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The City Wants to See Us..

The City of Kirkland wants us to talk with them and walk with them.  Here are a few events I thought you might want on your radar.

Kirkland 2035: Community Planning Day, Sat 10/19 10am-2pm, Peter Kirk Community Center

Won't we be reading minds and driving personal space shuttles by 2035, you ask?  Ummmm, don't think so- it's not that far off so let's start planning for it.  There will be conversation stations for many hot topics and they want your input. Interactive Sessions will be 1/Comprehensive Plan Visioning: 10:30-11:30am or 12-1pm "What's your vision for Kirkland in the future?" and 2/Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan: 10:30-11:45 or 12-1:15pm where you can see concepts for the future of the Corridor and share your ideas.  Questions send a note to: or 425-587-3001.

Cross Kirkland Corridor Community Walk, Sun 10/27 at 1pm.  

Say hello to the Kirkland City Council and together you can celebrate the continuing transformation of the Cross Kirkland Corridor.  An interactive tour of the Cross Kirkland Corridor starts at 108th Ave NE (near South Kirkland Park & Ride) and ends at the Google campus.  A free shuttle will take you back or you can walk the entire 5.75 mile journey and earn a railroad spike.  Go for the spike! Then your grandchildren will believe you when you tell them there used to be a railroad there.  Or at least you'd have a crazy looking sharp object to scare small children on Halloween.  Just thinking out-loud...j



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