Alanya & Ariana Open in Kirkland
Art in Action at the Woodmark Hotel

Pleasant Surprises.......

Things they are a changing.  

DeRuTakeTwo (2)   DeRuTakeTwo (3)

I've always liked DeRu Market (723 9th Ave) but haven't been in there too often since they opened because there wasn't any seating.  Have you been in there lately?!  Love love love. It's adorable with it's farmhouse feel of bright crisp whites, woods and mason jars and SEATING.  A great little neighborhood spot. The food is excellent - quick, tasty and organic.  For lunch I've been ordering the 1/2 smoked turkey sandwich (hold the bread) with 1/2 farm salad and it's under $10 and delicious.  The menu changes from day to day. You can still get things to go- lots of great items in the case, not to mention some insane looking 6-layer cakes that seem to fly out of the case and onto people's tables at a lighting rapid rate. Coconut cream, chocolate/peanut butter-- danger! Anyway- wanted to give you the update since I was pleasantly surprised with how they've evolved.  If that wasn't reason enough, I also noticed that there's happy hour Mon-Thurs from 3-5pm.  I wish there was something like this downtown, but hidden in East of Market is kind of nice too- easy parking! People are clearly onto the greatness here-check out my (1) before noon and (2) after noon  photos.

DeRuTakeTwo (4)   DeRuTakeTwo (1) <---Deru

Speaking of improvements, the Asian Wok is long overdue for some.  But keep an eye out- the bartender bought the place and is making some changes (goodbye faded purple awnings!) including changing the restaurant over to American fare. Right now just the bar is open while they work on the restaurant side. They still pour a strong drink for a fair price- Steve and I walked out of there with a $14 tab for the two of us.

And you should also know that there's good news for tea time in Kirkland.  The Heathman Hotel has seen such success with their new afternoon tea, that they have decided to extend it indefinitely!  They have a beautiful presentation box of teas (photo) to choose from.  I gave them each a sniff and went for the 'Green Tea Passion," which was lovely in my very own pot with all of the accompaniments. And what better place to sip tea than the lobby of this great hotel where you feel relaxed, fancy, included and secluded all at the same time. ~j


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What would we do without all this wonderful info you give us !! I'm off to DeRu !! (but where does the name come from ?!)

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