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by guest blogger Amy Martin

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Why I do yoga:
 I do yoga for many reasons including:  exercise, strength, flexibility, and stress relief.   I like strengthening and lengthening my muscles and using my own body as resistance instead of using weights.  I like the meditating and deep breathing techniques that stop the "mind chatter"  and help your mind become calm.   I like how I feel after yoga.  I usually feel more relaxed than normal and possibly even more peaceful.

My Dahn Yoga Instructor for this project:  Christie Jensen led the class I attended at Dahn.  And the Head Instructor, Hyeran Ihm, was also present.

Cost:  The cost for the class I attended was $15 but the cost varies depending on the length of membership and services included.  For more information about pricing, see the membership and pricing page on their website.

Types of classes offered at Dahn:  There are classes focusing on Core Strengthening, Vibration Training, Tai Chi and then Regular Classes (regular classes focus on stretching, meditation and breathing) like the one I went to.  Dahn is a Korean word that means energy, or Ki, that has gathered into a powerful mass of vital energy.  Yoga is a Skanskrit word that means to join or to unite. Therefore, Dahn Yoga=uniting your body and mind through harnessing the healing power of Ki energy. Dahn Yoga utilizes a system of training called BEST5 (Brain Education System's Training) that can address a wide range of goals, from managing physical healht to focusing on spiritual growth. A class schedule can be found here

My experience:

When someone says yoga, I think contortionist type stretches, unachievable postures and tranquil breathing…right?  

At Dahn Yoga, you don't have to be a hard core yogi to feel successful!  

I went to class on Wednesday morning from 10-11 (I looked on the website and found the schedule which was accurate and easy).  I called ahead to let them know I'd be attending the class and blogging about it.  They were helpful and accommodating in every way.  They even said they’d watch my kids if I needed it!  

Instead of doing the poses and movements I was used to, we calmly closed our eyes while we held our hands in front of our faces to feel the energy between our fingertips for serenity, clarity and creativity. We stood up and tapped our abdomens with our fists over and over to stimulate our intestines.  And we sat crisscross applesauce and flailed our upper bodies to music for brain wave vibration.  All really different from any yoga I've ever done before.  

I believe it was helpful.  However, it wasn't the exercise I'd hope for.  I liked the total mind, body and spirit heath and wellness. And that anyone could do this class and feel successful. 

Check it out!


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Not having been involved with Dhan I don't want to comment on their practices (to do so would be to speak out of ignorance). However someone (or a group) intending well but then doing harm doesn't change the fact that they are doing harm. As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions....just saying the road leads to heaven doesn't make it so. Feeling that what you are doing is good, is not the same as actually being constructive. Most people are convinced that they are good people doing good things, even when they're killing their neighbor (usually in the name of god). If the results differ from the intentions then there's something amiss in the process, there is a lie being propagated. Having the context to explore and indulge our emotions (especially pent up or repressed ones) is always cathartic. It can tear down old habits and even the sense of self and imposed and assumed personas. The difference between a cult and healing process is that a cult tries to rebuild you in their image and mold you to their purposes (ie. giving them money, working for them for peanuts, drawing you further into their control, etc). A truly healing environment will support you in discovering your own true self and developing that true self as an independent and whole being that can function both separately and


Hi, Have you taken any classes from Dahn Yoga for anxiety, depression, fear etc. Are the classes helpful?
Any specific class recommendations? Thanks in advance for your help.

Leanne Garn

Hello,I Regarding Dahn Yoga classes for anxiety, depression, fear. I've been taking Dahn classes for 7 years now. My anxiety level was pretty high when I started. Although, I didn't begin Dahn to lessen anxiety, it happened. I noticed it most when driving. Traffic used to make me nuts. I'd jump & feel guilty if anybody honked at me. Also, the heavy, stop-and-go type of traffic we have made me nervous and antsy. Today, though I notice no difficult consequences from a particularly difficult drive. I don't take traffic personally any more. It's a really relief to not waste my energy on anxiety today. Other benefits such as improved eyesight, improved hearing, well-toned muscles convince me I'm in the right spot with Dahn, and I plan to stay with it.
Leanne Garn

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How much does "Dahn Yoga" classes cost?
I keep getting the run around saying each person is individually analized and such. I just want to know what is an average one should expect to pay so that I can compare.

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Yoga is a precious pragmatic science evolved over thousands of years, which is dealing with physical, moral, mental and spiritual well being for man. The term Yoga is derived from Sanskrit meaning to bind, join, attach and yoke and it will increase one’s concentration and attention.

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