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Soul Ease

written by guest  blogger Lacie Powell

114 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033-6106
(425) 828-9770

Soulease3 Soulease2 Soulease1 

 The first studio I checked out was Soul Ease right in downtown Kirkland.  They offer several different types of classes including hatha, vinyasa flow, power vinyasa, pilates and pre-natal yoga in addition to several spa services.  Before beginning class, I took a few minutes to talk with the owner Michelle and my teacher for the night, Rachel, to find out a bit more about the studio. I quickly learned that the name of the studio says it all.  They share the belief that its as important to practice yoga with your mind as it is your body and are pleased that many of their clients have been able to lower their heart rates and blood pressure as well as put the stresses of work and life aside on a more regular basis.  Rachel, whose class I'd be taking, said she finds the most benefit in the still and gentle poses.  One of her favorite poses?  Child's pose!  She's been practicing yoga for seven years and teaching for two but she didn't need to talk herself up; a student standing nearby, Robert, was eager to do it for her.  "I love Rachel because she's professional and her style makes it simple to ease into class."  When I asked Robert to share one thing with people wanting to visit Soul Ease, he answered, "Its an opportunity for you to not only understand the physical aspects of yoga but also the philosphy behind it."  Michelle agreed.  "We really pride ourselves on having a small studio so we can customize each and every class based on the needs of the students."  I could certainly second that thought after taking the class.  While the studio can hold nine students, our class only had three so Rachel really had the ability to customize the class and share throughout our time together the theory behind why we were doing what we were doing.  About half our time was spent in flow and the other half in restorative postures.  It was very much focused on the mind and the spiritual benefits to be gained from the class.  Rachel's advice before starting yoga?  Know what Namaste means and don't wear your shoes in the yoga room!  If you're looking for a very relaxing and meditative class, then Soul Ease is for you! And new students get two classes for just $20!


Small, intimate setting

One-on-one time with the teacher and lots of customization

Can accomodate children in the class with advance notice


Parking is tough to find

No locker room



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I should try their services on my day off.

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