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Trick or Treat. Smell my Feet.

So childish but even as an adult it still kinda feels good to say it. 

Things have changed a few times so here's the scoop on where to find your treats in Kirkland.  Participating downtown businesses will have an orange spider webby flyer in their window and be handing out treats on Sun 10/30 3-5pm and Mon 10/31 3-5pm.  Park Place is doing theirs on Mon 10/31 from 12-4pm.

Here are the current participating businesses downtown as of this posting:

Sunday and Monday: Asher, Bella Tesori, Bombaii Cutters, Cafe Happy, Cafe Ladro, Canvas!, Classic Kids Photography, Georges, The Grape Choice, Hallmark Realty, Heathman Hotel, Hectors, Herban Wellness, Jake's Kirkland, Lakeshore Gallery, Mi Mexico, Qdoba, Serendipity, Simplicity Decor, Sirena Gelato, Starbucks, Studio 150 Salon, Taco Del Mar, Tully's, Unique Plus, Via Lago, Zoka.

Sunday only: Park Lane Gallery, Soul Ease, SpaKrista, , Sweet Cakes, The Minus Shop

Monday only: Bank of America, Banner Bank, Barkz, Chase Bank, Kirkland Bicycle, Lake Street Diamond Company, McLeod Insurance, Merrill Gardens, Ragamoffyn's, Salon Saida, Union Bank, WA Federal Bank.

Are your car tabs expired???

Take a look.  Budget cuts = no more reminder letters about renewing your tabs.  You are ON YOUR OWN-- cold turkey! Therefore, you could be unknowingly driving around town with an expired registration.  And we all know the Kirkland PD finds joy in running every license plate of every vehicle that passes their laser-hawk eyeballs so don't make this preventable $216 mistake (yes, the ticket costs more than your tabs, my friend). 

The good news is that you can renew online.  You can also enter your info/plates on the DOL site to have them send you an email reminder before your tabs expire.  Take a second and do it.  I can think of lots of better ways to spend $216.

My Walk Around Town...

Here's what I've got.  I'm a little hungry and cranky so forgive me. And please help  fill in the blanks....

K-Pub  is getting ready to open really soon in 21 Central's old spot.  They took down the paper and were washing the windows last night. 

Haute Philosophy Salon- 118 Central Way they have sign up that it's coming soon.  Now there will be 412 choices of where to get your hair done downtown. :-)

Remedies Pharmacy- I've never been in this store before (140 Central), so can someone please explain it to me?  I walked by expecting to see a pharmacy set-up, but noticed a counter w/cakes and treats and ice creams and shoes and cards and a sign about espresso and sandwiches.  Huh?

Two Twelve on Central- Yes, we ate there but haven't done a post b/c I don't really have anything exciting to tell you one way or the other.  Food was pretty good- not a lot of paleo choices so I nibbled on a hearty meatball and some salad.  Our waitress got very confused and had given another table our check which they so kindly paid for and left. It all got sorted out.  Need to go again to form an opinion. LMK your experience. I heard Lynn from Lynn's Bistro is a silent partner.

Bob Sternoff- can people cut the guy a break?  This is why I would never be in politics.  Getting sick of the smear signs.  Kinda feels a little bit like the drama of high school. Play nice.

Overlake Primary Care Clinic- at 290 Central Way- Grand Opening Thurs 10/27 4-7pm.  Same-day access. Bring your sick and weary.

Jake's Kirkland "Life is Good"- 125 Lake Street, opening mid-November.

Thank You Twice consignment shop (formerly Linda Lu's)-  A reader tipped me that they went by to collect a check and "poof, they were gone." Anyone know what is up?  I haven't seen Jason outside pacing and chain smoking lately.

One month countdown until Stavros of Santorini leaves for his annual trip home to Greece.  So get your gyro craving fulfilled ( I love the gyro salad!)  asap before the handwritten "closed" signed goes up til January. I spent some time sitting with Stavros in front of his restaurant watching the cars go by, waving at all of his friends, and I swear he knows every customer by name (and there are many!).  After 18 yrs in business in Kirklnad he's got it dialed in. 

Bat Some Big Lashes for $100

Eyecandy_logo_111x125 (2)
Look- I'm Groupon!  Maybe not.  But this is a great deal and perfect timing for the holidays.  Kirkland Weblog readers can get a full set of eyelash extensions at EyeCandy through 12/31/11 for just $100  (normally $150).  Just tell 'em you like to read my dribble and *shabam* two hours later you are super-glam and ready to go.  Ladies, you can throw your Latisse out the window and LOVE not having to wear mascara.  ;)

Come Craft w/Me at the Splendid Grand Opening

Admittedly, this shin-dig is not in Kirkland.  But since I am helping host the event I wanted to make sure to invite all of my friends (that's you)!  Splendid is opening their first store in the PNW at Bellevue Square (where Svarovski Crystals used to be) and they will be celebrating their arrival with an event that is in the true spirit of their company..  It's about a fun and family- focused afternoon and it's called "Crafting Community for Splendid." 

Saturday, October 22nd 1-3pm

Bellevue Square, Center Court

 RSVP: Bellevue@splendid.com

Kids and parents will do crafts that focus on re-using and re-purposing natural materials.  Imagine ultra-soft Splendid fabric swatches that you can mix/match to put together a custom Splendid scarf. There’s also a fabric and beading workshop where you can create original necklaces and bracelets.  So many fun things to do and it’s FREE . Here's a video so you can see what it is about.  And, of course, there is a facebook page. Four lucky guests will win a $250 shopping spree at the Splendid store.  I’m sure it will be raining by then so bring the whole family!  And please don’t forget to RSVP so you are guaranteed to get in: Bellevue@splendid.com.  Send me an email too if you are planning to attend so I will know to look for you and say hello.


The Fruit Fly Death Pool

Steve wanted me to post this.  He's been complaining that my posts have been vanilla lately and he misses my old funny, sometimes personal and off-the-cuff, and occasionally controversial blogging.   This comes from the guy that hasn't added any content to this site in the last 3 years.  Not that fruit flies are exciting, but I get it, it's just random info from me........so anyway.....

I thought it was just my house with fruit flies swarming my eyeballs this week but a bunch of friends were complaining they have them too.  How's a girl supposed to drink a glass of wine in peace?  I'll tell you.  First- it helps to get all perishables off the counter.  I am really missing my banana fix and the avocados and tomatoes just don't taste right refrigerated, but do what you must.  So, here's the remedy: take a plastic cup filled 1/4 full of apple cider vinegar and add a few drops of liquid dish soap.  Swirl.  Leave it on your counter.    Magically these micro-brained (and seemingly impossible to fist clench?!) fruit flies line up on the rim of the cup and plunge into their beautiful pool of death.  Rinse and repeat daily until fruit fly season is over. Then you can pour your wine without having to drape a napkin over it. :-)

"The Big Hole" on 98th? Juanita Waterbrook Apartments

There's a whole lot of digging going on at the old Frosty's site at 11810 98th Ave NE (just across the street east of Juanita Village).  Everyone is asking what is going on.  Wellllll..that hole in the earth is the future underground parking that will sit underneath a four story 96 unit apartment complex with 9000 square feet of retail space. There will be a center courtyard too.  You can check out the details here or if you are feeling really adventurous you can always check out the plans down at the city and reference permit # BLD07-00996. Susan Lauinger is the planner assigned to the project 425-587-3252. ~j



Happy Anniversary to The Heathman!

The coolness never stops over atThe Heathman. To celebrate their 4th anniversary,  Trellis will be offering a five course dinner on Saturday Oct 8th at 7:30 (reception at 6:30).  Their two award winning executive chefs, Brian Scheehser (Kirkland) and Michael Stanton (Portland) will be whipping up some amazing culinary experiences.   The dinner willl feature seasonal  produce from Scheehser's Woodinville farm and wine pairings for each course.  $85/per person plus tax and gratuity. Space is limited so call for your reservation: 425-284-5900.

And for the jetsetters out there that really want to take their celebrating to the next level- The Heathman has a new Northwest Escape Package so that you can enjoy their luxury hotel experience in our sister city, Portland, and all the local amenities that go with it!  Here's what your excursion includes ($2400 for a 2 night stay, $1900 for one night): 


  • Roundtrip airfare for two on Alaska Horizon (Departing from either Seattle or Portland)
  • Complimentary airport transportation
  • In-room bottle of Oregon wine in Portland, and Washington wine in Kirkland
  • Dinner for two at the Heathman Restaurant in Portland
  • Dinner for two at Trellis Restaurant in the Heathman Hotel Kirkland
  • In room gourmet basket of local Oregon berries and hazelnuts in Portland, and seasonal fruit assortment and nuts in Kirkland
  • Complimentary bag of fresh roasted Stumptown Coffee in Portland and Caffe Vita in Seattle
  • Complimentary drink tickets for two Portland microbrews at the Marble Bar at the Heathman Hotel, and for two Seattle microbrews at Trellis Restaurant in Kirkland
  • Continental breakfast for two