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Kirkland's 4th of July: 2011

FourthofJuly 010 
Get ready- one of my favorite days in downtown Kirkland is just around the corner! The Fourth of July falls on a Monday this year. Remember the boat launch will be CLOSED from 9:30am-2pm and 9:30pm- midnight.

Here's the itinerary for celebrating our independence:

7am- If you were on a downtown Kirkland bender the night before, make sure you go pick up your car early-parade and staging routes will be cleared and vehicles towed.

9:30am- Parade route closed to all vehicles- detours in place

10am-The Kirkland Arts Center and Celebrate Kirkland host "Decorate to Celebrate," a kid's event at the Marina Park Pavilion

11:30am- The Children's Walking Parade begins at Market/Central

12pm-The Grand Parade begins at Market and Central

After the parade, join friends and neighbors at Marina Park.  There will be food vendors there or pack your own picnic (hopefully no umbrellas required!)

3pm- Rotary Duck Dash at Marina Park

10:15- Fireworks Show - Lake WA, right off the shores of Marina Park

Get Your Car Ready for Cruisin'

CarillonDetailTim CarillonDetail

Seems like the sunny days only arrive one at a time, but don't you want your car to be ready for that  perfect day on a moment's notice?  Weather aside, in our household baseball/softball season is over which means the continuum of cleats, mud, grass, snack wrappers and crumbs has come to a slowed halt and a big clean-up was finally in order.  Carillon Custom Detail to the rescue!

Formerly Autobahn Custom Detail at Carillon Point, the same detailer extraordinaire, Tim Tuttle, is using his magical wax on/wax off skills to help Kirkland cars look their best.  Their prices are really reasonable too! My deluxe detail had me wondering what kind of surgical tool he must use to remove the dust and crumbs from my console and cup-holders.  At pickup, there's always a fun pile of surprises of things he found that my children have wedged into the butt cracks of my car---headbands, doll shoes, books, 27 pencils and luckily nothing perishable this time.  I dropped my SUV (And no, that's not my yellow 911, it just looked way cooler than my car) off at 9am and picked it up by 2pm.  To be totally fabulous, you could drop your car w/Tim, do a Fly Fitness class, lunch at Beach Cafe, get a haircut at GEM and then go pickup your squeaky clean ride without ever leaving the property. Then you'll be ready for cruising the boulevard when the sun comes out.

So- get in there and let Tim do the spring cleaning on your vehicle.  Call the receptionist at Carillon to make your appt: 425-822-1700.  If you mention the Kirkland Weblog  when you book a hand wash with light interior detail ($50) you will get a free wax to go with it ($30 value).  This offer expires on August 30, 2011. 

Getting Caught Up Around Town

AsherOPEN Amici KirklandCrossfit Hectorspatio
Asher                         Amici                     Kirkland Crossfitters       Hector's Patio

I've been meaning to write more this week, but with a few days of sun and flat water, a girl with a waterski addiction has to make tough choices sometimes.  So now that it's winter in June again, here are my bulletpoints minus the fluff:

-4th of July needs volunteers for the parade 7/4 and decorating town 7/3 (16 and older pls)

-Carillon Point's Outdoor Movies start soon. First one is "Dirty Dancing" on 7/9 at dusk. $5 donation to Hopelink gets you in!

-Asher, a new menswear shop on Central Way is open. Go check it out--last minute Father's Day gift perhaps?

-Amici Pizzeria (Grape Choice's old spot) is open at Lakeshore Plaza.  Comment if you've tried it.

-Speaking of Italian food (which doesn't agree much w/my no carb eating lately), I've heard from a few people that Bella Vita on Juanita Drive has new owners and excellent food. 

-Shoutout to Kirkland Crossfit for winning the team competition at the NW Crossfit Regionals.  They will  advance to the International Crossfit Games in CA.  

-There's a new sit/eat/drink/paint on canvas place coming to Central Way.

-The Woodland Park Zoo is starting a free shuttle bus for eastsiders for the summer.

-Hector's has opened their new outdoor patio. So now you can save your gas money from cruising the blvd and just sit and people watch while you eat, drink and relax instead.

-Lastly and most importantly.......Happy Father's Day to all the Kirkland Dads!!

Train to be an Angel

Alishia Joubert 
I never thought I would hear these words come out of my mouth, but, "I took a harp lesson!" And it was fun! The harp is one of the most ancient instruments, originating in the Middle East, and thought to be discovered by sheep herding boys with bows and arrows that started making music when they got bored (instead of wrestling? simply amazing).  Kirkland resident and Vice President of the American Harp Society, Alishia Joubert, has been playing the harp since she was nine years old and gives lessons out of her home and also plays at weddings and funerals.  "I hope the harp brings elements of emotions out during events and through teaching," says Alishia.  It is certainly a very expressive instrument as you can see on some video I captured.  I had my 8 year old girls with me and they were just fascinated.

There are two types of harps: the lever harp and the pedal harp.  As you may have guessed, one has levers to create different sounds and the other has pedals, which can create a wider range of notes such as a C sharp, C natural and C flat.   Harps weigh about 60-65 pounds. I used the lever harp for my lesson and learned how to pluck the strings - just the C's (red) and F's (black) for my beginner level, with the pad of my index finger while positioning my hand as if holding a coffee cup (that shouldn't be too difficult, Seattle!).  My music didn't sound nearly as moving as hers, but with some time I think I could train to be an angel. 

 Alishia would love to have more of Kirkland learning to play the harp, so if this is on your bucket list, here's the opportunity to make it happen!  She is patient and articulate and so contageously passionate about her instrument that the downstairs of her house  is dedicated to being a harp room.  Alishia recommends 1/2 hr lessons initially, which are $30.  And you don't have to go out and buy a harp to practice, you can rent one from Dusty Strings in Seattle. You can reach Alishiaat 425-821-1697. Happy harping! ~j

Help Metropolitan Market Celebrate the BIG 4-0

I might be dreading my own 4-0 next year, but this big birthday is a reason to jump up and down and celebrate for the Metropolitan Market.  In honor of opening its first store in Queen Anne in 1971 and continuing to serve its communities with great products and amazing customer service, they are going to throw a party all month long. For all 6 locations!  

There are events, giveaways, gourmet tastings, and even some top-secret surprises in store for unsuspecting shoppers and event attendees.  Leave it to the Met Market, who always makes a point to be the first to offer the best, to treat us right.  Here's the rundown of events for the Kirkland store in Houghton:

6/9     6:30-8:30pm        40th Birthday Wine Tasting Event

6/14    3-7pm                  Celebrity Cake Studio featuring Odette, owner

6/18    12-2pm                Becky Selengut Good Fish Book signing

6/23    3-7pm                  Dry Soda Taste Tour

6/24    11am-6pm            Deli Challenge hosted by Dietz & Watson

6/25     12-2pm                Cupcake Royal Sprinkle Party for Kids

6/30    6:30-8:30pm        40th Birthday Wine Tasting Event

7/2    11am-6pm            Indepedence Day BBQ

Classic Kids Photography to Arrive Aug 1

ClassicKids7  ClassicKids4 ClassicKids6

I know you've been driving by the sign and photos on Central Way and wondering to yourself, "What is the story with that photography studio and when is it going to open?" Wonder no more. I've been chatting with Julie Floyd, founder of Classic Kids Photography, and she is really excited to be opening a studio in Kirkland in early August.  You can tell she is passionate about her company and has made it her life's work.  Katie Young, the head photographer from their Chicago location who has been with Classic Kids for 7 years, will be relocating here to head up the Kirkland studio.

ClassicKids5 ClassicKids3 ClassicKids2

Classic Kids Photography
 is different from other studios because they are one of the very few in the country still committed to shooting film and making archival prints by hand in the dark room.  All of their film is hand processed and hand printed in their own darkroom (in Evanston, IL) by their printers that average 25 years experience in making hand made fiber prints.  No machines or computers in the process at all.  So each one is like a little piece of art!

They stay 'focused' on shooting kids and families (no events!) and everything is in black and white.  I love that they know what they are good at and stick with their niche.  Here's another cool thing.  Classic Kids is committed to sharing their success with the local community.  They never turn down a request from a school or charity for auction items and assistance with photographic needs.  They also do some philanthropic work thru different campaigns such as "Rock Your Tutu"  (partnering with St. Jude Medical) where they raised over $25k last year.   So there's your sneak peek- sure to be a great addition to our Kirkland community! ~j