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Kirkland Boating/Watercraft Noise- Meeting May 3rd

The City of Kirkland is hosting an informational meeting on Thursday May 3rd  from 6:30-8pm in the Peter Kirk Room at City Hall to hear residents and boaters concerns about boat noise.  About a month ago, the city was looking into passing some amendments to Title 14, which was created in 1960, and does not have provisions for excessive watercraft noise.  There was a large public attendance of passionate boaters and waterfront homeowners at that city council meeting, raising the awareness of how many citizens would like to provide input on the issue.   The amendments were trying to eliminate rafting boats together (do they have any idea how much fuel costs right now?).  So, City Council decided to do some more researching and public feedback, while still hoping to make changes before the summer months arrive.

So, if you care...get there.  A mailer went out this week from the Juanita Bay Neighborhood Association, encouraging people to view this video and stand up for their peace and quiet.  There needs to be a balance- I loved Amy Walen's analogy to "Footloose" at the last meeting-they didn't realize we 'just want to dance.'  As a Kirkland boater and Juanita Bay resident, I hope there is thoughtful measure put into the differences between lake fun and lake nuisance.  I am a responsible boater and still like to laugh loud, listen to music and tie up with other boats.  At our home I consider it a privilege to hear the boat sounds and lake fun in the background of everyday life.  Until they're blasting music at 2am.  Then it's a nuisance. ;)

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Here's what I know..

There appears to be a new smoke shop on Lake Street that has a pretty expensive bong selection in a big glass case with shiny colored smoking apparatus at children's eye level- just what we needed!??? Opened Mon 4/16 but I haven't been in yet-just snapped this pic thru the glass last week.  It's next to the new "Kirkland Lodge Grill" that is getting ready to open by Qdoba.

Hearing great things about Simplicity ABC at 107 Park Lane that just opened this week.  Some of my friends told me they just loved the space and all of the unique gift and children's items, so I had to pop in and check it out.  Super fun lime green walls with Classic Kids photos of local kids everywhere.  Cards, gifts, toys, piggy bank wall fixtures, puzzles, initials,  window gems, balls, journals, books, jewelry- you name it! A refreshing youthful spin on the style that is Simplicity. 425-250-1186.

 Time on Sat morning (4/21) to spare? Spend a little time volunteering for Earth Day.  Hands are needed at the tree planting site in Juanita Woodlands from 9-12 (120th Street trailhead on the west side of Juanita Drive at 76th).  You can work while your children ages 5-11 get to hide, sneak, discover and connect with the children's trails while guided by the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance and mentors from the Wilderness Awareness School from 11-12:30.  425-501-4693

I am curious for this new Boomerang Kids Consignment to open this April.  11634 98th Ave NE. info@bkconsignment.com

And... it's spring cleaning time for downtown Kirkland, so why not make an event of it! Bring your rakes, shovels, dust pans, brooms and gloves to 126 Park lane on Saturday 4/28 at 8:30am.  Time for a spit shine community style. Starbucks coffee and directions will get you started on your good deeds (if you are 14 and over) and then everyone will meet up at Qdoba between 11:30 and noon to wrap things up and eat some lunch.  Sounds like Starbucks and Qdoba are community team players.  Are you? Let Patty know if you are coming so there's enough food .... pattyjustloveskirkland@kirkland.net .

 I am going to go work out at this new Happy Hour by Marisa in Totem Lake. Stay tuned for that review soon. ~j



Elite Treasures in Downtown Kirkland

I stopped in to meet Taylor Benin, one of the owners of Elite Treasures, that just opened at 108 Central Way .  You will find an array of American-made and European clocks, Hermle grandfather clocks, watches, jewelry and sunglasses.  In case you were worried like me- he has the clocks set at staggering times so they don't all charm at once.  Elite Treasures  also provides services and cleanings on clocks and jewelry and they buy gold.  This is a larger retail space than it appears from the street, and when you wander into the back portion, you'll find paintings, china and statues for sale that are there on consignment. 

The Grand Opening is this Monday 4/16, but the doors are open now if you are out meandering.  Hours will be Mon-Sun 10-6pm.  425-576-0021, elite.treasures@yahoo.com .

Kirkland Events- Mark Your Calendar!

First things first- grab at least $10 and head down to Simplicity Decor on Weds 4/11 at NOON for the 'cash mob.'  It's a fun and thoughtful way to support local business and this community effort will be the first of its kind in Kirkland.  Find a fun gift for someone and stimulate the local economy while you are at it!

Captain Jack's 8K is Sun 4/15 at 8:30 am at Juanita Beach Park.  Proceeds benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Everyone gets a prize!  Free kids dash too.  Register in person at Everyday Athlete.  425-821-4301. 

On Friday 4/20 the band, Wickerman, is going to be rockin' out at the Kirkland Eagles Aerie #2681 at 258 Central Way.  Just $5 at the door is entry/donation to help support "Celebrate Kirkland" which puts on our 4th of July festivities.  Those fireworks aren't cheap.  And notably, the FOE makes some stiff drinks, so you might be seeing fireworks that night anyway.

Canvas Paint & Sip, at 122 Central Way,  is holding a benefit to raise money for the Kirkland Summer Concert Series on Thursday 4/26 7-9:30pm.  For $45 per person,  you will enjoy complimentary appetizers and a wine tasting and will walk out with your own masterpiece and maybe even a door prize (a stay at the Heathman Hotel perhaps??).  Register here or call 425-822-2266.

All out of money to share for this array of good causes? No worries.  Donate your time.  The 7 Hills of Kirkland Bike Event needs lots of volunteers still for 5/28.  Contact Marylue Gutow if you'd like to learn more about what jobs are available (I saw one was to 'chat' with the riders, c'mon, even you can do that!). 425-821-5553.


Cherry de Pon, a New Addiction for Kirklanders


I'm only mildly embarrassed to admit that we have been to this new frozen yogurt place, Cherry de Pon, in Juanita Village twice this week.   You will be delighted to know that there are about 12 self-serve flavors that change every day.  For example, the non-fat mint cookie was a huge hit for the Rabuchin family only to find it was replaced by strawberry banana the next day.  But fear not- they will change their flavors based on customer requests!  Some examples to get you drooling: red velvet cake, snickerdoodle, lychee, rootbeer float, Georgia peach, lemon ice box pie, maple walnut, key lime and cotton candy.  Ask for a few sample cups and they will let you taste before you commit.  You can find current flavors on their facebook page. There are so many toppings that you could slow up the line (of others that have also discovered this) just trying to decide between the yummy worms, cookie dough morsels, fruit toppings, or other endless options all visually vying for your attention.  Don't forget there are smoothies and bubble tea (what is that??) too.


Here's the BEST part---wait for it......wait for it.....this is surely why this place has a steady flow of customers (not to mention parking is easy).  You are charged by weight- it's $.39/oz.  So, for perspective, our family of 5  each got a yogurt with toppings for $11 total.  We used a 20% off coupon that is on their website.  This is very different from some other local ones where I have to spend $30 and my first born to pay for our yogurt.  Cherry de Pon also has 4-5 tables, some stools at the window seat and other space for you to lounge and chat while you enjoy your chilly delight. 

Now my biggest concern will be when the sunny weather hits.  This is dangerously close to our house.  I need to calculate if the calories burned to walk to Cherry de Pon from home is equal to or greater than the calories I consume there (about 100 per).  Might need to run instead.  But it will be totally worth it.  ~j