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Find your Inner Tarzan with Tree Time L.L.C

TreeTime 007   TreeTime 012   TreeTime 015  TreeTime 018

The whole Rabuchin family ventured out to try recreational tree climbing this past Sunday (yes, the beautiful 55 degree day!) with Katie Oakley of Tree Time L.L.C.  Did you even know there was such a thing? This is not the way you traditionally think of tree climbing (like a squirrel scurrying up some branches), this is getting harnessed in and being suspended from a rope while inch-worming your way up a magnificent oak.   Our kids (11,11, and 9) seemed to be perfect ages to join in this activity.  They were able to follow the simple directions and delight in their 50 foot ascent to the upper canopy of the tree.  The kids favorite part was the canvas hammock perched in the tree that they climbed over and into and they enjoyed a snack and took in the scenery.  My favorite part was laughing at Steve because the kids figured it out more quickly than he did. Katie does a great job of verbally walking each climber through the steps and giving suggestions of how to maneuver in the tree once you get up in there.  We didn't have to bring any equipment.  Helmets and harnesses were provided and fitted when we arrived.  I borrowed a pair of gloves which was really helpful for my (soft ladylike?? ha) hands on the ropes.

TreeTime 019
Are you scared?  Don't be.  In over 30 years of this method of tree climbing there have been zero accidents. Even if you have a fear of heights, it's very serene and a slow moving process where you are mostly looking upwards.  Katie (photo), who has a UW degree in Ecology and multiple certifications from Tree Climbing Planet, leads her climbs at a special arborist-approved tree in Marymoor Park in Redmond.  She's a longtime Kirkland swimming instructor at Angelfish Swimming, so was hopeful to stay in Kirkland.  But when she approached the city with her plan, they weren't interested.  Maybe if enough Kirklanders love it as much as she does, there could be some future tree climbing at Juanita Bay Park? Sounds like there are a few perfect trees there.  ;-)

A typical climb takes 1.5 hrs and she offers different dates for scheduled climbs, so you just schedule a time that works for you.  On our day, she was set up to accomodate 4 climbers at a time.  The fee is $25/climber or she also does private parties.  It was gorgeous out when we went, but you can climb rain or shine.  $1 parking was easy just across the street.  Upcoming climbing dates (helloooooo Earth Day!!) are on Tree Time's website.  Questions??? 206-948-9935 or treetimellc@yahoo.com.  See you at the top? ~j


Sotheby's and Asher Photos

Sothebys2014complete (1)   Sothebys2014complete (2)  Sothebys2014complete (3)
If the Sotheby's was trying to be a tempting place that we wouldn't be able to walk by without stopping in for a glass of wine...it's working!  Nice job - total northwest swanky Kirkland style real estate office.  Here's the scoop on what they're doing.  Stop in to this Delille location Mon-Thurs 11-7 and Sat/Sun 11-9. 

Ashernew2014 (4)   Ashernew2014 (3)   Ashernew2014 (5)

And then check out the pics of Asher's new digs across the hall from Sotheby's.  They moved from Central Way to Lake St. for the location/exposure and more space.  Love that they have incorporated more 'man gifts' and other accessory type soaps and things for when you're not quite ready to buy your guy a plaid shirt.

Ignition Auction: Kirkland's 4th of July Fundraiser, Sat 3/22

Fireworks heart  <--if we raise enough money, I think we should request THIS one!

Lucky for us there are some well-informed Kirklanders that realize we need to start thinking about (and fund-raising for) our 4th of July festivities.  Thank you, oh smart and powerful ones.  Obviously, it can't happen without volunteers and some dollars.  So let's start with the dollars. We'll bug you to volunteer later. ;-)

What: 2014 Kirkland 4th of July Auction

When: THIS Sat 3/22/14

        6pm Auction, 7pm dinner, 8pm auction closes, 9pm live music

Where: Kirkland's Fraternal Order of Eagles, where else??

            258 Central Way, Kirkland

Why: so we can enjoy an awesome parade and fireworks this year

How: $20 ticket includes light 'celebration dinner' by Peter Mangouras from George's

        Tickets available at the Grape Choice and George's

Who:  you (duh)- and all of your friends too

For more info or to just donate some cash if you are deathly afraid of human interaction or too lazy to go or its a full moon or whatever, you can call 425-765-5576. ~j



Found Interiors Opens on Market St

In case you were lost, now you can be "Found."  But I should warn you that you may get lost again in the labyrinth of treasured consignments at Found Interiors, which just opened last Friday at 706 Market St (next to Haystack Antiques)  Ann Kenney moved her Seattle store to the eastside and is already cycling high end quality furniture in and out of her shop at a rapid rate.  This concept is much like that of Blooming Home, which used to be next door years ago.  Consignments are sold for a 50/50 split and kept for 90 days, so inventory is constantly changing- and is also updated on their website here.  You'll find 50-75% off of retail prices on popular brands like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Thomasville and many more.  Grab a friend and go.

Foundinside   Foundinsideopening

You'll love Ann, she's super down to earth and will help you find your gems or sell them. Check back at Found often, you never know what you might be missing ;-) Hours are Tues- Sat 11-6 and Sun 11-5.  425-968-5420 or foundconsignment@gmail.com.~j

Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen Opens to a Packed House

Isarn   IsarnInside

How...lucky...are....we... when it's date night Weds and ALSO the opening night of Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen at 170 Lake St. S (425-298-4429).  Yahoo- jackpot!  First, you should know that Steve said I could quote him (rarity).  "Out of all the new restaurants we've tried around town lately, this one's my favorite!" he said with a smile as he ordered his second hand-crafted whiskey drink.  My lychee martini was amazing also- it would have been too easy to drink 4 of them.  Don't worry, I didn't. LOL.  

Isarnfood   IsarnRibs

It was a 60 degree evening, the sun was out and Kirklanders didn't hesitate to fill the tables while the big glass doors to the sidewalk were open.  Great cozy, warm, modern Asian feel inside- lots of wood, leather and glass.  We sat at the bar and enjoyed the chicken/tomato dip appetizer , followed by the ribs and minced lamb with basil (photos) and a side of veggies ( kale, broccoli, cauliflower was a nice combo).  It was all excellent- a great variety of flavors and the ribs were perfectly cooked.  And what  a refreshing surprise to easily be able to avoid the rice/fried stuff and still have a delicious and filling meal.  I can't wait to go back and try the salty crab papaya salad and a curry.  Also tempting was the Hat Yai Fried Chicken which is southern thai fried chicken topped with fried garlic which is a popular street dish that is well-known in many areas of Thailand.  Our bartender was both friendly and professional- it was fun watching him carefully create the interesting drink menu items.

After all was going oh-so-well, the best part wasn't until the end when the bill came.  3 drinks, an appetizer and 2 entrees= $66.  Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen will definitely be on the rotation of regular dates night for the Rabuchins. Welcome to Kirkland Isarn.  You DO have soul. Love ya.  Mean it. ~j



You Won't Starve in Kirkland

It's time for "Dine Around Seattle" where you can support local restaurants with gourmet prix-fixe menus.  $30 for three course dinner and $15 for three course lunches, how could you possibly go wrong?  Over 35 restaurants are participating from Sun 3/2- Thur 3/27 (excluding dinner Fri/Sat and lunch  Sat/Sun.  You don't have to travel far, in Kirkland the following are participating: BeachHouse Bar & Grill, Le Grand Bistro Americain, Ristorante Paradiso, Volterra.  

Other eating temptations you should know about:

The Cascade Dinner Series at The Heathman.  Kirkland and Portland are pairing up for " A Taste of Two Cities" on Fri 3/21 at 6:30pm.  For $109 you get a five course meal, reception and wine.  Chefs Brian Scheehser of Trellis and Michael Stanton of The Heathman Restaurant Bar have joined culinary forces to bring you some amazing dishes.  Call 425-284-5858 or email events@heathmankirkland.com for reservations. 

Anthony's Oyster Festival in March! This month features fresh oysters from cold clean Pacific waters that may be on the half shell, seared well, baked, fried, or of course, wine-paired.  Oyster wines, oyster tacos, oyster salsas, oyster burgers--oyster lovers, look no further.   There's lunch ($8.95-15.95) or dinner ($17.95-28.95) or happy hour ($6 oyster specials) which all offer delicious choices.  Or if you think you are a pro 'slurper' you should show up during the Friday Night Oyster Slurp at 6pm where you can win prizes for some hands-free oyster slurping.  This is sort of tempting to go watch just so I can put photos up on the blog for everyone to see. ;-)

Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen is opening soon in downtown Kirkland (old Thin Pan location on Lake St.).  I was a bit confused by the 'soul' food reference with Thai food until I read this on their Facebook page, "The reasoning behind 'Thai Soul Kitchen' in our name is simply said because we know every type of culture has their own soul food. So for Thai people their comfort foods would be Isarn food. It's food that satisfies every palate and fuels the soul." It looks like it's shaping up nicely in there.  LMK if you beat me to it for trying out a meal there.


KPD Charity Golf Tournament

It's never too early in the season to start thinking of your golf game.  Especially when it can benefit others. The Kirkland Police Dept would like to invite you to play in their 2014 Charity Golf Tournament which benefits the Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) and Special Olympics Washington.  

When:      Monday June 2nd, 11am Shotgun Start

Where:    Bear Creek Country Club, Woodinville

Why:        It's for a good cause and let's be honest, your golf game needs a jump start

                $120 per golfer before 5/20, $150 after 5/20

What:    Includes green fee, cart, valet bag drop, range balls, box lunch, catered dinner, goodie bag

            (frustration and joy are free of charge)

How:    Register at www.wastatecops.org/golf

            Questions: Kristina Shull 425-587-3461 or Sheryl Wood 425-587-3459

@tdcurran : Our Local Apple Expert

@tdcurran (2)   @tdcurran (1)

Some people assume that because I write a blog that I have some sort of technical expertise.  Sadly, that could not be further from the truth.  For example, until last week I was still carrying around my cracked old iphone 4 that I was afraid to upgrade for fear of losing all of my contacts again  (long story) or creating duplicate entries of everyone on my calendar (yes, this has happened before).  Don't laugh at me, I am a magnet for technical catastrophes.  

When I went to upgrade to my iphone 5s, I decided it might be fun to check out this new @tdcurran in Totem Lake (12345 Ne 116th) instead of trekking to Verizon or navigating the sea of blue shirts at the Apple Store.  What is this place???  I didn't know, but it's close and there's parking and it appeared un-stressful and touts being an "Apple Specialist" so that was good enough to get me in the door.

I'm glad I was feeling adventurous that day.  Jacob took my poor clueless soul under his wing and had me out of there tightly grasping my new highly functioning phone with accessories in under and hour.  All of my data made it too, a miraculous outcome for me.  I went back a few days later when one of my email accounts wasn't sending properly (i'm sure I messed it up, see first paragraph above) and they got that taken care of in no time.  @tdcurran, which stands for Troy Curran, the owner, is an authorized service center and retail specialist.  You can head there for quick turnaround, local, personalized service and they honor Apple's warranty.  These guys can fix computers (not ipads or iphones) and you can trade-in or trade-up.  Training classes are also available.  They have been open since Oct and are also a Verizon authorized retailer, and you'll see full displays of Apple's product line available for purchase.  

I love that @tdcurran is quiet, calm and close.  So dingalings like me can take a little time to get it right. They also have stores in Bellingham, Burlington and Issaquah. 1-800-645-2533

Kirkland ParkPlace Movies go Digital

Moviesteam   Moviesupstairs  Moviesharddrive

Our Kirkland movie theater has recently made the move to digital technology.  "It was a big investment, but everyone came together and we found a way to make it work," said owner Jeff Cole.  This moment is bitter-sweet though, for Cole who lived in Hollywood for a time and loves film.  I could sense a bit of sadness in his tone as he spoke of moving away from the 24 frames per second 35 mm film, and the classic looking projectors that delivered it to the big screens (photo w/Chris, Jeff and Jaennae).  Since I got to sneak behind the scenes, I thought I would share a photo of what the space ABOVE the theaters looks like, in case you've ever wondered. The large metal pizza looking shelves used to hold the old film.  Now there is the silent hum of 6 digital machines controlling the movies. Hard drives get delivered in suitcase-like cases (photo).  

Moviesprojector  (before)   Moviesdigitalmachine  (after)

Having digital format capabilities allows the theater to continue receiving current movies from the 27 studios they have contracts with, and also presents them the opportunity to exhibit other products.  Perhaps a Japanese animated festival? The average viewer won't be able to detect a difference in the new technology when watching it on the screen.  But we DO know they've made a commitment to continue delivering Kirklanders the latest/greatest movies.  And we thank you. Check out what's new and coming at www.kirklandmovies.com

And if you're thinking right now (cause I'm a mind-reader)... "I wonder what ever happened to that Kirkland Park Place re-development plan?"  Don't hold your breath.  Prudential, who now owns 100% of the project, appears to be sitting tight for now.  No permits applied for or even construction documents drafted.  In fact, a new tenant just signed a 4 year lease.........cliffhanger............wait for it..............wait for it..........j