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Students Connect with Jobs at UrbanGigz

Kirkland resident and mother of three, Lisa Oelsner, recently launched a new student employment platform called UrbanGigz.  She's got great timing with all of these able bodied (and minded) students just getting out of school!  UrbanGigz is a site where students can easily find local job opportunities and employers can locate students to get things accomplished.  Think LinkedIn for the 14-24 year old set, but it's not just a job board-it's a place to learn what your strengths are and how to put together a resume, create a profile where you can save endorsements and recommendations from employers, explore job opportunites, and .......it's FREE. 

UrbanGigz can be used for all types of age-appropriate employment-- neighborhood jobs (sitter, lawn mowing, nanny, etc), internships, non-profit, community service, or preparing for the corporate world. You can set alerts so you are notified as soon as a job matching your criteria gets posted.  It could be an ongoing position or just a one-time task to earn some extra cash.  Through the summer this service will also be free for employers to post job openings- need some filing done in the office? Putting together a presentation?  Hiring waitstaff? What about allowing someone to job shadow you that's hoping to pursue your career path? This is all about helping students develop skills for future employment.

I love the idea of getting kids thinking and working.  What a great way to start to build some life skills and a strong work ethic.  Lisa shared an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal, that in part talks about, "... contemporary children have very little experience with the kinds of tasks that they'll have to perform as grown-ups. Children have increasingly little chance to practice even basic skills like cooking and caregiving. Contemporary adolescents and pre-adolescents often don't do much of anything except go to school. Even the paper route and the baby-sitting job have largely disappeared."  I know I learned a lot of work and life lessons in those formative years and think it's cool UrbanGigz is giving our kids a tool to do that easily in 2012.


Lisa Oelsner<Lisa Oelsner>
I asked Lisa (photo) about safety, of course, since she's dealing with children. UrbanGigz never exposes any personal info.  And the information on UrbanGigz is not even searchable unless you are logged in.  Students and employers can receive endorsements so you can know if others had a positive experience with that person.  There is also a safety and best practices page (ie; if you're a 14 yr old, a parent should meet the family you are going to babysit for).  Lisa has been talking to senators and local school districts to get the word out about UrbanGigz and there is a lot of enthusiasm and support so far.   Pass this info along to your employer or teenager so they can make a profile and support, or be one of, our future superstars!

If you have questions about UrbanGigz, you can direct them here.

Thinking Ahead: Holiday Home Tour at Your House??

Bunny Vena
I don't want to be rude and just invite myself over, but how about this idea...

The Assistance League of the Eastside will hold their signature fundraiser, the "Celebrations Holiday Home Tour" in Kirkland again this year and it will take place on Dec 7th. They are looking for volunteer homes now.  This is a self-guided tour of 5 unique and stunningly decorated houses of which all proceeds go towards philanthropic programs of the Assistance League of the Eastside.  Some of these are Operation School Bell, Assault Survivor Kits, Starting Over Support, and Assistance League Outreach--these programs annually provide clothing to over 2700 students and survivors of sexual assault, as well as bring comfrot to families seeking shelter from domestic violence. 

Do you or someone you know have a Kirkland home you'd be willing to share for this local cause?  It's a great incentive to get your holiday decorations up early too!  I went last year with a friend and it was really fun - I noticed a lot of ladies made it a 'girls day out.'  If you are interested to opening your home up to ticket holders on Fri 12/7, call 425-556-5106 or email eastsideinfor@assistanceleague.org.  ~j

Community Feedback Needed: New Power Lines in N. Rose Hill


We need more power.  Hopefully it is not because of our bad PSE report cards!

There is currently a proposal for a PSE project to build new power transmission lines in North Rose Hill between the Sammamish substation and the Juanita substation. There is a final meeting for community feedback on Saturday 6/23 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. with a presentation at 10:15 a.m. at Evergreen Hospital in the Surgery and Physicians Center's Room TAN 100/101 in Kirkland (12040 NE 128th Street​).  The route will be finalized by late summer with construction of the transmission line beginning as early as 2013.

There are 3 routes currently being discussed and two of them go through North Rose Hill.  The third route goes down Willows Road in the commercial & industrial area. Many Kirkland residents are concerned about issues such as property values, health and safety.  There is a project page that PSE has setup  and a survey link  (b/c it's not always easy to make those meetings).
The exact routes alternatives are here. A decision will be made in July, so if you are a North Rose Hill resident with concerns, now is your opportunity to be heard.

For more info on the project, contact info@sammjuan115.com or call the project manager, Barry Lombard, at 425-456-2230.



Kirkland Summer Concerts 2012

Everyone loves a sunny night and a summer concert in downtown Kirkland.  And there are lots of great food choices nearby to grab and go for your picnic. Here's the skinny on who's playing at the Kirkland Summer Concerts this season.  See you out there.....

Children's Concerts

Tuesdays, 10-11 am

 July 10-Johnny Bregar-Rootsy, jazzy, bluesy music for kids and adults www.johnnybregar.com

July 17-Caspar Babypants-Caspar returns in a rockin' solo incarnation www.babypantsmusic.com

 July 24-The Not-It's-Don't forget your tutu! www.wearethenot-its.com

 July 31-Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies-Cool tunes for kids www.erichermanmusic.com

 August 7-Recess Monkey-These teachers know how to rock www.recessmonkeytown.com

 August 14-Cowboy Buck and Elizabeth-High-energy interactive musical comedy, dance, sing-along, and ventriloquism www.cowboybuck.com

 August 21-The Board of EducationAction... Adventure... Danger... Thrills! And Fun! www.thelonelytomato.com

 August 28-The Brian Waite Band-A rock band that performs adventure stories! www.brianwaite.com


 Evening Concerts

Thursdays, 7-8:30 pm

 July 12-The Fabulous Roof Shakers-Blues / R&B / Soul www.fabulousroofshakers.com

 July 19-The Kings of Swing-17-piece Big Band www.kingsofswing.com

 July 26-The Emily McIntosh Soul Band-This powerful singer opened for Al Green www.emilymcintosh.com

 August 2-Clinton Fearon and the Boogie Brown Band Roots reggae from the best reggae band this side of Jamaica www.clintonfearon.com

 August 9-Jayme Stone-World Banjo (also at Kirkland Performance Center Aug. 10)  www.jaymestone.com

 August 16-Creme Tangerine-Beatles and Classic Rock www.cremetangerine.com

 August 23-The Mark DuFresne Blues Band-Powerhouse blues vocalist and harmonica player www.markdufresne.com

 August 30-Cambalache Salsa Band-Conservando la tradicion www.cambalachesalsa.com


Kirkland Crime Mapping App

This is a pretty cool app- sorry if you already get the city updates and have seen this, but thought this was really useful.  Mr. Safety (my husband) will certainly have an close eye on it.  And it's much more user friendly than the 5-0 radio iPhone app I downloaded recently that a friend told me to check out- which is a police scanner and I can't understand a word they are saying.  Anyway- this is cool- check it...

Starting today, Kirkland residents can search various types of crime by location or city-wide through the online website www.crimemapping.com. Through a grant from the Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority, the Kirkland Police Department can provide crime data near a resident’s home, a Kirkland business, or school to those who create an online account with CrimeMapping.com™.  Browsers can view crime incidents that have occurred within the previous 180 days.  Data is transferred from approved police case reports to the system.  The system is updated Tuesday through
Friday.  Crimes types displayed include arson, assault, burglary, public disturbance, robbery, motor vehicle theft, and various other crimes. Users can also subscribe to receive free automatic customized crime alerts viae-mail for their neighborhood.  In addition to incident data, browsers canclick to crime prevention tips.  To directly access Kirkland data, go to http://www.CrimeMapping.com Washington State, and then select Kirkland or link to the portal from the City’s website at www.kirklandwa.gov/crimemapping.

 The Kirkland Police Department is encouraging residents to begin familiarizing themselves with the
program.  A detail presentation is planned for the Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods on June 21, 7 p.m., City Hall Council Chambers, 123 5thAvenue.  Kirkland neighborhood associations that would like a demonstration can contact Neighborhood Resource Officer Audra Weber at 425-587-3451 or aweber@kirklandwa.gov.

 “We are pleased to host this web based community crime mapping program as it promotes trust and transparency by keeping the citizens of Kirkland well informed regarding recent crime activity in the city,” notes Kirkland Police Captain Bill Hamilton. 
“We genuinely want our community to be the eyes and ears of their police
department and to do so, the community needs to be familiar with crime
incidents where they live and work.” 

Kirkland Police officers will also be using the program to help them more easily identify crime trends
in their assigned patrol districts.


Farewell to Promesse

I just received my sad note today from Francine, the owner of Promesse, that she will be closing her doors on July 31st.  Starting June 14th ALL women's clothes are 20-60% off and baby things (newborn-6mo) are 60% off.  The fixtures, furniture/lighting will also be sold at a fraction of their wholesale price.  Here's what Francine wanted to share with  the community:

At Promesse, our 3 principles have always been to offer exclusive
brands & unique styles, uphold uncompromising quality & value, and
provide superb customer service. We have worked very hard daily to meet this
goal, and I hope that you feel we have delivered on our promise in the last 7


While we truly enjoy being a part of this wonderful community, the
time has come for Promesse and me to move on. The store will be closing on July
31st of this year. All of us at Promesse appreciate your continued loyalty and
support throughout the years. I personally am grateful for this extraordinary
experience, where I have had the opportunity to not only assist with my
clients' wardrobe needs, but to come to know them as inspirational individuals
as well. 


Please come check out our last sale or simply stop by to say



Francine P.


Kirkland has Redeeming Soles Now

Everyday Athlete
has teamed up with Redeeming Soles to gather shoes and socks for the needy around the Puget Sound Area.  Everyday Athlete is the first and only drop-off location in Kirkland and will be 'harvesting' new and gently worn shoes and socks at their sporting goods store on 98th Avenue NortheastRedeeming Soles is a non-profit organization that has eight other drop off sites and has collected over 14,000 pairs of shoes over the last year.  This year they are hoping for 50,000 pairs!  Is it time to do a little spring cleaning in YOUR shoe closet?   Questions or interest in having your organization host a shoe drive, contact Christine Shih, 206-225-9809.

4th of July Support Needed from Residents

Shocking, I know, but there's not a magical line item of funding in the city's budget for our 4th of July.  The corporate sponsors are already secured but we're still falling short overall so now we need you.  It's time Kirkland.  There are thousands of local residents that enjoy this family friendly tradition- we need to show the love now by sending a check in.  Any amount is great-  b/c a little can still add up to a lot.  Don't wait.  Put your latte down and do it now (please) cause you know you've been meaning to anyway..................

Celebrate Kirkland – July 4th:  Needs your help

 For 13 years the start of Summer in Kirkland has been marked by our fabulous 4th of July Celebration.  It is a celebration that helps to define us as the funky hometown city that most of us know and love.  From the beginning of the day when thousands of kids with their moms, dads, grandparents and every household critter gather in Marina Park to decorate their bikes, wagons and selves, to the two parades, the picnic in the park with vendors, food and music, to the grand finale, our own fantastic fireworks display, it is a day we revel in our own community.  Our church communities, school communities, our boy scouts, girl scouts, ball teams, business and neighborhood communities celebrate this holiday together in the parade or on the curbside, on the beach or in clusters of family and friends from our parks and balconies watching the fireworks fade away. 

This year, more than any previous year, fundraising has been extremely difficult.  We have raised $41K of the $61K necessary to put on the 4th.  We will be able to proceed with the Parade, thanks largely to our main parade sponsor, Lee Johnson Auto Family.  But we remain $20K short of the necessary funding for the Fireworks.

 With 4 weeks to go, it will take an enormous effort to pull this off.  Beyond Lee Johnson Auto Family, we have received sponsorship support from  local businesses like Overlake Oil,  Waste Management,  The Heathman Hotel, Astronics in Totem Lake,  Touchstone, the Woodmark Hotel, and Google along with  individual contributions from many Kirklanders.   .  With all this business support we still are far away from what we need to produce the fireworks that everyone expects and looks forward to.  We need your support!

 We hope you can help keep our celebration alive.   Spread the word!  Help us find a way to save our 4th of July.    Please donate at  the website: http://www.celebratekirkland.org/ or contact us at info@celebratekirkland.org or 425-686-0164 or contact the Chamber or KDA office at 425-822-7066


The Lodge Arrives in Kirkland

People are packing into The Lodge Sports Grille at 105 Lake St since it opened last week.  With lots of timbers, barrels, flat screen TV's, beer on tap and patrons buzzing, you can't help but to be drawn in to take a seat.  That is if you can find one, which we did-- right at the bar.  Steeeeeeeeeeeeve and I were there for date night on Thursday (I'm almost done teasing him about the eeeeee post, but not quite yet).  Joe, our super friendly bartender, looked us in the eye and asked our names and introduced himself with a handshake.  Love that.  Then he introduced us to Ryan and Nick, the men sitting beside us that became great buds to chatter with also.  We got to taste a few samples of the many beers on tap, and decided to go with a Tieton Cider, which is local and we really enjoyed- not too sweet. This place is probably a beer-drinkers dream- feel free to chime in beer drinkers....

Rabuchins always arrive hungry so we started with the steamed clams which were decent- the broth was really good -not oily or buttery. A bunch of the clamshells were empty, but maybe they escaped to the bottom of the bowl.   Little celery and pepper pieces were a nice touch in there.  I ordered the meatloaf with double veg which was pretty darn good, I would order it again.  The vegetables were super yummy- al dente green beans with some red peppers that had some sort of buttery salty deliciousness on them.  Steve had the ribs which are to be avoided- BUT here's the part I appreciate... Joe asked how they were and Steve said "they are ok."  Instead of saying "ok, great," Joe asked more questions and made sure to address Steve's slight hesitation about his (tough) ribs.  Ryan Zawisza, the General Manager, arrives within minutes with his big smile and shares his own concerns about the ribs.  Apparently it's a menu item they are considering removing from their offerings because, they agree, they just can't seem to get it right.  And he insists that they take them off our bill. 

In a nutshell- we really liked the friendly pub-like feel of The Lodge.  You can tell they know how close-knit we are in Kirkland because they are getting to know everyone and making it a priorty make us feel welcome.    These guys are doing all the right things, you should definitely go check it out if you haven't already.   Many friends have told me, "this is just what Kirkland needed."  Their hours are: M/T 11a-12a, W-F 11a-2a, Sat 8a-2a, Sun 8a-12a. 425-202-7763

Heathman Hotel Closed until August 1st

Many of you have already heard about The Heathman having to close for a few months due to a major waterline malfunction that did extensive damage to the hotel, spa and restaurant ( I tweeted it last week, are you following meeeeeeee? LOL).  This makes me so sad- not only for all of us that love to stay, spa and dine there, but especially for all those over at the Heathman that are having to deal with this unfortunate stroke of luck.  If you have reservations or an event, please call 425-284-5800 to get help with making alternate arrangements. 

Just received this update from the Heathman- good news:

The Heathman Hotel, Kirkland’s premier, full-service luxury hotel, today announced that The Heathman Hotel, Trellis and Penterra Spa will retain all employees after an unexpected temporary closure last month. All employees of the full service property will not only keep their jobs, but will be paid their regular salary and will receive full benefits until the property reopens.

On May 25, The Heathman Hotel experienced a catastrophic water main break causing major damage to the existing property and will remain closed until August 1.

“Our employees are the most valuable part of our business and we will continue to support them through this unexpected and unfortunate turn of events,” said Les Utley, general manager of the Heathman Hotel. “The commitment our staff provides to our hotel, restaurant and spa is the reason our guests keep coming back.  We wanted to offer the same commitment by keeping each and every one of our staff members employed during this temporary closure.”

In an effort to support local business, The Heathman Hotel has also reengaged the original designers, contractors and architects to complete the hotel, restaurant and spa renovations.

The Heathman Hotel, Trellis and Penterra plan to reopen in August. For additional information and updates, please visit http://www.heathmankirkland.com/.