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SleepCountry USA Wakes Up Juanita Bay Park

Sleepcountryvolunteers (2)
While the rest of us are pulling our boats out of storage, hitting the car-wash or heading to a patio for happy hour on this sunny 84 degree day in Seattle, SleepCountry USA has their employees doing volunteer park restoration. There are about 550 volunteers all over Seattle right now.   As part of their four day corporate conference, one day is dedicated to getting out into their communities and giving back with various types of volunteer work.   I spotted about 30 helpers down at Juanita Bay Park, with the guidance of the City of Kirkland Parks Dept,  sweating bullets over some serious restoration efforts.  They looked fearless with wheelbarrows, mulch and many gloved hands.  Big shout-out to the SleepCountry crew!  Thank you for selflessly surrendering yourselves on one of the two sunniest days we've had so far this year.  You're the best! ~j

CLEAN SWEEP 2014: Sat 4/26

Cinderella  <--who knows-maybe you will meet your Cinderella at the Clean Sweep??

What could make you feel better than volunteering to clean up your downtown at 8:30 this Saturday morning?  Well, I guess I could think of a few things, but I'll keep this one toward the top of the list for the sake of community spirit AND earning a Volunteer Rewards Card.  That's right.  Your hours of devotion to this city will no longer fly under the radar.  And for this clean sweep event, you will earn double hours for your time that can be redeemed for discounts and special offers from local participating merchants. It's kinda like a Kirkland Superstar Card.  Priceless.

So wake up, drink some coffee, and put on some crappy clothes (it's not often that I recommend that). Then grab your rake, shovel, dustpan, broom, gloves and head down to the Park Lane Starbucks. Drink some more coffee.  Have a treat. Then get to work and help make our streets downtown shine.  Weeds, dust, garbage and winter crud will all be miraculously scrubbed free by the hands of awesome volunteers like you that take pride in our city and put in the work that makes us shine.   RSVP to Barbie Collins Young at barbiey@kirklanddowntown.org or 425-766-6982.   ~j

Olate Dogs are Coming to Kirkland

Do you put slippers on your dog's paws when you walk in the rain or kiss him on the lips and then pretend like nobody saw you? Do you let your dog sleep on your bed?  Then I have got a great show I think you are going to enjoy.  

The Olate Dogs, the 2012 winners of NBC's "America's Got Talent," will be performing in Kirkland in early May.  There are a few different ways you can have the opportunity to behold this amazing gaggle of rescue dogs that do tricks such as jumping rope, riding scooters and doing backflips, all difficult feats for most humans.  Led by Richard and Nicholas Olate, these pooches pack a punch for an entertaining and high energy performance.  Go check 'em out:

-The Kirkland Chamber of Commerce 24th Annual Auction Gala, which they are appropriately calling "Raise Your Paw" on Fri May 9th at the Kirkland Performance Center from 6-10pm. TIckets are $100/person or $150/couple and you will be treated to a glamorous evening with wine and hors d'oeuvres from Trellis, with many hard-to-resist auction items.  You can buy tickets online here or call the Chamber Office at 425-822-7066.

-The Olate Dogs will also be performing at KPC on Thursday 5/8 at 7:30 pm.  Adult tickets are $25 and kids are $15. Purchase online here or call KPC. I'm betting the kids would LOVE this.

-On May 10th at 10am the Olate Dogs will be in Marina Park to greet our Kirkland community. 


That's right, it's time to do some egg hunting this weekend. Thank you to the  Kiwanis Club of Kirkland for sponsoring this favorite event on Easter Sunday 4/20 at 1:30pm SHARP at Peter Kirk Park.  You're smart to arrive early to find your appropriate age group and hunting area. But fear not, plenty of chocolate eggs will abound for all. 

If you are an avid egg-hunt hopper, here's a site that tells you where to find other Easter egg hunts in WA too. Happy hopping! ~j

Kirkland Art Walk: Second Friday of Every Month 5-8pm

The Kirkland Art Walk is back!  And it's going to be an extra special one on Friday April 11th because an additional 16 businesses are hosting local artists that night.    The Howard/Mandville Gallery, Parklane Gallery and the Kirkland Art Center Store in Park Place are also main-stays for this event.  And, you can win $100 downtown shopping prize- just get your card punched at 10 of the exhibits and be entered to win.  Ask about it at any of the participating shops that are displaying the Kirkland Art Walk Poster (above) in their window.   Or maybe you're a budding artist that would like to participate?  Email neal@kirklandartwalk.com for details.  ~j

Threads, Stars and Eagles

Seattle Thread Company is going to be celebrating their ONE YEAR anniversary this Saturday 4/5 from 6-9 pm.   STC is a small men's fashion business that carries the latest and highest quality in clothing, shoes, accessories, sport coats, formal wear and gifts at competitive prices.  Go congratulate them on their big day and check out what's in for spring. They are located at 9 Lake St

What happened at the auction to raise funds for the 4th of July? Welllllllll, the Rabuchins bought bunch of wine but that's not really newsworthy.  The final numbers aren't tallied but rumor has it you all brought in about $8,000 towards the fireworks.  Nice work, Kirkland supporters!  But don't exhale yet- the 4th of July planners still need another $45K or so to make this July really sparkle. If you, your business, your second cousins, or anyone you know loves this annual event, it's never too late to donate.  You can email pennysweet@clear.net and she will get it all figured out for you.

EagleHeritage Park
The eagle has landed! If you have ever wanted to see Bald Eagles nesting, now is your chance.  You could even be lucky enough to see a new eaglet or two later this month.  I don't know why the word 'eaglet' makes me giggle? The Eastside Audubon will be at Heritage Park with their high powered spotting scopes and you are invited to join.  Here are the dates: 4/6, 4/27, 5/25, 6/29, 7/4, 7/27 and all times are 9-11am EXCEPT 7/4 which is all day. Happy birding! ~j