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Studio Be

by guest blogger Lacie Powell

223 Kirkland Avenue #103

Kirkland, WA 98033

(425) 614-8887


StudioBe4 StudioBe1

Primarily a Viniyoga studio, Studio Be is located in downtown Kirkland just across from the library and offers a range of classes varying from "Pre-natal" to "Itsy Bitsy" (baby and tot yoga) to "Gentle" and classes geared towards those recovering from cancer treatment.  Going forward they hope to add more early morning and teen classes as well as intense classes for more experience yogis.  A warm and welcoming place, its easy to see why the studio has so many regulars.  My teacher for the day and owner, Lisa Christian, greeted every student by name as they came in.  All the students seemed to know each other as well as they chatted about their weekend plans as we all set up our mats.  I took the "All Levels" class and similarly to Soul Ease, Lisa made sure to check in with all students before class inquiring about any current injury or health issues people seemed to be struggling with.  She too likes to customize her class based on the students for the day and any difficulties they want to work through.  The class was fluid and calming yet still challenging. 

I chatted with Lisa afterwards to find out a little bit more about her and the studio.  With a motto like "yoga cradle to grave" its clear Lisa cares deeply about her practice and her students, not just for the duration they're in her studio but beyond.  After sharing a bit of trouble I'd been having with my knee while training for a race, she was eager to offer up some ideas.  She has been practicing for 15 years and opened the studio after finding that yoga had profound affects on her own life.  Wanting to share that with others and live in a community that practiced yoga, she took the leap and based her studio on the idea that "students should take away a new sense of integrity when it comes to their body, breath and mind."  When asked what advice she'd offer to students trying out yoga for the first time she suggests, 1) make sure you know the qualifications of your instructor 2) try a few different studios and teachers until you find the right "fit" and 3) have no expectations about your practice.  Be open and ready for anything!


Very welcoming and friendly.

They often offer at least one free class or community yoga event a month and they're always offering different series of new classes and even have yoga retreats !


Parking can be a challenge.  They do offer plenty of options on their website though so be sure to check that out!

No showers or locker room.


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