashram. Let me know if you need additonal information from a client perspective.
See the Ashram's Facebook page:


Loved all the Yoga blogs, we're blessed to have so many great studios in Kirkland. As you mentioned above, Kirkland Gyms also offer some great Yoga classes. Being a member and Yoga teacher at Columbia Athletic Club in Juanita, I'd like to let your readers know about a special yoga class this Saturday - January 8th - 11.30am. DETOX YOGA (what we all need to start off the New Year:-)). A 1.5hr class designed in a way to stimulate and cleanse the body and mind of accumulated toxins. The class will focus on specific combinations/sequencing of effective yoga poses that will gently massage and stimulate your internal organs. Thru breathwork and sun salutations we'll build heat and then work on compressive, decompressive and twisting postures to assist with the detoxyifying process. Sign up by phoning Columbia at 425-821-0882, space is limited. Check out other special yoga classes offered at Columbia -

Cooper Heyes

Yoga is for everyone, and there are many different reasons why people do it. It can be either one of the things you mentioned above, or driven by motivation from another person. You can feel how worthwhile it is to practice yoga once you reach a goal as well. ;)

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