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Peter Kirk Park: New Play Coming Soon!

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I did a double-take driving past Peter Kirk Park today when I saw a cyclone fence surrounding the play area in shambles.  A quick call to the parks dept revealed that the playground is being refurbished.  Recycling started today and it is expected to take three weeks.  Since the previous structure was 14 years old and  consistently needed new parts to keep it safe, the Parks Board chose PK park as the recipient of  approx $60K from the CIP (Capital Improvements Plan) budget.  Each year CIP funds, which can only be used for infrastructure, go towards improving a local playground. Looks like the kids of Kirkland are in for some new fun this spring! ~j


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Pretty fan$y play structure for a city that's always complaining about not having any money. I'm surprised they aren't putting one of those new digital message boards (like they have at the fire stations) in front of the new play structure.

What are they doing with the old structure? I bet there is a church or other organization that would've been happy to recycle/re-use some or all of it. My kids played on it several times last summer and didn't have any complaints.

Jeez, I'm starting to sound like a conservative old curmudgeon, but some of the things that the city is doing just don't make a lot of sense.


While I think it's cool that they are upgrading the of the things I LOVED about that park was how great it was for the very little kids, the 1-3 yo crowd. It had those great ramps, smaller step ups, and not too big slides. This new playground looks like it is more for the elementary school crowd. :(

The future Mrs. Cassidy. :)

I did the double take too and was thinking they were expanding the skate park or teen zone. I'm happy to see it remains a playground but the layout of Peter Kirk was so great already that I'm not that impressed with the new draw ups. It seems like less space for kids to roam and play.

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