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Fly Fitness Lands at Carillon Point

FlyfitnessTraciandBozeman FlyFitnessSpinBikes

There is a brand new super-fly fitness spot in Kirkland that just opened on January 3rd.  Traci Bartee, Fly Fitnessowner (photographed w/pooch Bozeman, left), has been running bootcamps at parks and people's homes and finally found the perfect spot to open up her studio. Kirkland, of course!  You wouldn't recognize the former clothing shop (Mainsail), at 2225 Carillon Point, which now has dark hardwoods, crisp white walls punched with bright leaf green contrast and a brigade of spin bikes. As delicious as this setting may sound, do not get ready to relax.

I pried my eyes open for a 6:15am bootcamp called "Organized Chaos," whose name synchs with my lifestyle so I thought I'd give it a shot.  Traci kicked her tunes on the Sonossystem and had all 6 of us warm up on the bikes together, letting us know where our RPM's should be.  Then we grabbed some weights and an UGI ball (photo). The 8 pound beanbag-like Ugislook like the product of a physioball mom and medicine ball dad.  Much of our workout incorporated the Ugis which got used in many different ways, both for weight  (ie, holding it in front of us while doing squats) and balance (ie, resting one foot behind you on the ugi while lunging on other leg).  We worked many muscle groups as we went through 3 different exercises in each set, typically for a minute each, so you'd really be feeling the burn. There were definitely times when I wanted to collapse on the floor but powered through so I didn't embarrass myself in front of new friends.  To keep our heart rate up, we did things like burpees and also some "Tabata" training on the bikes. Tabata is a type of high-intensity interval training that only takes 4 minutes and delivers amazing results.  You basically go all-out for 20 seconds and then rest for 10, repeating this process 8 times. There are special timers, like Gymboss,  if you want to incorporate this fat-burning technique into your own workouts.  By the time we did some floorwork and cooled down I was wondering if I could crawl back into my bed when I got home.  It was the good kind of hurt though, the one that means you actually had a great workout and my legs weren't shy about reminding me the next day as well.

There's no reason not to try Fly Fitness- your first class is FREE!  I loved how it felt like a small group training session.  And Traci has some really fun ideas that make it interesting and social too.  Like their Flashdance Festival, Pedaling to Prince, Sporty Soiree Sleepover (partnering with The Woodmark).  And when the sun comes out (cue the sun, pls!) they pull the bikes out onto the patio and use the dock, stairs and plaza for the workouts.  When I asked Traci what she's known for she said, "We're known to be tough.  This is where fit people come to get more fit.  You can get your bootie kicked. "  I like that. But fear not-there are classes for all, and even moms with strollers. Parking is free with your 1 1/2 hr validation. No membership is required and pricing info is on here. So check out the schedule, spread your wings, and fly on over! 425-522-4408 ~j

Linda Lu's and Fabulous You

I am always up for a good laugh and let me tell ya, the entertainment is ripe at Linda Lu's Consignment shop on Lake St.  And so are the deals. Jason Potter is the workhorse of this shop, which his mother, Linda Wiley (Linda Lu is her nickname), has had in the Kirkland area for 15 years. If you stroll in there, you will likely find him moving furniture, making props, twisting ribbons and nestling household items all into their beautifully and creatively well thought out nests amongst the sales floor. And just as he cackles a laugh in a cloud of glitter, then he darts off to the front window where he primps and poofs his latest bedazzled display designed to catch the eye of by-passers.

LindaLuStorefront LindaLuClothing LindaLuDecor

I quietly survey the area.  Some super cute Cole Haan boots in sz 6 for $40. Darn it, Cinderella! Some smoking red patents spark ideas for next Halloween.  It's one of those vortex-type places where the more you look the more you see. You could just stare in one spot and notice new things. I find a cute BCBG dress and other clothing gems to try on and slip into a dressing room.   Riley, my more fashion-forward than me 7 year old, awaits as I present myself for her criticisms.  But then-------zing---- Jason is there in a flash.  "Oh my gosh, I have been dying to see that dress on someone!  That is GREAT on you!  You need chocolate boots.  Definitely-and a chocolate belt. You are rocking that dress."  Huh.  Who could say no to that? I never would have put chocolate boots with that dress but he had a very good point.  He shoo'd a few others and as I waffled at the register he started wheeling and dealing. "We're having a 20% off sale, but I can give you 40% on that.  Oh, and that too...."

As you can imagine, I ended up with a bag of things I had no idea I needed.  And as it turns out, Jason who "doesn't usually like kids", really liked Riley (the one that did NOT do the polar plunge).  So she was just delighted with this news, and the fistfuls of candy-canes he bestowed upon her, and still asks about him with a big smile whenever we drive by Linda Lu's. There is everything there from clothes to jewelry to shoes and housewares.  Many of the home decor they get from Bella Tesori next door.  I hear the fur coats and shrugs have been flying off the shelves lately. Linda says, "it's our goal to make consignment EASY." Bring your still-in-fashion things in to consign anytime.  There is a 50/50 split.

In April Linda will be retiring and Jason will be taking over, but I think he's already got his hand on the throttle.  With his amazing design skills and eye for the fantastic, the store is constantly changing with new items and displays.  As I prepare my departure, she says with a motherly twinkle in her eye, "I really wish someone would discover him and all of his talents." Until he gets snatched up for some fashion/design show on HGTV, we just need to make sure we appreciate him right here in Kirkland during a few of his 70 hour work weeks. I found a coupon for you here. Hours are Mon-Sat 10:30-5, Sun 11-4, 425-828-3111. Go ahead, you deserve some new treasures and a chuckle yourself! ~j