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Kirkland Hometown Values Goes Mobile

We all love a deal. And now Kirkland Hometown Values...yes, that's the coupon magazine you get in the mail every quarter along with 30,000 other Kirkland residents, has expanded their reach to the digital world.  Now you can check out their  cool mobile website  and their iPhone and Android App that allow consumers to access this money saving tool while roaming the earth. For the free phone app, just search "Hometown Values" in the Android Market or iPhone App Store. You can discover deals from local vendors like Zeek's, Rock Star Tan Bar, EyeCandy, Sky Mania, Mezcal Grill, Sylvan, Northwest Aerials, and Party for Less just to name a few.  And don't be like me where you go someplace b/c you have a coupon and then totally forget to use it when you are paying anyway.  Blonde.  Definitely blonde.


New coffee drive-thru........maybe.....

Were you getting a little bit excited when you saw the old abandoned 2CH building (98th/116th) getting it's lot re-paved last week?  You weren't the only one... that poor crusty old thing is shouting out for some love.  When I did a little checking it turns out there is a 'cease and desist' order from the city because there are no permits submitted for the proposed drive-thru coffee shop.  Someone has to do the math on what kind of traffic jam that could create for thirsty un-caffeinated Kirklanders.  So stay tuned...

All Porsche Grand Display at Carillon Point

For a small suggested donation of $10 to benefit Evergreen Hospital's Uncompensated care, you can have a whole day of everything Porsche.  Aaaahhh, a girl can dream....

The Porsche Club of America, Pacific Northwest Region, proudly presents the inaugural All Porsche Grand Display at Carillon Point on September 23, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. This display of all things Porsche—sports cars, Panamera Sedans, Cayenne SUV’s, tractors, clothing, sporting equipment, drivers collection, memorabilia, and other items—will be displayed in the premier South Parking lot location just above the marina at Carillon Point.  The display will include some unusual, unique and historic road and track cars. There will also be several vendor booths, including Barrier Porsche, Griot’s Garage, Park Place Motors, Road Scholars and others.

The display will open at 9:00 AM with jazz and food. Then judging will be for best in classes and People’s Choice and awards will be given out at 3:00 PM. Two classes will be  given, including "Preparing your car for Concours and Detail Tips" at 10:30 AM and "Tips on Purchasing a Porsche" at 1:30 PM. Go enjoy a great day at Carillon with great cars and Porsche people. 

Marmot Motherload

BestKeptSecretMarmotSale 002  BestKeptSecretMarmotSale 003

This will no longer be the "Best Kept Secret" because now I am sharing it with all of you.   On Tuesday 9/18  our local sample store, "The Best Kept Secret" , at 503 6th St. South is putting tons of current season Marmot and Merrell winter/ski gear out on their floor at wholesale prices (plus 15%).  Fun brightly colored ski pants, jackets, shells, and half-zips in both mens and womens--everything is a size MEDIUM.  Prices range from $65-250 (some of which retail up to $650).

BestKeptcoats 031  BestKeptcoats 032

Here were my two favorite finds that you will see me sporting this season (Steve doesn't read this blog, does he?).  All of the new fall seasons finds will also be on the floor.  sssssshhh, it's a secret.............

Paddleboarding in Kirkland- Be Smart

I'm on the waters of Lake Washington 4-5 times a week and I've been watching you.    And I worry about you.  Really, I do.  I think the SUP (stand-up paddleboard) phenomenon here is fantastic.  It's a great chance to get on the water, work those shoulders/balance/core and take in some beautiful scenery while you are at it.  For those of you that don't know me, I am a boater/waterskiier and I own a SUP too.  I get it.  But here's the problem----when I am boating and you are paddling straight across the middle of the lake, I CANNOT see you (especially at sunset).  You look like a toothpick, which in other circumstances might be a compliment, however here it is not.  I've been taking some photos lately so you can see what I am talking about.  It's like a "Where's Waldo?" photo-shoot..

PaddleboarderInvisiblewarrow  Paddleboardersareinvisiblewarrow  Paddleboardersatskicourse

Maybe I'm getting old. I don't want to lecture, but I do want to make you aware because I know that you feel so tall and obvious standing there on your board..... but you are almost invisible, especially when you are dressed in a black wetsuit.  There are no traffic lanes or speed limits in the open water and often boaters are looking into the sun and have a 30mph wind whipping them in the face (and unfortunately many aren't paying full attention or have a beer in their hand too).  Stay along the shoreline if you can or wear some brightly colored clothing. 

The US Coast Guard now considers a SUP a 'vessel' which means you must have a PFD on board and a sound-producing device (besides your voice).  So now I see people paddling with a vest thrown on top of their boards.  PUT IT ON.  It seems slow and calm and harmless but nobody ever expects an emergency.  "Boats don't have brakes and unconscious people don't float" was one of the notable comments I found on this US Coast Guard Blog about SUP.  A few years ago I gashed my head open with my waterski in a bad fall---it was crystal clear on that day why you always have a driver AND a spotter.  Never thought I would need my third person to help drag me out of the water and adminster first aid that day.  Just like you never think you'd 'need' a lifevest on a paddleboard. 

Paddle-boarding is totally worth trying if you haven't done it. Places like Perfect Wave do rentals by the hour and will get you geared up.  Just be smart- wear your ankle leash, flotation device, a whistle, some bright clothes and stay along the shoreline where you can.

I spoke with Deputy Chris Bedker of the King County Sheriff's Office Marine Rescue & Dive Unit today.  If you are in a designated swimming area, you are not required to have a lifevest  (Houghton Beach, Juanita Beach, Waverly Beach Park). He emphasized that for kids 12 or under you MUST be wearing your PFD. The Deputy also advised that you wear brighter colors and be aware of the weather and water temperature and wear thermal protection accordingly.  The fee for a citation of not having your PFD is $87, and they try give SUP's a break by giving warnings when you don't have your sound device on board.   Enjoy these last weeks of summer........safely!  ~j



Eastside Vitality Health Month- Kirkland Event 9/15

There is a Community Health Fair this Sat Sept 15th from 9am-12pm at the Overlake Medical Clinic in Kirkland (290 Central Way). Meet neighborhood physicians and staff while receiving the following FREE services:

  • Cholesterol/Glucose screenings. Fasting is recommended, but not required.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • Blood Pressure checks.
  • Cardiac and Diabetes Risk Factor Assessments.
  • Consultations with Overlake physicians.
  • Clinic tours.
  • Giveaways.
  • Free smoothies after your FREE screenings.

All of the appointments filled up quickly,  but fear not, they are still holding 30 walk-in appointments which will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.  425-635-6470

Embody Health Grand Opening 9/12

Embody Health, Kirkland’s newest fitness studio, is having a grand opening celebration event  this Wednesday, September 12th 5pm – 8pm.  They are located at 11803 98th Ave NE (near Brix and Everyday Athlete) As part of the celebration, they are offering a free fitness boot camp for all fitness levels during the event. Love that! 

Here’s what is planned for the evening:

5pm: Ribbon cutting ceremony at Embody Health Fitness Studio

6pm: Head to Juanita Beach Park for a fun, fat-burning boot camp!

6:30pm: Back to the studio for some stretching and great health tips

6:45 – 8pm:  socializing, complimentary refreshments and snacks!


There will also be FREE swag bags full of great gifts for all of the attendees.  Curious to see what this new place is all about.  Post here if you have info to share.

 Questions? Contact Josh Cooper at  info@kirklandfitness.com or 425.307.1241





DennyFest this Sunday 9/9

The Finn Hill Neighborhood Association, formerly known at the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance, is hosting its annual "Dennyfest" this Sunday September 9th from 12-4.  FHNA a 15 year old non-profit organization that focuses on bringing neighbors in Finn Hill together through land conservation and environmental stewardship.  All are welcome! But what is a Dennyfest, you ask?  Sounds like a fun free party at O.O. Denny Park where there will be live music (dance, folk rock and jazz), a dog  parade, chili and pie contests, trail tours, and arts/crafts for the kids.   More info here and details on volunteering (and bringing YOUR kick butt chili) if you are interested. ~j 

Meet Steve.

Why...I ask myself.  Why when I am sitting at the traffic light at 116th and 98th do I always ignore eye contact with the homeless man that often stands under the shade of the tree with his sign in hand?  I'm not a big believer in dishing out money to these guys to help perpetuate their way of life.  However, his hand-written cardboard plea on this particular day said "hot food or coffee" so I decided to make some time and pick him up a Starbucks.  In the car, my kids are firing off a million questions none of which I know the answers to.  Yet.

So I want you to meet Steven.  He's 54 and from NY originally.  He's disabled and has been homeless for 7 years and lives in a tent in Bellevue, but has been taking the bus to his (our) corner in Kirkland for about a year now.  Steve used to be a bookbinder and a heavy machine operator, but now all he has are the clothes on his body, a few things in his backpack and his coveted heater, which is hidden back at his tent.  I was curious how much these guys pull in on a good day in Kirkland.  He had been there 8am-10:30am so far and only had 60 cents.  Typically, he'll pull in $20/day which supplements his $70/mo in food stamps.   Every corner in Totem Lake has some sad eyes and a sign, thanks to Tent City, says Steve, who also mentions he "gets along great with the cops.  I dis-associate myself from the drugs and drama."  From what Steve says there is a two year wait list for local housing, so he doesn't really have a plan.  But he was kind and respectful and appreciative so I was glad that I made the stop to say hello.  And I'm pretty sure this made an impression on my kids, who got their questions answered too.  Good luck to ya, Steve.