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A few more sweet ideas..

You saw my Valentine's reminder and meant to pick up the phone or start clicking but you forgot, didn't you?  Fear not. The Heathman Hotel is offering a special Valentine's Day Package for locals and visitors to enjoy the romantic holiday.  $214 for 2/14 includes: one night in a classic guestroom, valet parking, rose petal turndown, a bottle of champagne and a 'bathrobe breakfast for two' in-room.  This offer is available Feb 14-17th. Of course, Chef Brian Scheehserat at Trellis is creating a special prix-fix Valentine's day menu - always a treat! 

If you don't have someone to share this made-up Hallmark holiday with, you can still share some love with the warmth of your giving heart.  While the lucky ones will be nestling up at The Heathman, let's also remember some children go to sleep cold every night.   Sleep Country USA is having their annual pajama drive for foster kids (there are 20,000 in the Northwest!) now through March 3rd.   Donations of NEW pajames in all sizes can be dropped off at any Sleep Country store.  For Kirklanders, the closest one is Totem Lake.

Happy Valentine's, my sweets.....~j

Lake Street Place: What's in Store for Downtown Kirkland

It's time to get ready for some exciting new development in downtown Kirkland.  Finally!  The re-vitalization effort on Lake Street, spear-headed by Stuart McLeod, is a down-sized version of the approved plans from 2007.  The new spaces will add 185,000 sf total, which includes 70,000 sf of office space, retail and restaurants on the ground floor and 252 new parking spots in a concealed above ground parking garage (which will be public in the evening-yahoo!).  Stuart is a long-time Kirklander, and with the help of Chesmore/Buck Architecture, they have created a well thought out plan which includes a courtyard area and wide sidewalks to keep the look and feel of Kirkland and to encourage foot traffic and community gatherings. "If another developer was doing a project on thissite, they could just place the face of the building 13’ off of the Lake Streetcurb instead of the gracious 33’ width of the courtyard proposed by McLeod. The courtyard will be such a public amenity for year round activities"," said architect Rick Chesmore.   Building heights max at 55 feet, which is the current zoned code.  You can see from the rendition above how office space gets tiered on top of Milagro and behind Hector's with patios and landscaping.  And where there is office space, there are hungry employees to eat in our restaurants and patrons to shop in our stores. 

The 5th hearing with the Design Review Board was this week, and they received approval to move forward with their plans.  Next  they will submit for a permit.  The project will likely spend a year in development (permit/bidding process/pre-leasing) and is estimated to take 18-24 months to build.  I'm looking forward to this endeavor breathing new life into our downtown.   ~j 

Get Fit for $40 at Bassline Fitness

Bassline (5)  Bassline (1)

January seems to be the time that everyone decides "this is my year to get fit"- so what's stopping you?  Nothing now.  I know we all love a deal, so Bassline Fitness is offering Kirkland Weblog readers unlimited classes in January for $40.    Or, you can set yourself up for auto-pay for $40/mo unlimited (usually $80-hurry before they change their minds).  There's great energy in those classes and I promise, you WILL get a good workout.  I am one of those weird humans that rarely sweats, and even I sweat in their classes.  If you haven't tried it yet, your first class is FREE.  

Also new at Bassline, when classes are not in session, they are offering 'open gym' times so you can use their equipment (Woodways/krank machines/spinners/rowers/sandbags/TRX) and do your own thang. Childcare is offered through their Kids Cottage.  No more excuses-- get off your rump roast and start running to 126 Central Way.  Bonus: you will feel good about supporting a new local business! Call w/questions 425-739-4444.

Your Valentine Reminder

I didn't want to start the new year off by whining about the things that have gone sideways for me in the first 4 days of the year already.  Nor did I want to kick off 2013 by blasting LA Fitness for being an over-glorified corporate box of cardio machines with no care for customer service.  That would be a jerk move.  So instead let's talk about something happy, like love and maybe add in a little laughter at the end with some Polar Plunge photos ( a bit late, see rant above)....

Boys, THIS IS YOUR REMINDER, a small gift from me to you...make your Valentine's reservations now.  Most absent-minded men will be scurrying around a month from now with high hopes of impressing their lady, only to find that they can't get a reservation until 10 pm.  But not MY blog readers, you guys are on your game.  Carillon Point is ready for you-- I know The Woodmark has put together some special Valentine's packages- Lover's Choice, Lakeside Rendezvous, and the Boats and Bubbles Proposal.  bin on the lake and Beach Cafe have both crafted special menus and cocktail selections for the occasion.  Their Northwest Face Spa has also created some rejuvenating specials for couples such as: Romeo & Juliet (30min 'sweet-ish" massage/pedicure/champagne for 2 for $220), Cupid Retreat (80 min river rock stone massage for 2 at $290). The spa deals are available thru 2/25 so even if you are one of those late guys, you could still impress! Or if your wallet is empty from the holidays, how about leaving a handwritten love note somewhere for her? Texting it doesn't count.  Go old school, the ladies love that. Anyway, feel free to comment if you know of other special Valentine happenings around town. 

 And - the polar plunge drew an extra big crowd this year, thanks to clear sunny skies and calm water.  Although, I still find is curious that there are so many more observers than plungers.  Watching does not compare to doing. As our seven year old Brady realized this year with his first full submersion on New Year's day.  No more going in to your knees and running out lil buddy- welcome to the club! (photo below)

JanuaryEarly 077  JanuaryEarly 085  JanuaryEarly 091