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Kirkland Lodge Grill- OPEN!

The new Kirkland Lodge Grill  is officially open to the public at 3pm today.  It's just down on Lake Street and shares an entrance door with Qdoba. They had their soft opening last night and we stuck our noggins in for just a minute- looks very cozy/lodgy/pub-ish, can't wait to try it out.  So if you're around for the long weekend and looking for a new place to explore, I spied a whole lotta beer taps. That could keep you entertained for a while.  Post here and tell us about it..

4th of July: Time to Open Our Wallets

I received this note from Penny Sweet, one of our city council members and 4th of July planner extraordinaire, today...

I’m writing this because I need your help. Kirkland’s 4th of July Celebration is creeping up on us and so far this has been a very difficult fundraising year.  I fear the tediously slow economic recovery is making a lot of organizations and people hesitate longer before making commitments. 

 At this point we are still almost $ 40,000 away from our necessary goal and the timeline is closing fast.  Tod and Brett Johnson of Lee Johnson Auto Family have really stepped up and are sponsoring the Parade this year.  They will match up to $10,000 in contributions so anything you can do will go even further in helping us meet our goal.  Can you help us out in any way? We really need your help!   

 The 4th of July celebration in Kirkland is one of our finest traditions. Thousands and thousands of our citizens will attend the parades and fireworks.  It really is a day we celebrate the pride we have both in our country and our very special home town. As neighborhoods, please consider participating in the Parade this year.  Get your neighbors together and honor our theme:  Celebrating our diversity.  Thanks to Lee Johnson Auto Family, regardless of our financial situation, there will be no charge for the neighborhood associations to put an entry in the parade.  Take advantage!  

Anything you can do will help!   I’d love to hear from you via email response, via snail mail donation with the  form above or go to our webpage at www.celebratekirkland.org.

 And finally, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!  Check out the opportunities at our website. 

 Thanks for your consideration!   See you on the 4th!

 Your 4th of July Team

Penny Sweet

Elke Grimm and Kellie Jordon (parade co-chairs)

Maureen Baskin (Veteran’s co-chair)

Terri Fletcher and Kim Kelly (Mistress’s of Ceremony at the Grandstand)

Cherie Skager, (Volunteer Chair)

Tim Llewellyn, (Logistics Chair)

Seven Hills and Summerfest (say that seven times fast!)

The 7 Hills of Kirkland is a very popular Northwest cycling event and a fundraiser for KITH that happens right here in Kirkland. Hurry and sign up if you haven't already- it's this Monday 5/28, Memorial Day, and registration is limited to 1500 people.  There are three routes to choose from ranging from 38-99 miles long and 3000-7000 feet of elevation depending on what kind of challenge you are up for.  There is also a Kiwanis pancake breakfast at the Peter Kirk Community Center on Sat 5/26 to support KITH/Seven Hills from 7-noon.  And having a  post about bicycle racing seems like an opportune time to tell you about our two newest advertisers: Gregg's Cycles and 1st Rate Insurance  (just voted best insurance agency in Kirkland by the Reporter) - thanks guys, for being Kirkland Blog supporters!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming..

Mark your calendars for August 10-11 which is the big Summerfest Event in Kirkland.  Don't worry, of course I will remind you again when it's a bit closer, but thought you might want to preview the website to start getting excited about the food, music, and art that's awaiting us this summer.  There are lots of ways to get involved either as a vendor or volunteer.

Last info nuggets of the day for you..

I noticed this week on Kirkland Avenue there are a few new stores with posters announcing new arrivals.  Plume is a Vietnamese restaurant with bahn mi sandwiches, spring rolls and french Vietnamese iced coffee opening in May.  Next door will be Savrika Tea opening this summer. More details when I get em....

Boomerang Kids Consignment Opens

Boomerang Consignment
After finally admitting that nobody needs to go to a store to rent a movie anymore, Blockbuster vacated the space that is now occupied by Boomerang Kids Consignment at 11634 98th Ave NE. Owner Shannon Barnes (photo) is a Kirkland resident with a background in retail management that has taken the exciting plunge in opening her own shop.  She is working on building her inventory and is currently accepting children's clothes from newborn to size 16, sportswear, special occasion maternity, books for toddlers/preschoolers, games/puzzles/toys, and handmade children's items from crafters and artisans.  You can bring your items in anytime- current hours are M-F 10-6 and Sat/Sun 11-4.  There will be extra evening hours offered soon.  There is an 8 week sales cycle with a 50/50 split- here are the details on how to consign.  Or just head in and shop! Everything is really reasonably priced- I'd say under $10 per item.  I found an extra pair of white softball pants for my daughter and I paid $2.74.  Well worth not having to scrub the dirt stains out in time for the next day's game!  Call or email Shannon with questions 425-820-7763. 

Try a "Workout Flight" at Happy Hour by Marisa

It kind of makes you thirsty when you read the name, but I assure you there are no cocktails and lounging at this happy hour.  Marisa Mancke has been whipping Kirklanders into shape for over 16 years at places like 24 Hour Fitness and Element 5 Fitness until she recently opened up her own gym, Happy Hour by Marisa,  in Totem Lake.  I mentioned her name in a previous post and received a flurry of emails from readers that have taken her classes before and are super excited to know where she is now.  This woman has a cult following!

So you are in for a treat.  You know I won't pass up the opportunity for a new workout, so I went and tried a Body Pump class last week (she just opened 2 weeks ago).  You'll find Happy Hour by Marisa off of 124th in a commercial park with plenty of parking.  Marisa is upbeat and motivating and makes it a point to know everyone's name.  The wall is covered with phrases that clients have told her she uses often: "You can do anything for a minute," "one workout at a time," "strong is the new skinny."  The warehouse-feeling space has been thoughtfully built out to have plenty of room for class and various workout paraphanelia like bars, weights, mats, balls, etc.  Body Pump class was a real burner- each song that comes on correlates to working out a different muscle group to fatigue.  But Marisa does it with a smile, reminding you the whole way through how to keep proper form and  stick with it til the end.  She also has a very cool Stevie Nicks voice so I found it a treat to hear her sing along sometimes.  This class was a great workout.  It was very clear by the end that I need to work on my lunges and skull crushers a bit more as I quivered into a plushy seat in the lounge after class. 

Marisa is big on the mental component of working out and loves her clients to feel supported, encouraged and inspired.  It is a very friendly environment where there are no judgments and all sizes and shapes are welcome. When asked about how she felt about going out on her own after all this time, she said, " I tell my cleints to have no fear and  go after what they want, so I figured I should practice what I preach."  She has always referred to her hour long classes as 'happy hour' with a good sweat and endorphins instead of cocktails, so the name for her business came easily.  

The May schedule is full of a fun mix of classes:   Bootcamp on the Rocks, Cardio Chisel with a Twist, Straight-Up Circuit, ABS-olute Booty, Morning Buzz, Step 151, Stepjam, Bodypump.  She even does a cardio striptease class (I think I would need a cocktail before that one)!   Marisa instructs all of the classes and would love for you to get a taste of a few so you can find the one that you love. ** For the month of May, mention the Kirkland Weblog and get a flight of 3 classes for $30 (normally $22/each).**  This is a great addition to the workout scene in Kirkland.  And I just ate a cheeseburger tonight so you will definitely see me in there next week. Tell us about your 'flight' and which classes were your faves.  425-466-7276  or you can email Marisa with questions. ~j

Mother's Day Ideas

I know my sister is doing the Kirkland Half Marathon on Sunday 5/13, but I am still deciding if Mother's Day will include sleeping in or not.  Tough choices.  It does sound like a great way to get a day started. Here's the link for all you moms that won't be enjoying breakfast in bed at that time (or those that choose to celebrate in their running shoes).

A few local restaurants are doing something special too.  Check out Purple's Mother's Day menu- they are opening early (10am), featuring sparkling wine and mimosa flights, and of course fun specials for the kids.  Bin on the Lake's new chef, Dylan Giordan, has carefully crafted a Mother’s Day brunch, with unique seasonal offerings for the occasion from 10-2.  Beach Café will offer a  Mother’s Day breakfast buffet in the morning and then brunch buffet until  3 p.m.  Adults are $39 (plus tax and gratuity), and children 5-12 years old are $20. Brix is doing a Mother's Day brunch from 10-2 (call for reservations!) with special scrambles, crepes and delights for the adults and the kids.

I've noticed some good conversation going on about a previous post re: the two new frozen yogurt shops in Juanita Village.  Maybe you should take your mom to both of those on Sunday so you can do a taste test and report back to us with your review.  Cherry de Pon vs. Chilly Wave .  We like them both for different reasons-hopefully there are enough fro-yo eaters in Juanita to keep them both around!

And spoiler alert- LOVED  Happy Hour by Marisa, the new gym in Totem Lake where you can take some killer classes.  Review is coming with all the juicy details- but wanted to share this asap since you will be eating brunch and frozen yogurt with your mom, you should go work it off with her too.  Marisa is offering our readers a "flight of classes" to try out-- for the month of May you can buy 3 classes for $30  (normally $22/ea).  Get in there- you'll be glad you did!

And Happy Day to all of you Mudders out there ;-)