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Do you DeRu?


You should.  What a cool little concept for a  neighborhood artisan market!   A few people have mentioned it to me, so I decided the seek them out.  You have to look carefully because I barely spotted DeRu Market when I was staring straight at it on 723 9th Ave, east of Market.  This  renovated space has an awesome kitchen where they focus mostly on catering and renting out their kitchen to other businesses, hosting corporate events and putting on cooking classes.  But lucky for us, they also have a daily take out menu for people like me that don't like to cook. 

Check out this custom made wood fire pizza oven. Their local organic menu changes frequently so check the website for the daily offering- when I was there they were serving up 4 different thin crust pizzas: margherita, chicken pesto, apple & arugula and chorizo.  They also have soups, sandwiches and salads along with some fun and always changing items from the deli case (chicken roulade, roasted baby carrots, roasted sunchokes perhaps?).  There is nowhere to sit down- but it's a great spot to call and pickup.  We had a meeting at our house the other night and didn't feel like dealing with dishes, so we ordered up some stuffed pork loin ($8/ea), skillet potatoes and onion ($4), and pizzas for the kids ($11-14/ea).  We told them we'd be there at 6:15 and Jordan (photo at top), one of the owners, had it all warmed up and ready to go.  Everything was delish, including the chocolate chubby cookie that I got to sample (oink oink).  

DeRu is open Weds-Fri 11-8pm and Sat 11-6pm.  Daily menus are on their website or it's easy to call 425-298-0268 and they will tell you what's cookin' for that day.    Go ahead and comment if you've given it a try. ~j

Zero One Vintners: Kirkland's First Downtown Winery

You knew it wouldn't take me long to sniff out this new winery in town.  I'm like a bee to honey. 

A couple of locals, Thomas and Kristin Vogele, have been in business as Zero One Vinters for four years, but just recently decided to open a tasting room in Kirkland.  Thomas has been in the wine business for over 20 years and has also worked with Michael Mondavi. Nestled at 131 Lake Street South, just below Via Lago, the Vogeles loved the idea of being a hidden treasure in downtown Kirkland. 

Zero One has a fun clean space that Kristin decorated and which can also accommodate small private events and barrel tastings of up to 49 people.  Grab a stool and taste some wines for $5.  They have three varietals of which they are best known for their Wild Sky Cabernet and their Golden Delicious Riesling (both received 91 points). The merlot blend, fondly named "Sauce" is also definitely worth trying.  Touted for their quality and value, the price per bottle very reasonably ranges from $12-30 so we bought a few to enjoy at home too.  Venture down and say hello - the stemless Zero One glassware are giveaways for the first month.  Right now they are open 4 days a week: Thurs & Fri 1-6 and Sat & Sun 12-6.  This will change in the summer--for now you will have to drink during the day ;-).

Join us THIS Friday 3/9: A Really Fun Way to do Something Good....


356<---Sydney at the AG Doll Show 2011

Our daughters would like to invite you  to a Kirkland event to help them raise money for uncompensated care at Seattle Children's Hospital.  We love Simplicity Decor, so having a % of our purchases go towards a great cause is just a bonus!   Please come by and say hello.  

  Riley is already in bed, but here is a note from Sydney ( a budding blogger?):

Hi my name is sydney I am 8 years old and almost 9 and I am doing the  Amarican girl doll fashon show. I think you should come visit me at the store on friday because there are some really cool things at the store like uguly dolls or coffe mugs and there is also some really cool lights with dimonds om them and stuff! we are raising money for seattles childrens hospitil because parents might not be able to aford to have there kid get surgery or get anything that you might need if you get sick so we just raise money for that. So I hope you praticipate in it. So thank you so much.                                                     

Simplicity Décor + American Girl Fashion Show =

donations for Seattle Children’s Hospital.



Friday March 9, 2012



Simplicity Décor * 126 Park Lane * Kirkland

Join us on Friday, March 9th between 4-8pm to get a sneak peak at the arrival of new Simplicity spring treasures. 

Come sip and snack  while

20% of  the proceeds from your purchases will be donated towards uncompensated care.   

American Girl Fashion Show models, Sydney & Riley,  will be at the event to personally thank you for your support.

 Plan to have happy hour,  dinner, or enjoy an art walk  in downtown Kirkland and then  swing by Simplicity to pick out a few gifts or spring  items for your home.  The American Girl Fashion Show, hosted by Star Guild and benefiting Seattle Children’s Hospital will be held on March 17 and 18 at the Bellevue Hilton. For tickets or more information, please visit : www.americangirlfashionshow.org



Calling all Kirkland Boaters (in my quiet voice, so I don't get in trouble)

 There is a proposal that is going in front of city council THIS Tuesday, March 6th that could impact boating in Kirkland.  The recommendation is that we amend our watercraft regulations so that 3 or more boats can no longer tie up together ("rafting") and that we use new guildelines around public noise disturbances.  Violations of these new codes would range from $150 up to $450 depending on the number of infractions.

 Who are the party poopers that think this stuff up? 

 If you have a boat and it's a sunny day and you're tied up with a few friends, I think you deserve to blurt out a few "Woooot-woots"  and whistle a happy tune.  We live within earshot of Juanita Bay and sometimes the music is a little loud or I hear some big horsepower boats racing or even people's conversations (sound really DOES amplify over water).  But that is what we love about living near the lake- the sounds of the lake!  If I bought a house near the airport, I don't think I should be complaining about the sound of airplanes, right? 

How can Kirkland be a destination waterfront city if we start enforcing vague rules that discourage boaters from coming our way?   These are the same boaters that come use the public moorage and shop in our stores and eat in our restaurants.   I realize having 12 boats tied up with lots of skin, empty tequila bottles and Mardi Gras beads might be a recipe for disaster.  But that is not every case-- we've tied up with a few friends and acted responsibly when it would have been much less safe to have us constantly navigating around each other in circles.  And heaven forbid, I may have even laughed loudly. I'm not saying the waters should go unregulated, but that we should be reasonable and not create ordinances that are ripe for being abused. Or run the risk of being grinches that take the whos out of Whoville.


Here's some of my favorite verbage from the proposal re: noise...


 (c) Yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling or singing, particularly

between sunset and sunrise or at any time and place so as to

unreasonably disturb or interfere with the peace, comfort and

repose of others, including owners or possessors of real


(d) Sound from any audio sound system operated at volumes

so as to be audible greater than 50 feet from the watercraft

itself; or

(e) Sound which unreasonably interferes with the peace,

comfort and repose of others, including owners or possessors

of real property

 And here's a rafting tidbit:

......In addition, any three (or more) motorized watercraft

drifting or anchored within 25 feet of each other for the purpose of

having a party or rafting-like social exchange shall be deemed to be


If you enjoy boating in  Kirkland  (and like to hoot, whistle or be near your friends on occasion) you may consider going to the meeting on Tuesday night around 7:30 (agenda here). You can also always email your city council members. ~j