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A Naked Cow & Coyote?

Alright Kirklanders- I think this is a no-brainer, but I need your opinion to validate my sanity.  And your COMMENTS at the end of this post (not in my inbox, pls!) so your voice can be heard.  

It has come to my attention that the attire of our cow and coyote in the center of downtown is in question. SomeBODY is very unhappy that our art sculptures are treated with such inhumanity at every holiday.  Red scarves at Valentine's, or rallied up in Seahawks gear for the big Superbowl game, or Easter baskets and bonnets in the springtime -it's all a flurry of turmoil and the Cultural Art Commission is holding a meeting on Weds 2/19 at 4pm in the Rose Hill Room (City Hall) to decide what kinds of rules/regulations they need to adopt to address this issue.  

I am not kidding here people.  There is a city meeting to discuss the dress code for our beloved cow and coyote, whom I am pretty sure would freeze without the hand-sewn treasures that adoring citizens wrap onto them in good-natured fun on their own time.  This whimsical display, in my opinion, represents Kirkland and who we are- we are a community that is artsy, smart, generous, outdoorsy, unique, clever, respectful, humorous, appreciative and tightly knit.  I look forward to turning onto Central Way to see what those two are wearing and my kids point and chuckle as if the cow and coyote are their old friends.  I'm pretty sure I see them smile back at us, too.  Don't suck the smiles out of our everyday lives! ~j  



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Thank you for letting the public know about this meeting. It seems like it was done very secretly or at least quietly to not want public feedback...
But to the main point, this is ridiculous...let the town of Kirkland enjoy something like decorating the cow and coyote. It brings joy, smiles, pride, many things for so many people. I work with very sick people, and sometimes something as simple as a decoration makes the day 'okay'...please don't make how we decorate our statue a 'ruling'. This is something that makes our community a community. Are you really going to take something so simple away just because you feel there needs to be a rule!!! Please listen to the public this time around!!!


Have you checked out the comments here? I think the'll definitely validate you. It's pretty sad if they stop the fun:

Gail Goldman

I completely agree with you on this one. The attire that these two don is always festive and smile-inducing, and it would be a sad (and uptight) day if the city banned those moments.

Thom Mason

Puleeeez. One person doesn't like the fun decorations on our cow/dog????? What happened to majority rules. Who is this person? Who has that much curmudgeonliness?


I think C&C dress code should be closer to the rest of Kirkland's--khaki's and a polo shirt. Of course anything goes on Casual Fridays...

Sharon Vanderslice

Seriously, we have to schedule a meeting to discuss rules around the attire for the Cow and Coyote. Please let this one go so we can continue to enjoy the outfits that our creative neighbors come up with for the sculpture. I continue to take pictures and forward to my family around the country--they love it as well.


Heck, why stop at just a meeting. Let's get this on the ballot! Let's all volunteer to stand outside Costco and get signatures to get it on the ballot. Does anyone have Tim Eyman's phone number? Maybe the firefighters can "fill the boot" with donations to get the cow and his little buddy some designer digs.

Sheesh, get a life.

Conversely, maybe we should stage a large demonstration (signs on sticks, King5 news, etc.) for the night of the meeting.... Sounds like a fun thing to do for a bunch of contrarian high school kids to have fun with.


The sculptures are a great addition to the city, specifically because of the community culture associated with dressing them up throughout the year, not despite of it!


Keep dressing them!! Are you kidding me?! Checking out their funky outfits makes the holidays and special events just a little more fun. Don't be buzz-killers.


They have too much time on their hands!

Lisa Oelsner

My kids asked me the other day when we drove by Cow and Coyote - Who decorates the cow all the time? I said, I think the city does. So we were trying to figure out what department in the city would be responsible for showing such great community spirit. We could not figure it out. Now it makes sense... they would not do anything that much fun! : (

Henry Brown

If I wanted to be politically and artistically correct, I wouldn't be living in Kirkland. Let the fun and creativity continue by decorating the Cow and Coyote!

Liz Hunt

Really??! Love the statues and the decorations.

Just got back in town. Was there a meeting? What happened??

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