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Zarza Style Boutique

Pecoaro (3)   Pecoaro (1)

I couldn't help but notice (ie: be nosy) that a new little shop with fun girly accessories opened on Market Street right next to Salon Pecoaro.    I dropped in to discover that it is actually connected to the salon and one of the stylists, Donnette Russell (photo left), has expanded the space and will call it Zarza Style Boutique.  She has lots of great fashion jewelry ($5-50), scarves ($15) and purses for super reasonable prices.  I'm thinking it could be a great place to pop in for a hostess gift or to find some last minute jewelry to go with an outfit you are wearing that evening.

UNRELATED GOLDEN NUGGET for you: I recently figured out the Kirkland Costco gas station is open early (even though the store doesn't open until 10). So you CAN get less expensive fuel with no line.  It's not even on their website.... There's literally nobody there at 9am on a weekday.  Can't believe I am telling you all my secrets. Here are their hours: 6am-9:30pm Mon-Fri and 6am-7pm Sat/Sun. 


Ambrosia: My Juanita Village Oasis

I made an appointment for a 90 minute facial at Ambrosia MedSpa & Wellness  (across from Juanita Village Starbucks) because-hey- it was the last week of school for the kids so it might be my last moment of silence and self-indulgence for a few months.  And what a treat it was! 

I did some quick and easy paperwork before Maren Brown, medical aesthetician,  whisked me into her room and the magic began.  She cleansed my face with a Clarisonic before the microdermabrasian which felt like a small mechanical sander sloughing off all that old dry skin that used to make me look like I was 87.  Maren's music was a relaxing mix off of her own playlist which didn't include dribbling waterfalls which I was thankful for (cuz they make me feel like I have to pee).

A series of steaming, warming,  sponging, painting, extracting, massaging and small rhythmic circling with Eminence Organic Skin Care products (decolletage and hands too) was so heavenly I woke myself up with a giant snore! Which is always embarrassing but Maren rightfully understood this as a true sign of a job well done.   Which I also felt when I looked at my glowing shining face of healthy aftermath and thought, "there's hope for me yet! Thanks Maren!"

Ambrosia MedSpa & Wellness has had a new owner since January, Stacie Lindal.  Stacie was a corporate HR Director for 16 years but always had a passion for skincare.  When she decided to pursue her dream of running a skincare business, she chose Ambrosia because "...she loved the staff.  it just felt RIGHT."  Ambrosia has been around since 2008 and Stacie has kept much of the staff in place. 

Ambrosia offers an array of spa services such as facials, laser hair removal, photo-facials, microdermabrasian and skin re-firming.  This may sound like Greek to you youngsters out there, but words to the wise: pay attention now for what awaits around the corner.  They also have a family doctor, Dr. Vern Cherewatenko on site three days a week.  He is able to help with things such as B-12 shots, bio-identical hormones, ADHD, sports physicals and general health.  Dr. Alexander Sobel is an aesthetic injector and is double board certified in General Cosmetic Surgery and Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery.  This is one stop shopping to the fountain of youth and wellness in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.  Not even halfway into summer and I am missing Maren already.  There's a special offer too, of course, for first time clients (one per client) you can enjoy the "Triple Beauty Treat", which is 3 treatments for $150.  You can join their email list here to stay up to date on all the monthly specials. Feel free to check them out- good stuff awaits you! 425-814-3235 ~j

Calling all Cat Ladies

MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland (a non-profit no-kill shelter near PCC) is hosting author Gwen Cooper on Sat July 20th from 2-4pm.  Gwen, the best-selling author of "Homer's Odyssey", and her latest, "Love Saves the Day", is visiting animal shelters instead of book stores on her book tour.  It's the trend of the future. And it's free, no RSVP needed.

Here's my favorite part........ MEOW is SO EXCITED to have her as a special guest that they will be offering an adoption promo through the month of July called "Love Saves."  That means two for one cat and kitten adoptions! No joke.  (Steve's eyes start puffing up if I even type the word 'kitten').  So you don't have to decide which of your kids to give a special kitten to this summer- get one for each of them! Go- go now- look at all these kitty cats---aaaahchoooo--- that need a home! ~j

Dare I Call It Murder?

Dareicallitmurder   Larryedwards

Author Larry Edwards is a Kirkland/Seattle guy, and LWHS graduate, who has written the story of his own real-life cold case mystery.  Dare I Call It Murder? A Memoir of Violent Loss is written by the son of Loren and Joanne Edwards who died violently aboard their sailboat in Polynesia in 1978.  Thirty-five years later, with nobody ever being charged for the crimes, Larry tries to set the record straight and reveals facts unknown to the public in hopes of bringing some semblence of justice to his parents.   

I am downloading this now. I have a disturbing addiction to 48 Hours Mystery, but this one is a bit close to home.  Just released 7/9, you can find all the info on his website.     

Get our Your Calendars: Corks, Concerts and Kids

Pull out your phone and get these on your calendar---(that sounds really bossy, doesn't it?)

Kirkland Uncorked 2013 is coming to  Kirkland Marina Park next weekend July 19-21.  All the details here for a fun filled weekend of art, food and wine on the waterfront.

The concerts have begun! Evening concerts are at Marina Park on Thursdays (first one 7/11-that's TONIGHT!) from 7-8:30. Children's concerts have MOVED to Juanita Beach Park from 10-11am on Tuesdays.  Suggested donation for these free events is $2/per person.

There is a Kids Triathlon through the City of Kirkland on Sept 14th at Juanita Beach Park at 11am.  It is not timed - just geared towards good fun and fitness for ages 3-12. $30 registration, course code 39209.


Restaurant Updates around Town

July 039
But first a 4th of July photo of our kids sitting sweetly together at the Kirkland parade.  No teasing, prodding, crying or complaining which is a truly rewarding parental moment I wanted to share with you, since it happens once every 2 years or so. Hope your holiday was great too.  What a fun day!

OK- quick and dirty things I've noticed/heard....

Charlie's Burgers on Lake St, CLOSED- no big shocker, that's a tough location.  Next up, Thai food.

Qdoba on Lake St.- CLOSED- Well that was fast.  I guess that custom salad with heaps of pork and guacamole for $5 that I always ordered wasn't really a money maker for them.  Bummer.

But the good news...

Tipsy Cow- OPENING-The owners of Brix in Juanita Village are opening a new restaurant in Redmond this fall on Cleveland near Matador (new building).  Totally different concept- burgers! Will let you know more when it's closer to opening date.

Asian Wok- TRANSFORMING- Megan, the bartender, recently bought the place and is planning on making some changes.  I heard American food but need to find out the details.  Please oh please Megan do some remodeling for us :-)

I have bunches of other stuff to tell you but I've been pretty busy with this sunshine and all of the fun that surrounds it.  I refuse to apologize for that.  More soon... j